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Summary: A young villager with his eyes set on the abyss.

Okami (Wolf) Galadynn

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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Protagonists


Wolf stands at 5 feet and 8 inches, and sports a lithesome and somewhat athletic build.


Wolf is stoic, observant, at times impulsive, and unnaturally tempered for his age, especially for someone of elven blood. It becomes clear upon being near him for any amount of time that something happened to him in his young age that veered him off of the course of the other young people of Lonleywood. He carries himself like someone angry at the world, and quite frighteningly to all but him, someone who is more than willing to do something about it.


Ever since he was young, Wolf would hear stories of the heroes of yore, and one day he decided he wanted to be just like them. However, he soon began to notice the strange looks on adults faces when he told them his dreams, and they told him he shouldn't aim so high. He couldn't understand why they had acted the way they did, until the day he ventured into the woods...

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Image of Okami (Wolf) Galadynn
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