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Summary: My hands may be trembling but my boldness does not.

Fiane Thomas the Cloven Fox

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Protagonists


She has long auburn hair framing tanned skin, soft blue eyes, a scar running down the left side of her face, and a leather eyepatch. She is fit but on the thinner side, standing at about 5'6 with firm, sharp shoulders and a mischievious smirk.


Fiane is easy to get along with but seems to have two very different sides. She is generally charismatic, cocky, and cheerful but in seconds the exact opposite. She is no stranger to accepting challenge and has a scheming attitude. Little more is known about her than being a town drunk or a blissfully ignorant cripple who came out of nowhere, seeming to keep a sad and dull existence. Despite her smile, her eyes are cold, dead, and rippling like a tide. She is frequently pitied by others from afar and this infuriates her. There is always an air of something untold in her history. And there is always a sense that she wants to salvage what little remains of her person.
A meal and good booze are the quickest way to her heart--if you become aware she has one. She is a total shameless sucker for poetry and literature. Her knowledge is extended for someone with a common background and who almost runs a tavern dry day and night.

She used to be a hunter, but after an unfortunate encounter in the wild, lost her eye and much control over her arms, meaning she had to abandon archery and learn new trades after initial recovery. Fiane still feels the lingering strain in daily activities and misses how she used to be.


Fiane arrived in Lonelywood nearly four years ago with a bow on her back and a chip on her shoulder. In her early days she would bring game to the village butcher and hides to the tanner for coin until an unexpected accident rendered her immobile for a month. She was recovered by the local blacksmith scouting for ore, Old Lynx, and returned her to the village. It took her a year to begin living normally once more, and her body will never be how it once was. Working in the mines has helped her recover some of her muscular control and build strength, a challenge which she has welcomed warmly.
She has been given housing and apprenticeship with Old Lynx. It is unknown of her origin, and something says she isn't looking to disclose anything soon, like she wishes to live in the shadowy chill and fade away forever. Fiane fights with rage, often swift, heavy, and blinding like that of a barbarian with her choice of heavy weaponry--typically an enhanced pickaxe specially made for her. With her arms the way they are, her aim and power are never what they could be, but are still devastating if they land.

Now she spends her time in the nearby mine, apprenticing for the Lonelywood blacksmith, or drowning her sorrows in the tavern. It is no surprise to find her incredibly inebriated if not passed out completely.
She has been a miner for a little over two years and gained the nickname “Cloven Fox” for her shifty personality, quick movement and stamina, and how she frequently splits mining tools in near halves while hard at work.

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Image of Fiane Thomas the Cloven Fox
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