Image of Arwin Zerlis

Summary: The Grim Hunter

Arwin Zerlis

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Antagonists


He is 7'3 in height, with long black hair. He has pale skin and dark eyes. He has a scruffy beard and large scars all over his body.
He wears dark armor that covers his entire body, with clawed gauntlets. It also has a skull like helmet as well. Over the armor he wears raggedy clothing and a green cloak over all of it.


Arwin is cold and collective. He all about the hunt. He is very patient, and often watches his targets for weeks before hunting them. He will hunt down his targets for months and won't stop until he catches them.


Arwin lived deep in the forest. He lived with his father who was a great hunter. However Arwin never really experienced a normal life and found a fascination with hunting.
When his father died, Arwin was forced to fend for himself. He was 20 years old. However instead of trying to live as a hermit, he lived as a hunter, and ended up hunting down people. He saw himself as a predator and anyone who wasn't a fighter or worthy enough he considered prey. If he finds anyone he wants to hunt, he won't stop. He has gotten the nickname as the Grim Hunter, and has become a golk tale around the area.

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Image of Arwin Zerlis
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