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Summary: If you spot wild ore, need something refined, or look into buying smithed goods, I'll be here.


Gender: Male

Age: 68

Group: Villagers


Duradel is a stoic human with a tall and gruff stature. He is moderately muscular from years of heavy lifting and hammering away as a blacksmith, but old age is slowly feeding on his endurance. He has unkempt tufts of facial hair and that on his head is long and loose, but pulled back when working.


He is serious and appears grumpy most of the time, but is very soft-spoken and carries emotion in the eyes. He is blunt with his words. The people of Lonelywood and other Ten Townsfolk he has interacted with for trade know him to be a rare sight when away from his home and forge; reclusive and closed-off. He does occasionally enjoy strolling through the near wilderness, but those moments have sadly grown shorter over the years.

His facial hair earned him many feline nicknames by the younger villagers when he arrived many years ago, and has since picked Old Lynx as his favorite and most used. This is how he is referred to by folks outside of his personal life. He enjoys books, quiet nights, and the slow sizzling burn of iron.


His story is largely grey and all that is known by the occasional prying villager is that he came to the Spine during his 30s to research ore and weapons enhancing in the Icewind region, but eventually settled there after the town was in need of his skill when the previous smith passed. He had been a metalworker long before this and some claim upon viewing his work that it has ties to Dwarven craftsmanship, but he also picked up carpentry early in life with other building similarities.
When he was out investigating a new ore lead a few years back, he came upon a woman near death and in shock. When he had brought Fiane to Lonelywood for healing, it was to everyone's surprise that the known recluse had taken someone under his wing not only as apprentice but into his own household. Fiane was a skittish outsider who had only shown up in the town a few weeks prior--almost as cold as Lynx himself.
Some theorize that he wasn't always alone in his earlier years, that his existence was a little more jolly, but the apprentice is too hesitant to inquire. For now, the old smith remains as desolate as the mountains.

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Image of Duradel
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