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Posted by : on May 9, 2021, 9:35pm

Welcome to the frozen north, where you shall begin a quest of epic undertaking. Here you are, callow youths who have not come into their own yet, yet it is only a matter of time before you do and you discover the hidden power inside of yourself that you never knew you had.

I am Valen, returning to the site after a hiatus, and I am looking for mature role players and storytellers to join me on this, what I hope will be an epic journey the likes you have never known to save a small frontier village from the eldritch horrors that threaten to swallow it whole. This will be a high fantasy epic mixed with a small amount of lovecraftian horror, and I would love to take you on this journey with me.

Lonelywood is a small town of fishermen and woodcutters. Bordered by the Lonelywoods from which the town makes its name, it is a small place where everyone knows each other by first name and there is barely, if ever, any trouble worthy of the name. This fishing village is comprised of a handful of wooden houses bordered by the forest on one side and the Maer Dualdon on the other. A small harbour on the Dualdon is home to a half-dozen small fishing boats at any one time as the honest and hard working people make their living.

Famed for its ivory scrimshaw, with which it does a brisk trade with the other Ten Towns, Lonelywood is a peaceful, idyllic place, inasmuch as one can be in the heart of the frozen north. Despite the dangers of the arctic surroundings around the town, Lonelywood is home to beautiful sights of the windswept, arctic north, particularly the aurora borealis which has been known to brighten up the night sky with its panoramic vista of vivid colours.

There are not many locations of note in Lonelywood, but the ones that are are noted below:

Happy Scrimshander: Small shop on the harbour providing fishing goods and material for carving Scrimshander. Run by Baldemar Thurlow, Council Spokesperson of Lonelywood.

The Lucky Liar: Tavern run by Kieran Nye, happy go-lucky owner of the establishment. The Lucky Liar is a clean and well-run establishment, frequented by a pleasant clientele. They often have minstrels singing for entertainment. Fishers and woodcutters often gather here to listen to music and tell tall tales.

Pavel's Used Goods: Merchant shop run by Pavel Hronik, a shopkeeper hailing originally from Waterdeep. General goods, such as food, drink and sundries and basic weaponry/armour can be purchased here. This is a small shop and although there is not much here it is a welcoming establishment. Pavel, for his part, is a pleasant helpful person.

Ramshackle: This not-so-aptly named inn is famed in the Spine of the World for being one of the few that boasts clean rooms not infested by cockroaches. Boasting reasonable prices and a warm, cozy homely environment (with home cooking!), Ramshackle may be little more than the proverbial log cabins in the woods, but with cleanliness second to none and a breathtaking view of the Dualdon from its rear then who's complaining. The Inn is run by Arden Thurlow, wife of the councilman