The Calm Wolf

Wolf looked to Barden's sword, and he silently wondered if the young man might be a threat, he surely would be if he could not handle his weapon. Wolf carried a weapon of his own, a small dagger that he wore against his waist, and it was obscured by his shirt. Wolf noted that Amale did not carry a weapon, he figured she would have no reason to follow the two in the woods.

“There’s something inside here, I can feel it. And I guess you do too, by the fact that you are here too.”

Wolf nodded, looking into the dark deeper forest.

"I believe these forests have been shifting for some time. People have gone into it and never come back. But this is different. The forest wishes to swallow the village whole."

He looked to the two, a calm expression on his face as he revealed what he believed to be the village's impending doom. He had taken his own measures to find out more about the mysterious forces that existed in the forest, all to no avail, but with the aid of another, especially Barden, one who was just as curious and in tune with their surroundings as himself, they might actually make progress.

“I’m going in. You’re welcome to join me if you like, ” Barden spoke, turning and walking into the forest without another word.

Wolf silently followed, not regarding Amale as he went. He was surprised though, when she called, "Wait for me!" and came along. He didn't think her to be all that aware of the wrongness of the village's outskirts, just another blind sheep like the rest. He wondered what possible reason she could have for following them.

The forest was an all-encompassing twilight, the trees blotted out what little sun shown through the falling snow, and as such, the darkness grew stronger and stronger with each step. Not that it bothered Wolf much. Thanks to his father's blood, he could see just well enough in these conditions. Still, his mind returned to the scars on his back. Those of a wolf. He had to remind himself of the dangers of this place and gripped his knife accordingly.

The general sense of dread and fear, though, was lost on Wolf. He knew, statistically speaking, that they might encounter something that would prove dangerous, which would be an enormous nuisance, but as the other two stalked, boots timid and unsteady, Wolf found that he knew not what afflicted them here. But there were things he did not understand about many people, most people. That quality of himself was something he more or less accepted, but he often chalked it up to others' tendency to be blind and stay blind, unlike himself. They could act however they wanted, he would act better. He knew in most ways, he was better.

Wolf continued silently, and noted that he had never been out this far. He looked to Barden and Amale, also noting that they did not have his vision, so it might be difficult for them to see. Wolf found that to worry about thier sight would somewhat inconvenience him, as with most things, it wasn't until he was in the thick of it that he started to notice inconveniences like this.

“Anyone got anything to light this?” He heard Barden speak. He moved toward Barden, pulling his blade and a small rock from his personal belongings, preparing to make a spark. As the small tentacle creeped upon the group, Wolf did not see it, because he had no reason to look. Statisically, threats where usually on the ground, so he had never even considered that something might have attempted an attack from above.

"Here, let me see it." Wolf spoke, taking the wood and causing a spark wich set fire to an end of it.

The light came, and the thick, twisted trees were illuminated. Amale's once shadowy features came to the light, cheeks flushed and eyebrows raised. Wolf looked to Barden as he handed the makeshift torch back, noticing somewhat similar features, if not much more restrained than they were before the light came.

"Are we still going?" Wolf asked, looking to the two, his face still utterly calm and emotionless as it had been before they entered the deep woods.

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