First a gnome then that dreaded fox show up, Arwin groaned in annoyance. He never liked it when someone ruined his plans. He pulled out his bow and went through the different arrows, before pickimg the bows that had bladed chains attached to them. He began hoping around from tree to tree, atttaching on end of the chain to a tree before shooting the other end into a different tree. He made a fence in the area of where they were, without them noticing. He slid down on tree, tight in the middle of everyone, and used his warg whistle, to call his wargs. The wargs silently surrounded the makeshift fence that Arwin made. He then watched the group converse from a distance, however during hir preparation, he didn't notice a clith from his cloak had been ripped off, and slowly floated towards the eye sight of the people below. The hunter had made a mistake.

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