The Lone Wolf

"What are you doing out here?" The half-elf asked, though not so much as an accusation, as if something wrong had been done, no, it was purely out of curiosity.

Wolf was what some would say a trouble child. Lonelywood was a simple place. Sure, things seemed out of place here and there, now and then. Sure, some people went into the far woods and never came back. But, it was relatively simple. It was the sort of town where everyone had their place. Wolf refused that. The simplicity and the monotony of the towns goings-on seemed to infuriate him. Ever since the age of seven, the boy wore a hard frown on his face, ignored or disregarded things like tradition and anything else that his peers would consider 'normal', and seemed to drift ever closer to the edge Lonelywood. With time, the elders would note how he seemed so adamant at moving against the grain, and soon he would earn his labels, and as such, he began to isolate himself and talk to almost no one.

There was one person he talked to, though, and that's 'talked' as in 'spoken to a few times', Barden Chosk, the mystery boy that appeared floating down the river bank some 20 or so years back. Of course, Wolf, who was but a blabbering toddler at the time, was not aware enough to take note of this, but once he came of age, he started hearing about him. There were rumors and whisperings, some fact and some fiction, and Wolf pieced the story together himself. He started to take an interest in him, as this Barden seemed to be one of the few people who weren't trapped in the Lonelywood bubble, caring more about drowning their sorrows away than trying to better things for themselves. Barden seemed smart, quiet, observant, however he didn't ask questions like Wolf did, it seemed as if he was somewhat more aware than the others, but still willing to stand at just the edge of the truth. Maybe all he needed was a little push.

When Wolf approached them, he spoke directly to Barden, and at first didn't seem to notice the bar maiden Amale Voce beside him; he did, though. He gave her but a small glance, before turning back to Barden. She was attractive, Wolf acknowledged, but the half-elf disregarded that thought in favor of more pressing matters.

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