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Image of Terra Coleson  (TC)

Summary: Beautiful but strong and durable as a wild flower.

Terra Coleson (TC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Protagonists


Blonde hair
Blue eyes
Slim but we'll built


Warm and friendly with steel nervous and absolute resolve. Survival and family oriented. Always the care giver.


When the world ended terra had been alone with her step some milo. She and his father had only been married a year or so and the boy still hadn't warmed up to her. His father was away alot on the rigs. That's where he was when he called and told her of the monsters and to stay in the apartment and wait till he came for her...that's when the line had gone dead. That was three months ago....he had never came.
Bed found them around the second month. She had been looking for supplies and instead found TC and milo almost starving their selfs. She had taken care of them since. And her and terra had gotten a little more than close. All three of them just getting by the best they could.

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