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Summary: So long as others are happy... even at the expense of my own feelings & happiness. I don't matter.

Emily Wake

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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Psychic Humans




Stocker at various stores

-call a sword to her if she feels her loved ones are threatened and acquires the skills to use it
-can see the pulse of the earth and all things connected to it
-can tap into the wrath of Mother Nature
-astral project via dreams, but only if she is relaxed
-resistant to compulsion, but only if the person has no killing intent at the time


Elijah Glenn (son)

Physical Appearance

see pic

Personality and interests

Seems to be someone that others can easily ignore until she is passionate or angry about something. Then all eyes are on her.

She suffers from depression, often considering suicide to free herself from the demands of her family, but does not give in because of her son.

She enjoys a variety of things, such as reading, writing, and gaming.




Ambrose Daratrazanoff

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Image of Emily Wake
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