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Summary: I cannot change the past. I carry that weight at all times.

Drayden Dragonseeker

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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Carpathians







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He was abused as a child, but was saved from being sold for drugs to a vampire by Ivory and Razvan. Those that raised him the first 15 years of his life were the grandparents of his mother. His birth father, Danny Dragonseeker, never knew of his existence. Ivory and Razvan converted him as a way to distance him from the memories and to save his life.

Nearly 500 years later, Ivory found River and the couple took in the baby, one they called Riverlynn. He knew the baby was his lifemate, even though she was only around a year old. While he was hunting, Ivory and Razvan were attacked. No bodies had been found in the wreckage of the only home Drayden had ever known. He rebuilt it meticulously, but never stayed there out of respect for their memory, protecting it so that no Carpathian or vampire could find and use it.

Every battle, he endured wounds and taunts from the vampires, but the memory of failing his family and his infant lifemate weighed heavily on him. He tried to embody the warrior he saw in Ivory and the calm he saw in Razvan. But he could not get past some of the memories that always kept him from his true potential and from the full strength of his Dragonseeker blood. He acknowledged his greatest flaw after his first mortal wound after the loss of Razvan, Ivory, and Riverlynn: no matter how he endured, every battle was fought with the subconscious intention of dying an honorable death. This continued until he found River years later.


River Dragonseeker

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