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After care

Nicanu awoke to the sound of knocking on Megan's door. He had slept next to her, he felt unrested since he did not sleep in the ground but having her curled up next to him was both a blessing ad a curse and still worth how tired he felt. He had given Natalie and Marcus strick orders to not anyone, including themselves for the time being come to Megan's room, his reason was so she could rest, only the doctor could come, so he knew that's who it was. Using their mental link he told the doctor to let her sleep a little longer that he was watching her condition. When the doctor left he leaned over and firmly kissed his mark on her neck. He heard her soft moan and felt her start to wake up.

Pleasure and soreness is what she felt first when she started to wake up. Her body felt heavy and out of energy. She felt pressure on her back, a strong warm hand gripped her hip. She was a stomach sleeper, so when she opened her eyes she was met with a dark room, she could barely make out the nightstand in front of her. Hot lips on her neck got her attention, she felt his tongue going over her skin on her neck and her body wasted no time in responding. She couldn't keep in the moaned that escape her lips

"Shh, Megan," he said against her skin. "I was not gentle last night. We need to get you into a warm bath. Your body is still so tight, you won't be able to move. I'll carry you." He lifted her, cradling her to his chest. "You just relax and I'll wash you until your muscles are not so stiff."

He could always just heal her body himself but he wanted this time with her and more then that this care was to provide for her emotionally and physically after last night. She didn't say anything as she was having trouble waking up but she didn't fight him. He decided to take her to his room where the bath was a large king size tub that was linked to a near by natural spring. He made sure no one saw them and warmed the water himself. Once in he kept her on his lap and let her continue to rest her head on his chest. He washed her with a natural soap that held many healing herbs to relax her muscles and ease any pain. His large hands moved over her body, massaging any knots that may have formed. This was as much for her as it was for him. He had to ensure her well-being after his mess up on the training course. There was no part of her body he left untouched.

Each touch he felt her shiver and felt her body come alive to his touch. Having drank so much of her blood last night he was deeply in her head. This was calming her and making her feel safe enough to think about how she felt but it was also making her want him again. The more the pain eased the more turned on she became. But she didn't say anything, she was conflicted by how she was feeling and what they had done. Apart of her felt guilty another part of her felt ashamed but she was mostly confused on why it felt so right even though it had been to intense for her to handle. But the part that bothered him the most was she felt that for him it wasn't serious, that maybe it was a lycan thing and sex meant nothing, that last night met nothing and that now the lycans would think she was easy maybe that's why Marcus was nice...he was trying to sleep with me she thought to herself and the thought made her sad. Marcus did what? he asked, a growl in his voice. Megan, tell me what he did to you.

She jumped a little at his voice in her head. She moved back slightly to look at him "you were in my head? Lycans can do that?" She asked in a upset tone

"Some can," he said with a shrug. "Usually, though, the person using telepathy is a Guardian of all."

She frowned "your teasing me's not fair your in my head and you won't at least give me the common courtesy to tell me what you are...."

"I'm not teasing," he said. "Some lycans do possess telepathy. I, however, am a Guardian."

He felt her tense and she looked at him with a mixture or shock and disbelief "guardian, as in half Carpathian....half werewolf?" She said I a slow tone

"Yes," he said. "Another reason why we need to make sure you are well taken care of."

She was caught off guard by that "what do you mean? What does my health have to do with what you are?" She asked in a low tone yet the soreness and lack of energy that her body was full of was a reminder of what he was capable of but didn't answer why him being a guardian was linked to her

"I thought I was an animal," he chuckled. "As a wolf, I prefer healthy prey." He leaned down and whispered against her skin. "Especially when I can nibble wherever I please or feast upon them."

She tensed, she should have been scared, a part of her was, but that was normal, she was human, he definitely was not. Yet the bigger part of her melted at his words and touch, when she felt his tongue slowly lick her sensitive skin on her neck her body all but went limp. Heat rushed to her still sore core, her stomach tightened uncomfortably like getting aroused was a chore for it after cumming so much last night "you....I wasn't in my right mind last can't just touch me whenever you....."

"You are too weak to do this right now," he said. "Now, tell me where else you hurt. I will heal you."

She frowned and met his gaze "don't change the subject and act like my words meant nothing, I meant it, this was the last and only time..." She said in a low stubborn tone

He nipped his mark on her and heard her gasp before saying, "I do not think so. You know wolves," his hands engulfed her breasts, "we never give up when we find prey we want. Tell me where you hurt, Megan." He tugged and rolled her stiff nipples. "Trust me, you need more healing before we go again."

Damn him, she was fighting two sides of herself, one not wanting him to be right and the other wanting him to fuck her brains out again "my.... private area" she said in a low breathless tone

He lifted her and set her on the side of the tub. He put one foot on the side with her, looking at her with heated eyes.

"Don't move," he said, inching towards her core. "Just like Carpathians, my saliva can heal. But you cannot move."

She tensed with fear and anticipation "what... happens of I move?" She asked knowing how sensitive she has always been to her core being touched like this

"You get to enjoy a spanking," he said, his hand rubbing over her ass.

She frowned "I'm not a child and...." She was cut off by her own gasp as his tongue made contact with her core. She fell backwards, laying down on the large marble stone tub. Her arms went above her head and gripped the edge. She usually hated when men would go down on her, she was always to sensitive there to enjoy it and it was way to personal. But not only did it feel amazing but he knew what he was doing, she felt none of the over stimulus she normal would feel. It was like he knew exactly what to do to not over stimulate but also make it pleasurable. He held her hips still in a strong grip. She felt his tongue go deep in her core and she cried out as he began licking inside. She couldn't stay still, she was already about to cum. She felt his hand strike her ass, only to rub the sting away after. Sit still, Megan. I'm healing you. We can get to the pleasure after. she arched her back. Damn him he knew he wasn't healing her, he was purposely driving her crazy and she had no idea why "" she moaned out. As much as you would enjoy that, he said, there is a raw spot farther back than I like. Let me heal that before we see how far your endurance will take you tonight.

That broke her haze, what did he mean tonight? He couldn't possible think that she was going to let it go further then this? She didn't even know what the hell was going on between them and she felt last night was a mistake, he was a stranger! And not only that but he was in charge of this whole place! She couldn't risk more then she already had and she had already cheated on Devon now which hurt her dearly. She couldn't possiblity let this continue. When she saint up to push him away she felt his tongue hit deep and she cried out. Hugging his head to her as her body betrayed her and she came hard. He didn't stop which prolonged her orgasm "oh God stop!" She cried out

Why? he asked, looking up at her, though his tongue continued, focusing on her pleasure this time. I looked into your mind, to learn about your past to better help you in your lessons. You do not love this other man, Megan. He is comfortable and familiar, but you both fell out of love with him long ago.

"It doesn't mean this is right while he still thinks we are... together" she said gasping "and I never gave you permission to go in my head like that" she was losing her ability to think. It was like before was just teasing, what he was doing now was breathtaking and her body shook with each thrust of his tongue. She was going to cum again, she knew and and she knew he did too "why ..why are you doing this?" She asked unable to control herself any longer. He had her where he wanted. She cried out and arched backwards laying back down on the marble. You challenged an alpha. You gave me the option to, quote, "fuck me or get out". What kind of alpha would I be if I didn't take that challenge seriously? she gripped his hair and went to push him back but he didn't budge and once more his tongue stabbed deep making her cum hard. She laid there breathing heavy and her angered build. When she could finally move and he finally lifted his head to look at her, he saw the anger and hurt in her eyes. She sat up and pushed at his shoulders and swung her lungs around and stood up out of the bath. She found she was less stiff but now more angry "so that's what this was, your little revenge on the human?!" She yelled. She felt dirty now like she had been used "you know what I was right you are a animal I feel stupid for thinking you were more then that! God you sick!" She said grabbing a towel and wrapping herself in it "you will never touch me again, you made your point, your nothing but a dog, I'll remember that, also I want a new teacher and to never see your face again, and just so we are clear I'm also disappointed in another way, I would have thought you would have been better in bed but then again I shouldn't be surprised I guess your just a pretty shell with nothing I'm interested in on the inside"

He stalked towards her, making her step back a step before throwing her over his shoulder. "Stop kicking," he growled, but then tossed her onto the bed. "Get this straight, Megan. I'm not human. The people you meet here are not human. Even though you know this, you do not comprehend the severity of what is around you, an unclaimed psychic female." He crawled over her. "Our men are not like the Carpathians either. They can tame the animal in them, briefly. Lycans," he rubbed his body over hers until he was staring down into her eye, "there is no separation. It is always going to be a raw, primal experience."

"Don't blame me for you lack of control" she said in a moaning tone unable to help herself . She used her arms to try and move from out under him

He gripped her wrist, stopping her, saying, "I never said, lack of control. Even if I never lost that, it would not be a gentle experience. Should I show you again what I mean? I believe you passed out last night."

"I said it would never happen again and I meant it, I'm not a toy and i have no interest any longer to be touched by a man who touched me as a punishment and a ego trip" she said "and just so we are clear" she said looking him straight in the eyes which she now saw were gold and the memory of him fucking her in the mirror came slamming into her mind. She frowned as her body got turned on "let me go" she said in a almost defeated tone trying to get away from him before she gave into his touch

"It was never punishment or ego, Megan," he said. "A lesson perhaps, but not punishment. And you are not a toy." He moved his hand up her arm and to her neck, right over the mark that always made her wet. "Kiss me, Megan. Right now. Kiss me."

She was surprised at his soft tone, he wasn't demanding it, but asking, which was scarier because if she chose to do so, that was on her. She wanted too, even with his long canines that looked intimidating showing behind his lips. If she did this willingly there would be no going back for her. Her mind was telling her he was not worth hurting Devon or losing him but something inside her was saying the opposite. She had a gut feeling he was something more despite what just happened. This kiss meant she had to choose between her old life and this new one. It would be dangerous for Devon in this world she had been thrown into. Yet she still wanted him in it, he was her best friend and a big part of her life but she knew he was not meant for this world. With a heartbreaking sigh she kissed him. Her free hand coming up and wrapping around his neck to crush his lips to hers. He pulled her closer to him. His hands ran over her body, memorizing the feel of her, the shape. Committing every part of her to memory to take out and fantasize about. With his knee, he made her open up to him so that he could wedge himself in the cradle of her hips. His gentleness was off putting to her, it was like he was a different person. Her hands ran down his sides to his hips. His grip on her tightened and she felt his hips jerk. A growl came from deep in his chest. He pulled back, saying, "Wicked woman." The way he looked at her and the way he said it made her body burst into flames. She tightened her grip on his hips "what...."

He gripped her wrists, holding them by her head as he surged forward. There was nothing gentle about the way he took her. He held her, pinned so that he could do as he pleased with her. Using his teeth, he pinned her in the submissive position under him, each thrust causing him to growl with pleasure.

She was helpless in fighting him or the pleasure that came with the pain. She had never had it so rough before, she thought last night was too much, this was on a different level. When she tried to free her hands he growled and bit down harder breaking the skin, she came instantly after he did and all thought left her. She stopped fighting him and her body went submissive underneath him. Once that happened though he was still unbelievable rough he released her hands and began touching every inch of her body. He released her neck only to flip her on her stomach and bite down in the exact same place with unbelievable precision his things going in the exact same place they were before. Again she came at his bite. Her hands grip the sheets by her head. He latched onto her breast with his hands, tugging on them as he trusted deep inside her,he out stretched leg being the only thing keeping his full weight off of her. He was covering her completely

Each stroke hit deep and true. Her toes curled, and she couldn't speak. When he finally filled her, his full weight collapsed on top of her for a brief moment, every hard muscle imprinting on her softer frame. He released her shoulder, only to gently lap at the wounds like a wolf, his rough tongue sending aftershocks through her. Did I hurt you? came his breathy voice in her mind after a moment.

I'm not sure... she said in a honest tone. Though this had not gone on over an hour like that night the intensity of it was much larger. She didn't know how long it had been, but it wasn't quick and her body was pulsing and some places had already started to bruise. The more she came down from the high the more sore she felt and noticed her hips hurt quite a bit don't move... she said needed a moment to come down and prepare for him moving, she though maybe the pressure of his body and his warmth was helping her pain. What is it, lupul mic? I should look you over to see... her core clamped down on him making him grunt deeply near her ear, which made her core clenched again and made her let out a breathless soft moan. She rested her head on the mattress and took a couple of breaths. It was then she noticed the bed was much lower to the ground then it was before, more then that she realized for the first time this was not here room. She would bring that up on a moment "my hips...they hurt" she said in a breathless tone

"After what happened, it's to be expected," he said, finally freeing his body from hers and seeing the damage. "There are bruises everywhere. I'll get some ointment to ease the soreness, bebelus, but if I were to heal them with my tongue, we would end up repeating what just happened. Just lay there and I'll massage the cream into your muscles."

She grabbed his wrist stopping him "please....use your tongue, I'll stay still this time, as much as I hate to admit it, the pain almost goes away immediately..." She said feeling embarrassed

He chuckled. He started with her legs and working his way up to her back. He then flipped her over and started working on her from the bottom up that way too. He loved that she attempted to stay still, but shuddered every time his tongue rasped over her skin. When he got to her neck, he took his time so that when he finished, he could kiss her, bringing her up against his hard frame to hold next to him.

She gasped against his lips as pain in her core throbbed at her excitement. She refused to tell him about it. She would probably die at this point if he went down on her again. She pulled back just a bit "open your mouth for me ...please" she asked in a shy tone

He smiled. He was a true dom and the fact she asked him for something in such a way excited him. He open his mouth ever so slightly. She gulped, he could see she was nervous. She rised her hand to his mouth and slowly inserted two fingers. She shiver when they touched his tongue. She was kicking herself already, the way he stared at her made this more erotic then she intended "I to wet my fingers please" she said in a low distracted tone

He took hold of her hand to steady it as his tongue danced over one than the other finger. His eyes never moved from her, watching the blush color her cheeks "t-thats enough" she said in a uneven tone. When he slowly released her fingers she wanted nothing more then to kiss him and have that devil of a tongue of his in her mouth. Unable to look away from him she took her two wet fingers and slowly slid them inside her aching core, her lips parting and a breath escaping her as she did. She watched his eyes slowly turned gold

"I believe I ruined my earlier healings," he said, guiding her hand so that she hit a sensitive spot. "I'll aid you in this healing."

With a moan her forehead went to his shoulder. She could already feel his saliva easing her pain bit damn him he was turning her on even more. Her breathing quickened and she couldn't take it anymore, she moved her head back and kissed him. Her mouth greedy and demanding. He made her hand move harder, meeting her kiss with the same greed and demand, but adding more to it. She couldn't tell what he was adding to it, but it made her want more. Before she knew it, her fingers were covered in her juices and he brought them to his mouth, licking them as if it were his favorite lollipop. I believe you need to soak in the tub again to ease your muscles, he said. At this rate, you won't be able to walk for a week.

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