After care 2

Walking is overrated" she said in a breathless tone pushing him onto his back and getting on top of him , her breast firmly to his chest only until she sat up only enough to have his tip at her entrance "I'm in this now, I made my decision and when I make a decision I put everything I have into it, if you want me in the bath fine but I want you to fuck me while I'm in it, if you want me on what I can only presume is your bed fine, but you better be holding me down and making me scream until I lose my voice" she said in a erotic and demanding tone "you have me hooked, you have awakened something in me and I want it more and more but know this, of you try to use it to manipulate me in anyway or hurt me I'll make sure to cut off the very thing that you started this with" she said running her dripping core against his shaft

He laughed and said, "You think I'm the type of person to cut and run? I must have made a poorer impression on you than I thought, bebelus. But I will keep your daydreams in mind."

His laugh caught her off guard. She liked it, she liked it a lot"Day dreams?" She said raising her eyebrow. She took the fingers he just licked and reached down in-between her and ran them up and down his cock "my dreams never stay dreams, why dream when it can be reality" she said and slowly lowered herself onto his firm erection

He gasped when she engulfed him. His hands gripped her hips firmly. Even with her on top of him, the way he held her said he was still in charge. She still felt a little pain but it was nothing compared to what it was. She started out riding him slowly because she needed to, she kissed his chest going up until she was near his neck. She paused before she reached it. She wanted to kiss it, to taste his skin, a hazy memory flashed in her head, like she had done this before, she would ask him about that later. What was stopping her was they fact that she was about to touch his neck and he was not human. She found she was weirdly caring in this matter. He had not only touched her neck many time but had bitten it, but that didn't mean it was ok the other way around "is it ok if I touch your neck?" She asked before she could stop herself

"Yes, bebelus," he said, wanting her to touch him, needing her to do something besides just sitting there. She was slowly destroying his control with the way she was looking at him. "You can touch my neck. So long as you start moving once you do."

That was all she needed. She licked up the side of his neck and began riding him. Her hand came up and gently touched the side of his face, her thumb on his chin and tilted his head back slightly as she started to kiss up and down his neck

"Harder, Megan," he said, his hands already making her move to a stronger rhythm. "Clench your muscles, bebelus."

She wanted to oh God did she was to ride him hard, but she was still sore, if she road him like they both wanted not only would it hurt but she is sure she would tear "I want bad...I want to plant my hands on your chest and ride you like my life depended on it" she said seductively into his ear "but you made that impossible for me to do so....even now I'm at my limit with you stretching me like this..." She moaned

She felt him grow inside of her and his hips thrusting to meet with her. He didn't want her hurt, but God, he wanted her more and more with each passing second. His hands moved up to massage her breasts.

"Do what you can, Megan," he said through clenched teeth. "But do it fast."

"Or what..." She said nibbling his ear "will the alpha punish me again?" She said in a moaning tone as she sudden bit his neck, she didn't break skin but she bit it in the same spot his psychic Mark was on her.

He couldn't take it. His hands moved back to her hips as he took on the pain for her. He began to move her at a hard, fast pace so that she was forced to put her hands on his chest. One hand then reached up to grasp a fist full of hair, pulling her down so that he could kiss her just as hard as he made her hips move. He rolled them over so that he could pound into her like he needed to. And it was a need. He took her plump breast into his mouth and suckled before he bit deep, the essence of her filling him. He felt her arms hold him closer to her, her body clamping down on him so hard, he had no choice but to release his seed deep within her. He felt her arms go limp and he closed the wound. That was the fourth time she made him lose control, and now, she had lost too much blood. Cursing, he removed himself from her body, her bereft moan sending another ache through him. But he had to get her blood volume back to a safe level. He cut open his chest and pressed her mouth to him.

"Take what I offer, Megan," he said, rubbing her throat to get her to swallow the life giving fluid. "You need to drink it."

After a moment she latched on to his skin, her tongue lapped at his skin, he felt how she liked his taste, how she wanted more. She moaned against his skin. His blood was strong enough to heal her already enough that she became more conscious, to his surprise she didn't freak out when she realized what she was doing, it startled her at first but she continued. He had to fight to keep the binding words from slipping out. He had time and he could wait. He had to wait. When she had taken enough, their first exchange, he inserted his hand between his chest and her mouth, healing himself. He picked her up and carried her to the bathtub. He set her down gently and began washing her. He put healing herbs in the water to aid with any pain or soreness she would feel. She was silent for a moment " can my mind be my own please...I need some time to think" she said in a low tone not looking at him. He felt something was bothering her deeply

"If that's what you need, bebelus," he said, kissing her forehead. "You can talk to me if you have a need. I'll be in the other room. You need to eat something. I can feel your hunger."

She stopped him from moving "you don't have to leave....I just want my mind to myself" she said in a low tone. She was seated between his legs. She moved her hair to her left side, exposing her neck to him and leaned back against his bare chest " I taste good? My blood I mean" she asked

He kissed her neck and said, "There is no real way to describe the way you taste. Spicy like a chili pepper and sweet like honey. There's a hint from something else that I can't discern but I know I can't get enough of it. If it takes years, I will not stop until I figure out what exotic flavor you hold. Until then, I know it's uniquely you, a flavor I'll never tire of."

"Years.....I doubt I'll be here that long" she said in a tired tone "why... why did you, um" she was not sure how to ask it so she was just going to be blunt "why did you feed me your blood? And is anything going to happen to me because of it?"

"You were dangerously low on blood," he said. "You should be able to hear and see better. However, you will have some trouble eating and should always stick to organic fruits and vegetables."

"I normally do anyways...I don't like eating meat" she said in a honest tone "I'm more vegan really, it makes me sad to drink milk or eat eggs" she said with a small shrug. She noticed how her body felt no pain at all and how she felt like she got her energy back or had slept really we'll "why me? " She asked in a low tone "be honest, you could have taught me in a different way......" She said shivering as he massaged the back of her neck

"I could have," he said. "But it wouldn't have been as pleasurable or fun. And I let you find out the why on your own. You're smart. I'm sure you'll figure it out."

She looked back at him like she was studying him. It was a weird sensation that she couldn't quite describe but it was like she felt closer to him, she felt him inside her like she could feel his blood pumping through her. She turned more so she was facing him fully, her legs straddling him but she wasn't in his lap "touch me, not as a punishment but...."

He cupped her cheek tenderly and said, "I told you that I wasn't punishing you, silly woman. But I don't mind touching you."

He gave her a gentle kiss then. He held her to him, pulling her up on his lap. She couldn't help enjoy the feeling of her core brushing against his cock as she settled on his lap. She was spread wide open for him in this position and she couldn't help but think he meant it to happen that way "I....should get going" she said suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed by everything now that it was sinking in. She placed her hands on his chest and was looking away from him. Her head turned to the side gave him full view of his fading mark on her neck, he knew it would be gone by the end of the night

He pulled her back to him and said, "Megan, stop. Do you not understand what I told you? I'm not human. I'm a Guardian. You have lessened the darkness in me, the burden that came from my Carpathian father. But I am also a lycan. And my wolf is drawn to you for what you have done for me. You are mine, Megan, and anyone who attempts to take you from me will not be treated kindly."

She frowned "I'm not yours, " she said in a low tone "I'm not yours because I'm not your lifemate, that's a thing for you isn't it?" She asked but didn't give him a chance to answer "I'm sorry if I did something to you, I don't know what Issac did...I don't know my powers yet..." She said feeling weird having to say that "but please don't make me responsible for you falling, if I really did something then we should stop now and you should go get help and...." She was cut off when she felt his cock get hard and press against her core. She couldn't stop the moan that escaped her

"You are my help," he said. "You make it so I can hold on longer. If I fall, it's because I wasn't strong enough, not because of you. And only I can train you in what you need to know about my world." He slowly skewered her, moving so that she was floating in the water and forced to hold onto the side of the tub. "And I refuse to end what we have. You are mine, Megan."

When he was all the way inside her she gasped and fell into his chest, her hands on his broad shoulders "Im not something to be owned....and what we have is noth..." He slammed into her making her cry out "what we have is everything" he said grabbing her throat in a firm but gentle grip "and behind closed doors I'm going to teach you many personal lessons" he said in a low tone. She met his gaze "and if I don't want too..." She asked in a breathless tone "you forget, I'm in your head, if you truly didn't want to then I wouldn't be touching you like I am now and your wouldn't begging me to do what I'm about to do to you" he said and when she saw his eyes turn gold she no longer could fight it, he was right, she wanted him. He didn't give her a chance to speak again before he started thrust roughing inside her, making the water splash around them. She wrapped her arms around his neck, only able to hold on as he took her higher and higher. He pulled her head to the side by her hair and bit deep into her neck and held her like that with his teeth, each thrust pulling her skin making her cum over and over again. She lost count how many time he took her that night. All she knew was at some point she woke up in her bedroom the next night unable to move her body was so sore and tired to the sound of Natalie coming into her room

Natalie sat a tray of food on the small table next to the fireplace, saying, "Nicanu said you needed to eat. Apparently, he was able to take care of your needs all by himself but now he's out of depth." Megan noticed her lips twitching like she was trying not to smile. "You wouldn't happen to know why he is bossier where you are concerned?"

She frowned "no" she said in a grumpy tone. Slowly she moved and managed to roll on her side "I'm not....oh" she said in a low tone "oh God what's that smell" she said looking disgusted. She spotted it "can you please take away the meat it's making me feel sick"

"Okay," she said, raising an eyebrow. "You didn't act like this the last time I brought you food. Maybe I should call the doctor back in. If you had sex before you traveled, you could be pregnant."

She sat straight up despite the pain in her body oh God....I'm so I can't be its too soon she said knowing she would have to make sure to take a test this month if she didn't get her period "no I'm not" she said in a calmer tone "I happens when I do Issac herbs my senses are highten and the meat smells bad to me" she said in a sincere tone

"You're not supposed to be using it outside of the night of the full moon," Natalie said, "but it's not like I can stop you. Besides, I was joking. Your pheromones suggest that you are in the safe zone at this time. Meaning, you are not ovulating. If you were pregnant, your scent would have a slightly sweeter undertone." She wiped her mouth, showing she had eaten the meat but left the rest of the meal. "And my nose is more developed than most lycans. That and my father was a mage. When the doctor examined you, so did I. Just watch how much of that stuff you use. I don't want to walk in and find that you've turned into beef jerky."

She raised her eye brow "beef jerky? Why? You know what never mind" she said shaking her head and taking a bite of a strawberry. It was more sour then sweet. She made a face and picked up a slice of toast, putting the bitten strawberry down "hey can I ask you something?" She asked

"Sure thing," said Natalie. "I'll tell you what I can. I am the beta of this pack, so I'm privy to every secret. Well, not personal ones, but ones for the pack as a whole."

"Do lycans loose their emotions like Carpathians?" She asked

"No, we don't," said Natalie. "Are you thinking you might be someone's mate? Because their wolf would know. They like to rub against you a lot. And the men tend to be highly dominant. Personally, I'm not one to lay on my back for a man, but then, I'm not a submissive female."

She was silent for a moment, focusing on her food "no I don't think I am I just...wanted to know if werewolves could turn bad like Carpathians" she said in a low tone with a hint of sadness"after all I'm surrounded by them and I feel more then vulnerable, already I...." She stopped talking like she was about to say something bad "nevermind I am just scared is all" she said and took another bite of food "I just need to get my feet wet so, can you take me to my first class after I shower and dress?" She asked

"That's the thing," said Natalie. "Male and female lycans can turn evil. We call them rogues. They feast on human blood for power. They become feral and we have to call in hunters to track them down. But yes, I can take you to your first class. Nicanu is waiting. He wants you to get good at that training course."

She froze. Her heart sank "they feed on humans?" She asked in a uneven tone. Her heart beat sped up "what...what else would they do to humans?" She asked

"Well, rogues will attack people without thought or reason beyond feeding," Natalie explained. "Guardians are worse. They can turn Sange rau. A rogue mixed with a vampire. They can be highly cunning, able to make anyone believe they are someone else. Centuries ago, one impersonated the second to the prince. It was perfect, down to scent and feel. Still, there are rumors that the Sange rau are able to convince people to do anything and everything, and that's partially how they destroy entire villages."

Her heart slammed into her chest and she suddenly wanted to cry. She got up and ran her hands through her hair oh God ..oh God... that must be it...and he ..and I....oh shit I'm in deep shit she thought to herself. She turned to Natalie "I need a favor, Issac said if I needed anything I could always ask him, I need to get ahold of him Natalie please" she said Ina desperate almost begging tone

"Whoa, hold on," said Natalie, wrapping her arms around Megan. "There's no rogue or Sange rau around. Nicanu would know. And I would know if he turned. This place is perfectly safe, little human. Calm down and relax. Drink some orange juice."

She shook her head "please....please just get in touch with him please" she begged "don't tell anyone please I beg you" she said in a scared tone shaking in her arms. She looked at her in the eyes "woman to woman Im asking you to trust me I know I'm new to this world but I'm scared and Issac knows my condition and I don't want to hurt anyone here and if they find out I'm unstable I'm afraid of what they will do, please Natalie take me to him now before it's too late " she said

"Okay," she said. "I'll get him here tonight. Until he gets here, I'll keep you in here. I'll tell Nicanu and Marcus that it's an emergency. We can't have you hurting yourself."

She got up and started pushing her to the door "you too...out go, go get him it's not safe "she said closing the door and locking it. She was scared, she knew Nicanu had access to her mind. She knew once Nat told Nicanu and Marcus that he would go inside her head. She had no choice but to make her thoughts unreadable. She went to the bed and pulled out the herbs she had hidden. She ran into the bathroom and started a bath, the moon didn't matter at this point, she didn't have a choice, she followed the directions that Issac had given and put the herbs on the bath and stepped in. She wanted to make sure when he got there she was clear minded but until then she was unable to function

2.5 hours later...

Issac, Rosaline, Nicanu, Marcus, and Natalie entered. Nicanu knew where she was and had her out of the tub, wrapped in a towel. He held her to him, trying to see what was wrong.

"She's just overwhelmed," said Rosaline. "Let Issac and I examine her alone."

He looked at the elder woman for a moment and nodded. He laid Megan in her bed. Where the others couldn't see, he tenderly moved some damp hair from her face. Her eyes snapped to him and slapped his hand away backing up quickly. The herbs had worked too well, she felt not only him but everyone in the room. It wasn't as bad as last time but it was still bad. Everyone in the room grew calmer as she seemed to grow more stressed. She gripped her head "get out! Please! Everyone out except Issac! " She yelled "and Marcus you need to get your shoulder's not ok" she said in a pain filled tone

Nicanu looked at Marcus, who held his shoulder in shock. He looked back at Megan, "Alright. Issac, call to me if you need anything. Rosaline, did you bring any....?"

"I brought a whole box of sweet rolls for you, little pup," she said, causing Natalie and Marcus to snicker.

"Rosaline, if you weren't so frail..." Nicanu began.

"Is that anger I'm..." Rosaline said, a hopeful tone in her voice.

"Out," he said, pointing. "Let's let Issac aid the human."

With that, everyone but Issac was out of the room as he said, "What is it, Megan?"

She looked up at him "I'm in trouble Issac...what do you know of sang rau?" She asked and by his expression he was caught off guard by her question

"Well, they are a mix between werewolves and vampires," he said. "They are faster and stronger than both rogues and vampires. They are the result of negative emotions, namely superiority, taking over a good man, or if a rogue or vampire drinks the blood of the other. They have no feelings of love and can't mimic it, though they can take on the feel, scent, voice, and appearance of another to the point no one knows the difference. That is all I know, and all anyone really knows. Why the sudden interest in such a sad shell of good men?"

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