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After care 3

Megan looked at him and pulled out her phone showed him a message she had written in the bath when her mind was fuzzy he is in my head said the text "I was just curious" she said out loud "this is all new for me and I want to know the bad first so I can watch out for it" she said in a calm tone but her hands were shaking

Issac knew who she was talking about instantly, making a few gestures to make sure. When she nodded, his face became grim. He began to weave a spell and a barrier went around the house.

"No one can enter your mind, but that can be dangerous," he said. "I'll be back. You lay down and rest while I go investigate." He left her and Nicanu was there, waiting, his face like stone, alone. "Good, just the man I wanted to see."

"You warded the house," he made it a statement.

"Yes, well, this is a sensitive matter and I felt the young lady needed some privacy to feel she could talk freely," he said, hiding the movement of his hand. "Has anything happened lately? Any stirrings I should know about?"

"There haven't been any attacks," said Nicanu, staring at the house. "The rogues have left the area, the vampires rarely find us, so there is nothing to fear at the moment."

"Not even from..." Issac prompted.

"No," said Nicanu, his eyes narrowing. "Have you heard rumors of a Sange rau in the area?"

"Perhaps," Issac said without commitment.

"If it's about me, I assure you that you wouldn't need a spell to find out," said Nicanu. "This place would be a ghost town if that were the case."

Issac study him a little more "would you mind if I tested your claim old friends? " He asked "all I would need is a drop of your blood" he said

He shrugged and used a nail to give Issac a drop of blood from his fingertip. He closed the wound immediately after.

"Care to explain why you feel the need to test me and the connection to my student?" he said.

Issac held up his hand and said a chant, then he dropped the drop of blood onto his tongue. After a moment he looked at him and sighed in relief "I'm glad you are you my old friend, now that I know you truly are, care to explain why a human who has been in your care for a mere three days was scared enough to call for me for fear you had fallen?" He asked crossing his arms "I could feel it Nicanu she is terrified "

"Why is she scared of that?" he asked. "I haven't done anything to harm her." When Issac wasn't budging, Nicanu sighed. He decided to take a risk, knowing no one else was within hearing distance and the ward on the house kept Megan from hearing. "She is my lifemate, Issac. She needs time to grow into her ability and to learn of my world. I am giving her that the best I can. I have not claimed her as of yet because of that."

Issac smiled "I am truly happy for you my friend" he said patting his shoulder. But then he looked serious again "but that does explain why she felt that way, either you tell me what your with holding or I go ask her" he said "her mind is delicate right now and unless I know the information I can't help her"

"I haven't told her who she is to me," Nicanu said. "It's for her safety as well as to give her time to learn. If word gets out she is my lifemate, Otto wouldn't be the only one coming after her. I've made enemies, Issac. Until I know she can properly defend herself, I will not risk her."

He eyed his friend for a moment like he was examining him and then his eyebrows shot up "dear God Nicanu you slept with her didn't you" he said in a serious tone

"That is between me and my mate," Nicanu said, his voice telling him not to press the issue.

Issac pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed "not if it means you are endangering everyone including her, have you gone made Nicanu, you are playing a dangerous game, you know you are on a time limit now and you push it by laying with her " he said in a serious tone "you are putting yourself at risk for falling even more" he said in a serious tone mixed with worry for his friend

"Any time it's been a close call, I come to you, Issac," Nicanu said, his hand on the old man's shoulder. "I will do so again if it is needed. I will be careful. Besides, if I fail to do so, Natalie will not. I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't already guessed. Marcus is the dense one."

He sighed "allow me to stay here for a while, for her sake and yours," he said and Nicanu nodded "ok so what do we tell her because so knows so little yet she risked a lot trying to warm me about you,..." He said

"She is very brave," Nicanu said, smiling. "Tell her that I'm experiencing what some humans call the heat. It's from a book series, I believe. Some lycans can go through something similar to it, so it fits. But she is by no means a toy to me, Issac. That has to be made clear." He ran his hands through his hair. "This is difficult when I want to grab her up and claim her, but she needs time."

"So you want me to lie to her?" He asked in a serious tone "I don't think you have thought this through, she will be learning about lycans and Carpathians here, she will find out it was a lie" he could see Nicanu was stressed and not himself, knowing Nicanu was very smart and always ten steps a head this is the first time Isaac saw him like this "I will figure something out, in the mean time you should refrain from laying with her, at least until she trust you more, you don't need her spreading rumors that are not true" he said

"We exchanged blood," Nicanu said simply.

Issac stopped in his tracks and was silent for a moment "how many times?" He asked without turning around to look at him

"Once," he said.

Issac turned and looked at him "Cassius did one with her to be able to access her mind and keep track on her, he felt she was a danger to his brothers lifemate but she was so full of alcohol and weed the blood exchange was nessasary" he said with a sigh "I'm telling you this so you know one more and you know what happens" he said in a serious tone "it also means you will have to help her changing body and I will have to alter my help to suit her"

"Whatever needs to be done," said Nicanu. "I will exercise better control."

He nodded and went back into the room with Megan. She was pacing and when she saw him she ran over to him "are you ok? Is it true?" She asked in a panicked tone "calm down it's not true" he said patting her shoulders "are you sure because..." She began but he cut her off "I'm sure, I tested him, and before you think me compromised I have a ward on my mind and body to protect me from such things. I understand you are scared and lack of information does not help so let me tell you what you need to know" he said sitting her on the bed "though I do not approve of his activities with you they were done by a guardian and not by a sang rau" he said and she looked horrified "he told you?" She asked in a upset tone "he didn't have to, now look, if it makes you feel better you have exchanged blood which means you now have access to his head , which means you have a way to protect yourself, you will feel him when he is in your mind and he will feel you" he said "you will also feel when he is close" he said "but why did he .." Issac held up his hand "I do not know, but what I do know is that whatever the reason it was not because he has fallen so you can be reassured about that" he said and she was quiet for a moment "I still don't understand......I feel like I'm going crazy" she said standing up and pacing "I've done things with him....a stranger and they felt right and that's not normal for me...I was sure he influenced me and that he had fallen it explained everything and now I'm at square one with no answer and I...I" he felt his Ward on her mind snap and she dropped to her knees crying.

He examined her mind even as he rebuilt the ward Despite everything, she had gotten slightly better at controlling it. When it was back in place, he helped her to the bed.

"Megan, you've gotten stronger," he said. "I know that this is all new and is disorienting. For now, let's just talk. What were you feeling just now? What emotion was the strongest within you?"

"Helpless" she said in a upset tone

"Was it your feeling?" he asked. "Or that belonging to another? Did you get any impressions from it?"

"I...I don't know I was feeling it before the pain in my head and then it just got worse" she said feeling like she was going to have a mental break down "this is all to much I need something to cope and those herbs are too dangerous...I'm going crazy my world has been shatter in not even a weeks time" she said "I feel torn to shreds on the inside and helpless I don't know who to trust or what's going on....please just leave" she said curling up in a ball on the bed

"Megan, before I leave, I want you to try something for me," Issac said. "I would like you to concentrate on that helpless feeling and try to reach for the one feeling it. If I'm correct, and I tend to be, you may be able to save someone tonight. I need you to try and feel the reason for the person to have such emotion. I will be here and I can pull you back when it becomes too much for you to take."

"I wouldn't know how to begin to do that and besides I'm nobody, Im not going to be able to save myself let alone someone else...I give up, I'm ready to die" she said in a low depressed tone "no one is going to help me...."

"Where are you right now?" Issac asked. "Why do you want to die?"

"I said leave me alone!" She said curling up in a tighter ball, holding herself like she was cold "I'm just going to wait for the sun to rise and then my pain will be over...." She said in a painfullest tone

Issac went to the door and called Nicanu into the room, saying, "I believe she has tapped into a dying hunter. Perhaps a young one. She isn't able to decern the reason behind the emotions but can feel them, the stronger they are, the more she hones in on them. You need to touch her mind but not so much that she is pulled away from this young man. We need to figure out where he is."

Nicanu nodded. He knelt beside Megan and reached for her mind.

He instantly felt cold through her, he could hear running water like a stream. He could smell wet grass, blood and a wildflower that grew in the eastern mountains, he was filled will this acceptance and hopeless, he wanted to die, he was happy to die "I'm happy to die as me....." Megan whimpered

Nicanu took out his phone and called Cassius. He explained the situation, knowing that he was already sending out the call to aid the young hunter. He turned back to Megan after hanging up.

"Bebelus, break away from him," Nicanu said in a soft tone. "We have sent word and help is coming to him. The Carpathians are going to his aid as we speak. Come back."

"I said leave me alone!" She yelled "don't you understand I want to die just leave me be!"

"Damn it, woman!" he said, making her look at him. "I said to break away from him! Those are his emotions! Not yours! Block your mind from him now!"

Her face changed and he felt the change in her. She frowned and tears came to her eyes, it went from sadness to fear, to need. She need to be comforted, to feel safe. Without another word she got up from the bed went into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking in. Issac sighed "give her a moment.....Nicanu this is big" he said in a serious tone "do you realize what she just did?"

Nicanu said, "Even if I said yes, you'd tell me anyway. Just spill it because all I saw was her in danger of being engulfed in someone else's emotions to the point of self-destruction."

"Once she becomes more adept, she won't need someone to translate," Issac said. "Not only can she tap into another's emotion but see the cause of it. She can save lives, Nicanu, and she needs that. At the risk to herself, she was willing to tell someone that you might have fallen to prevent thousands of deaths. That should tell you something about her."

"That she takes too many risks," Nicanu said as the shower started.

"That she isn't a wilting flower you can keep at home, safe and sound," Issac corrected. "You always assumed your woman would be a home body, but Megan isn't. She will stand beside you or not at all. You will have to do the same."

"Do you know what you are saying?" Nicanu asked.

"Yes," Issac said. "But I also know that you will do what's right by her. She's a fighter and you have to treat her like one. It's her nature. She could no more abandon that hunter than you could."

Nicanu swore in every language he knew. Not because he didn't agree with Issac's assessment of Megan, but because he agreed.

"Fine," said Nicanu. "But until she is ready, I'll be her shield."

"As it should be," said Issac "I'll take my leave , I'll ward this room so she will be comfortable, I must go tell Rosaline we are stay, I'm sure she already has plans for our room" he said leaving and warding the room. Nicanu suddenly heard Megan humming in the shower, it sounded like a slow soft tune, he got the impression it was a sad song. He debated on weather or not too talk to her or communicate in her mind, he decided to give her space. He sat down in the recliner near the bed. A few moments later the door opened with the shower still going, she poked her head out looking in the room, it was clear she had been crying and it was also clear she didn't see him because she then opened the door and steep out with only a towel on her head. Once in the room though she noticed him "Jesus!" She said jumping like he startled her, turning around and covering herself

"I don't think I'm that scary," he said. "Besides, I've already seen everything. I'm just here to make sure you're alright."

She took the towel off her head, her wet curly hair falling in a sexy way to the side, she covered herself as best she could with the towel but it was still short and barley covered her breath "well I'm not alright and I don't know if you are either ....and stop looking at me like that..." She said in a low tone as he body started to get excited by his hungry gaze alone

He moved to her then and had her pinned against the dresser as he asked, "And how was I looking at you? We almost lost you to someone else's pain, Megan. Do you realize what that can do to someone, seeing another suffer like that?"

"Why do you think I was drugged most of my life....." She said frowning. Her heart was beating fast in her chest and it was fear, she told herself it was stupid to trust him since she still didn't know if what Issac said was the truth but right now she really needed something good, if not she was going to go crazy "fuck it" she said grabbing the back of his neck with her right hand and pulling him down and crushing her lips to his

He lifted her so that she sat on the edge of the dresser. He kissed her back just as hungrily as she kissed him. He wanted to bury himself deep within her. He wanted a real claiming. His hands roamed over her, inflaming her body at the same speed his was burning.

"Remove the towel," he said, his voice rough.

She let the towel drop and she slid his pants down enough that she could grab ahold of his thick hot member, her legs wrapped around his waist and he felt her trying to move him closer with them, her hand on his cock guiding it to her wet entrance

He shrugged out of his shirt, needing to feel her against him. He took hold of her hips and slowly entered her. He'd endure Issac's reprimands another day. She had scared the hell out of him, and that was saying something. He had to have her wrapped around him, to know she was alright. He lifted her arms up and held them with one hand above her head so her breasts rose to his waiting mouth.

She cried out , she needed to touch him, she needed it rougher "please" she moaned needing to get closer to him

"Not yet, Megan," he said against her skin as he started a slow ride. "Not until I say."

"Your holding back.....why?" She asked in a moaning tone, she hated how much she loved his lips on her skin, she should be scared but she wasn't. She moved her head with a soft moan as his lips traveled.

He looked at her for a moment and said, "You are hurting. I haven't been gentle with you. Being dominant doesn't always mean rough."

She was taken back but his gentleness and the softness to his tone "your right I am hurting.....but the pain on the outside is nothing compared to what I feel ok the inside and right now...your the only thing that can take me away from it" she said in a serious but breathless tone "so please ... Take me away from it" she said as a tear managed to escape her eye

He kissed her, picking up the pace. He gripped her hips in one hand, holding her still as the dresser rocked under her. Then, suddenly, both of his hands were beside her hips, his nails putting grooves into the wood.

She took that opportunity to wrap one hand around his neck and the other on his hip as he thrusted inside her. When she touched the mark, he moved harder. A growl came out.

"If you don't play nice," he said through clenched teeth, "this could blow up in our faces."

"Everything has already blow up in mine..." She said in between moans "bit at least the fire I'm feeling right now...I wouldn't mind being consumed by" she moaned and used her hand on his neck to pull his head down towards her neck as she pulled herself closer to him, her breast now pressing firmly into his hard muscular chest

He kissed his mark before setting a rougher rhythm. She was killing him by giving herself to him, and she didn't even realize that's what she had done. He picked her up and carried her the bed so he could angle her and go deeper.

He felt her go submissive underneath him, more then that he saw it. The way her body arched under him, the moans she was making. Her hands tightly gripped his waist "Nicanu...." She moaned

He pinned her, losing himself in the feel of her. He growled, each thrust hitting deep. And with it, he was bathed in more of her juices. Megan, tell me where. Tell me where you want me to cum.

inside! she cried out in his head. At the thought her core clenched around him like it was begging with her. He moved from her shoulder until his tongue was lapping at her rapid pulse before biting deep, jets filling her so that the pressure within her had her climaxing multiple times. She went limp underneath him as he filled her he felt her mind slam into his making her cry out and cum again. Her emotions filled him, she was filled with pleasure from him but more then that she wanted comfort from him, she wanted more from him, more then she realized, her emotions were already becoming like a lifemate, she needed him, his voice his touch, and much more

He closed the wound and rolled so that she could cuddle into him. He needed to hold her just as much as she needed to be held. He ran his hand through her hair, whispering in Romanian to soothe her "I'm sorry....." She said before drifting off to sleep in his arms. Not a moment after she fell asleep there was a knock on the door "Megan I'm coming in, you got away from my make over before but now that we are here your not" said Rosaline voice as the doorknob started to turn

Rosaline, I'm watching over her this night, said Nicanu. She has just fallen asleep. Leave her be.

The door suddenly opened and it forced him to cover them both "quit your growling it's nothing I haven't seen before" She said shutting the door behind her "I see you are not listening to Issac though" she said in a low tone. Megan stirred slightly , she cuddled closer to him but remained asleep "Nicanu what are you you realize how dangerous this is? You could fall during for Pete's sake"

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