Family 2

He growled and smile and picked her up and put her in his lap. He kissed her and she felt herself become clean "you are a amazing woman.....and I have been trying to think about how I could show you but I realize I will just have to show you for the rest of my life because it will never be enough but how about as a start if you would give me the honor I would love to marry you legally and adopt Eli as my own" he said and pulled out a ring

She teared up. She couldn't speak, so she nodded. He was everything she wanted, needed, and more. She smiled at the engraving, remembering their date at the museum.

"I thought Carpathians didn't like paper trails," she said as he placed the ring on her finger.

"A little extra work is worth it, to make you happy" he said putting the ring on her finger "I want to marry you , I want to see you wearing a dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world, though you could be naked and you would be" he said with a wink "I had this vision if my lifemate was human that I would marry her and on our wedding night I would convert her, a symbol if you will about starting a new life with me, not that I am saying I want you to have it done then, I'm saying that I want you to know that I not only accept who you are but what you are and that I love everything about you including your human desires"

She wrapped her arms around him and said, "That sounds like a beautiful idea. I'm not big on pain, though. If we do convert me, we'd have to have enough people there when it takes place so I feel as little pain as possible. What do you think? One month from now, we have the wedding? I want to have time to plan everything out perfectly with Megan. She's obviously my maid-of-honor. You just need to pick between your two brothers who's the best man and who is walking with Eli, our little the ringbearer." She gasped. "I don't have a flower girl!"

He chuckled "I have someone in mind, we can talk about this later but for now..." He said fixing both of their clothes. Emily felt underwear and leggings form on her "Eli son come sit with us" he said and Eli happily ran to them

Eli sat between them. He hugged Emily, a true Mama's boy, but looked at Ambrose as if he worshiped him too. Emily held Ambrose's hand. Thank you, Ambrose. This, right here, our family, tears decorated her long lashes, this is by far the best gift you have given me yet.

Eli looked at Emily's hand and saw the engagement ring, asking, "What's that?"

"A promise" said ambrose "a promise that i will always be here for you and your mother" he said patting his head

"It's a ring," said Eli.

Emily laughed and said, "If you knew, why did you ask? And it can still be a promise."

"A promise ring?" Eli inquired.

Emily laughed and said, "Something like that."

"I want one!" Eli said.

"When you're older, maybe," she said. "If you find someone you love, you can give her one."

"But I want one!" Eli said, stomping his foot and looking on the verge of tears.

"That is no way to get something eli" Ambrose said in a stern tone "you do not yell and stomp your feet, you ask politely" He said in a fatherly tone. Eli pouted and looked at him "if you act like the big boy you are and use your nice words I might give you one" he said not backing down

"Sorry," said Eli.

Emily refrained from hugging Eli. She watched to see what was going to happen next. He doesn't understand, Ambrose. His mind is that of a child half his age. It's no excuse for his behavior, but please, keep it in mind. He really doesn't know why I get an engagement ring when he can't. He's too little for anything beyond a ringpop.

I have already made plans to help him grow, baru has also offered his assistance and we can talk about it later but he is a smart boy and will learn quickly He stroked eli's head "if you want something you say please , can you do that?" he said in a softer tone

"He usually has the best manners," Emily said. "It was one of the things I insisted that he learn. He has picked up some bad habits around Peyton, who gets things even if he's been naughty."

"Please, I want a ring," said Eli.

"That's not asking," said Emily. "Try again."

"Please, may I have a ring?" Eli asked.

Ambrose smiled and suddenly in his hand was a little dinosaur ring "good job son" he said with a smile holding it out to him

Eli excitedly showed Emily the ring. He put it on his finger and was so excited, his hands flapped and he was jumping up and down. She smiled. You put a protection spell or something in that ring for him, didn't you? You may want to add a suggestion never to take it off if you did. He'll lose it in five minutes if we're not careful.

He chuckled "it wont come off " he said in a soft tone "now ill go cook you both some lunch, stay here and have some time with him" he said kissing her forehead

"I'll take him to the playground," she said, smiling. "I'm going to test if it will stay on him or not. Children lose things easily, and roughhousing is the best test of that. I know you are capable of wonderful things, but you haven't seen Eli lose three shoes, twenty socks, and half a lego set."

She stood up and took Eli's hand and began walking. When she opened the door she was startled by baru standing there, his shirt was covered in blood, cassius was behind him in the same condition "excuse me " he said moving past her and walking into the house, cassius only nodded as he walked past her

"Uncle hurt," said Eli, trying to go to him but Emily kept him back.

"He..." she swallowed. "He is a special kind of hero, Eli. Like a cop."

"I want to be a cop!" Eli said.

"I know you do," Emily said, hugging him. "Come on. Let's go play while they get cleaned up. I'm sure your magic kisses would help, but they have too many owies for them." She looked at Ambrose. I'll take Eli to the playground. Tell me what you need and I'll put it by the door. But show me what it looks like. I can't tell sage from oregano.

do not worry little love it is not their blood, they are unharmed, just tired and need to eat, they will be resting in their rooms for a bit

Okay, she said. We'll eat in the garden, to give them some privacy. As she came close to the solarium, it felt like waves were flowing around her. She could almost see the ripples in the air. When she opened the door, the waves engulfed her, but in a pleasant way. She saw the pulses of the plants, the life in them. She touched a rose and it felt softer to her. She sat at a patio table to watch Eli play, though she couldn't remember if there had been so many flowers the other day. It didn't matter, though. She closed her eyes to soak up the feeling of life around her. She must have dozed off because when she opened her eyes again the moon was in a different place and there was a blanket around her and baru was playing with eli

She sat up, stretching. I shouldn't have fallen asleep. Eli could have gotten hurt.

"I would never have allowed that to happen" ambrose said suddenly next to her "besides we had a very active morning " he said with a wink

You two keep that up and she'll be pregnant by the time you have the wedding, Baru said, causing Emily to blush. She looked around.

"I swear," she said, sounding agitated but gently rubbing her fingers over a pink carnation, "there are more flowers in here than there was yesterday. They seem to be ready to engulf the chair and me."

Ambrose growled "mind your business brother and if you dont like it move out" he said and turned to emily "i may have planted a few more" he said "do you like them?" he asked "i planted a new flower every time my feelings for you got the best of me, i would come out here and plant them"

"They're very beautiful," she said, just before one seemed to plop onto her head as she looked up at him. She laughed. "It's hard to be taken seriously when a flower throws the whole look off. But they are beautiful and the smell is like heaven." She looked at the tree near the playground, frowning. "I think the limb over the fort is decayed a bit, though. It could fall. The waves coming from it are weaker than the ones from the rest of the tree." She gasped, not looking at Ambrose. I can't believe I let it slip! she thought to herself, though Ambrose heard. Now, they'll definitely think I'm crazy!

"Your not crazy little love , your a daughter of earth, something we all knew" he said in a soft tone

"I can't be that special," Emily said, shaking her head. "I mean, yes, I was born under an earth sign, and I am drawn to trees and such, but how can you be certain I'm a Daughter of Earth?"

He smiled "you know our last names right?" He said in a joking matter "our parents blood runs through our veins of course we would know" he said confidently

"The Dragonseekers are the ones attached to the earth," Emily said with a smile. "You're brilliant, don't get me wrong, but your family is made up of healers and warriors."

She's a smart one, Baru said. Too smart for your dumb ass. Just tell her the signs before I do.

she is not smart about things she does not know, and mind your business Baru, your stepping over the line he answered in a agressive tone "real life is not in those fantasy books you have read" he said in a stern tone. Standing up "how about you actually learn about something before you talk like you know about it" he said in a upset tone "one thing above all I hate in humans is ignorance and a fake sense of superiority, you have been apart of our world for less then a month and you sit here and tell me about our people? Disrespectful" he said in a harsh tone walking away from her

Emily followed him, saying, "Wait! Ambrose, I didn't mean to sound superior. I learned that from the books you left for me. Please, don't be mad. Yes, maybe I was showing off what I learned a bit, but I didn't mean to make you angry. I'm sorry."

He kept walking "if you would have read those books properly you would have learn that our bloodline was not your typical healers, magic runs through our veins and spotting a child of earth is easy for us, one of many things that come naturally to use, like is said don't show off unless you actually can" he said and suddenly Baru grabbed Emily's arm making her stop following him. Ambrose disappeared into the house "do not take it personally, he is still adjusting, he is not in danger of falling because you bonded but it does mean he as yet to adjust to all the emotions life has to offer, give him sometime to cool down and I'm sure he will come back to apologize, he should be fully stable in a couple of more days"

"Days?!" Emily asked, even more upset. "Baru, I don't think I can be separated for days!"

"Yes you will, You will do what is best because you are his lifemate" he said in a stern tone "this is not about what you want it's about what he needs, do not be selfish Emily it will back fire with a male like him" he said in a serious tone "I just told you that he is unstable and struggling and the first words out of your mouth were about you ..this is why I don't like humans or adults and prefer child" he said walking back to Eli

She shook for a moment, trying to get past her natural reaction of self-hate to analyze what Baru had said. She took a few breaths, wiped the tears away, and joined Baru. She felt the flowers trying to soothe her. She didn't want to be seen as selfish. But she also wanted to be truthful. She didn't know if she'd be able to handle not seeing him for days. Still, she knew Baru was right and she couldn't put herself first. If he needed time and space, she would endure for Ambrose.

The night went on pretty uneventful after that, Ambrose stayed in the house, he didn't avoid her but she could tell he was tense and when she tried to talk to him he would tell her now was not a good time. Her phone vibrates and she saw it was a text from Megan saying I hope you are well don't forget me

Emily smiled and sent back, Never. I do have some news. Ambrose and I are getting married. I want you to be my maid of honor.

There was no answer and the more time passed that she didn't answer the more her text felt like a goodbye to the point she started to get a bad feeling. She dialed Megan's number. Pick up, pick up, pick up! Please, pick up! It went to voice mail

"Shit!" she said. Ambrose, I know you are upset with me, but I think something's wrong with Megan. She sent me a text that sounds like she's trying to run off or worse, and she won't pick up her phone. Please, if she's hurt or in danger...

He came out of his office "calm down little love" he said in a softer tone then earlier "I will contact the person in charge of her" he said in a reassuring tone "she is just probably busy"

"I hope you're right," she said, sounding near tears. "She usually tells me when she's busy. So, when she disappears like this, I worry. She gets hurt so often, she spends more time in the hospital than anyone I know. She's accident-prone. For all I know, she fell out of a tree, or into a ditch, or over a cliff, or..."

"Even if she did all those things, the alpha there is a guardian, she would be healed before she even felt pain" he said trying to reassure her

"But what if a rogue wolf got her?!" Emily asked gripping his shirt, tears now falling and her breath coming too fast. "Or a vampire?! Or worse?! I can't lose her, Ambrose!" Her face grew pale. "I'm tired of losing. Losing people I love, people who matter. I don't want to lose anymore."

"Stop!" He yelled gripping her shoulders tightly and moving her away from him, making her let go "people die get over it, I said I would check I said she is fine because I would have heard otherwise but once again you don't listen to me or believe my words " he said harshly letting her go "Baru get her away from me I'm blocking her from my mind I can't handle her right now..." He said and went back into the office and slammed the door. Baru looked at Emily "he is checking on your friend now, best leave him be and go calm yourself down" he said

She took a step, finding it hard to breathe as tears blurred her vision. She kept says she didn't want to lose. She recognized what was going on when she felt her legs go out and her hand on her chest. Baru, a cup of ice and cold washcloth. Please. And don't let Eli see me like this. I'm having a panic attack. It's so hard to think.

To her surprise when she turned around he had them already in his hand "I know...I may not have emotions but I still know them" he said helping her sit down

She put the cloth on her neck and breathed into the ice. When she could get enough air, she looked at Baru. I couldn't control this. I made him so mad this time. What if this happens again, Baru? I dont' want to hurt him again because of this.

"You might not see it but he is handling everything very well, a lot of males would have done worse, sometimes they even get violent, your panic would trigger and protect instinct and he would attack anyone near by, I'm still standing so I would say he is doing well" he said

She lifted her head, He's so strong. Stronger than anyone I know. But this... my heart says this isn't true, but my head keeps saying that he doesn't want to see me this weak, that he doesn't want me. Can you help me back to the solarium? She tried to stand on shaky legs. I can walk now but he's right, I can't be near him like this. Even if he knows the why behind it, my brain is making it seem like a rejection because he trusted you to care for me when he isn't emotionally capable right now. I need to be near the plants to get out of my head. Please.

He picked her up and the next things she knew he was setting her down in the solarium "take your time I will care for Eli" he said

She leaned back against the tree he had placed her under. She soaked in the waves around her as the ice and cloth cooled her body down. within ten minutes, the ice was nearly melted and her mind calmer. The episode had drained her and she put the cup down, starting to drift off to sleep. A shadow crossed her and she saw Cassius.

"Don't start," she said, attempting to stand. "I know he's distressed and it's my fault. You don't need that holier-than-thou look on your face."

"That would require emotion to express vanity , I am here because you need to eat" he said

"I'm not hungry," she said, using the tree to steady herself. "And you have that look right now. As if you know what's best for everyone. Whether you think that or not, you look that way right now and it's pissing me off. I'm too tired to make rational decisions and I'm getting irritable. Just let me go to my room to rest, okay? After a nap, I'll eat."

"I was very clear with my tone, it wasn't a question it was a fact, you will eat and if you give me trouble I will force you" he said simply "so will it be willing or not?" He asked

She glared up at him and said defiantly, "I'm. Not. Hungry."

He must have moved with inhuman speed because the next thing she knew she was face level with her "now that you have eaten I will leave you alone" he said standing up, that's when she noticed he had a empty plate in his hand

She curled in on herself. When Ambrose helped her, she felt loved. This... She felt it was all kinds of wrong. If he hadn't forced her body to accept the food, she would be throwing it up. She felt violated. It was her choice. She didn't want to eat and he took her choice away. She put her head on her knees, crying.

He walked away and disappeared into the house. Not saying a word even as she cried, Eli came out with Baru "he insisted" he said

She looked up and held her arms out to Eli. He ran to her to hug her. She rocked him, needing comfort in that moment. She glanced at Baru and a shiver went through her, knowing he could do the same thing Cassius could, take over he mind. She hid her face in Eli's neck.

"Your fear would be aggravating to me if I had emotions. You are not a child Emily, yet you acted like one, so he treated you like one, you will learn quickly I hope that with Carpathians we treat you according to your actions" he said in a emotionless tone "just how you would force Eli to eat and do not deny it I have seen it, you make him stay until he does what you want him to do, the only difference is we are better at it" he said

"I know," she said. "Deep down, I know. But it wasn't Ambrose. That's the difference to me. If it had been him, it would feel different. I was tired, not thinking with a clear mind like I should have, but that doesn't change how it feels right now, Baru. And I know I provoked him deliberately. I just need to get past the reaction. That's all."

"It's normal to feel that way since Cassius is not Ambrose but Ambrose was the one who told him to make sure you ate" he said " we will make sure you are safe and healthy no matter the cost, so you better find a way to cope with it"

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