It had only been on night since Megan had told him she longer wanted him near her. He found himself once again numb, sitting in his office doing what needed to be done. Natalie walked in after knocking "I got those papers you wanted and also a request form" she said putting them on her desk "the human wishes for Marcus to be her teacher, Marcus has agreed all we need is for you to sign off on it so they can change her schedule" she said

"Denied," Nicanu said without looking. "I haven't been too hard on her, we are watching her health, and she is steadily progressing. If she feels uncomfortable about something, let her tell me."

"Ok well she doesn't start until tomorrow anyways I will go see what her complaint is and I'll be back, " she said going to leave

"Natalie, we've known each other for years," he said without looking up. "Tell me your suspicions. Your voice was almost monotone, meaning you're trying not to tell me something."

She sighed "I think Marcus has a thing for the new human and I'm worried, she is dangerous and we don't know her yet" she said crossing her arms "she is very unstable and I can see him watching her when he thinks no one is looking and when they are near each other they seem close"

"He's what?!" Nicanu asked, anger filling him. "Where are they now?!"

She looked at him in a shocked expression "Jesus Christ! Your angry!" She said in shock "your actually angry!" She said sound shocked and happy "who is it? Is it the human because..."

He took a breath and said, "It isn't Megan. Natalie, get the smirk off your face. I know what you're thinking, but don't."

"Then who nic because you have emotions" she said crossing her arms

He sighed, knowing if he didn't tell her, she'd bug the hell out of him, so he said, "I'm pissed off at Marcus. I don't want him near her."

"Nic you either tell me who your lifemate is or I will find out for myself, " she said in a serious tone "you are trying to avoid answering but you have already given yourself away by showing emotions, so spill it"

"Megan," he said, looking at her, "she's my lifemate."

"I knew it!" She said doing a weird little happy dance. She rushed over to him and hugged him "I'm so happy for you nic , " she said in a happy tone, she pulled back "so that's what you been doing in her room you sly dog you, I thought her appetite was weird, it makes sense now sine the claiming means a blood exchange"

"Well, she thought I was a Sange rau and told Issac," he said, "and I misjudged my attraction to her, so she thinks I was using her for sex. And I already have Rosaline and Issac after me for it, so I don't need my little sister doing the same. So don't give me the whole you're-an-idiot look or the you-could-fall speech. I've had enough of it. Now, I have to figure out an excuse to keep Marcus and Megan apart, or I'll end up killing him."

She looked at him "wait a minute are you sitting here telling me not only have you lied to her, had sex with her and did a blood exchange but that you have not claimed her either?"

"And now you've started," he said. "I didn't lie. I didn't tell her who she was to me because she needs time to learn. We are currently putting distance between us and I am trying to keep from making love to her every time I see her. A professional relationship until she has had time to learn of her abilities and our world. I had to do the blood exchange because I lost control and she was low. There wasn't a choice."

She groaned "emotions have made you stupid" she said sitting on his desk with a sigh "this is bad nic, I don't understand...if you hadn't have slept with her and kept your distance then that different but you know how humans are when it comes to sex...they get emotional, that was your mistake, you know beside not claiming her..."

"I know, I know!" he said. "Nat, you know me. I've seen what humans do and how they act. But around her, I can't think straight! Every restriction I laid out for myself goes out the window with her. I barely tolerate the humans we have in the village, waiting for them to betray us, but Megan..." He sighed. "I need you to act as an aide in her lessons. Not for her, but to keep me from doing further harm to her. That's the point I'm at. This has to be professional until she's ready. I promised her, but I don't know if I have the strength to keep that promise on my own."

She sighed "I'll do it on one condition, you promise to listen to me when I tell you to claim her, if I see you are to close to falling you have to promise me to do it" she said

"Okay," he said. "I promise. I'm hoping I can get to Issac before it gets to that point though. She needs as much time as I can afford to give her and if it takes a mage spell to give it to her, so be it."

Nat was about to speak again but Nicanu phone rang

He answered, "This is Nicanu." Nat watched as his face changed. He stood up slowly "ok thanks" he said and hung up "what is it?" Nay asked "Emily, Ambrose lifemate is worried about Megan because she stopped messaging her, come with me to go check" she nodded and the left

Megan sat in the garden with Marcus "thanks for the food...but I'm not really hungry" she said in a honest tone "I feel bad about not eating after you went through so much trouble"

"It's not a problem," said Marcus, tucking some hair behind her ear. "This happens if you exchanged blood with a Carpathian. We'll find a way to get food in you. Don't worry. I'll see if Issac has anything that can help."

"This makes me sad ....I love food, I think food can be a art , that's why I love cooking but now I can't even stand the smell of my favorite foods" she said in a sad tone "what about you? Do you have a favorite food?" She asked

"I like to try different local cuisines when I travel," he said. "However, I tend to prefer the mushroom steak. I got bullied as a kid because I prefer a vegetarian diet. I do try meals that have meat in them so that my wolf is healthy, but other than that, I consider myself a vegetarian."

She smiled "so do I, though more vegan really, I get sad when I drink milk or eat eggs, I don't feel like those things were meant for me but the baby animals...I know that sounds weird" she said in a shy tone "but I love mushrooms" she said with a smile

"It's not weird," said Marcus. "I'll call Issac to see if he has anything that can help. It's either that or allowing Nicanu to help you eat. I'm going with Issac because you trust him more than our alpha right now, and that's okay, but really, Nicanu can get you to eat faster and help you keep the broths down."

"I just wish that I had a choice in these exchanges....I feel violated" she said looking upset "it's like they are saying you as you are is not good enough..."

"That's not what they are saying," said Marcus. "They did the blood exchanges so that you have a lifeline in case of emergencies and so that they know if you need help if you are unable to call out to them. It's more of them saying they will protect you because of who you are."

"I think that is a excuse, I feel safe with you yet we haven't done anything like that...they didn't give me a chance they just assumed that I would get hurt" she said with a sigh "I feel suffocated I'm caged" she said

"Well, you are human," he said, poking her cheek. "You are a little bit more squishable than lycans and Carpathians. As we don't have the whole of the Daratrazanoff clan here, I think you have more freedom than you realize. That family is notoriously bossy."

"Really? So if I just casually slipped out of here no one would notice?" She asked in a playing tone "like if I got up right now and just" she took off running

He smiled and said playfully, "A little rabbit on the run. I guess I should see where she's going." And he was after her, missing by a hair to give her a thrill. "Run, little rabbit. The big bad wolf's after you."

She laughed, it reminded her of playing tag as a kid, the thrill of them getting close and you getting caught, she always was the one to jump and scream as they caught her. She tried to doge as she rounded the flower bed but a bush blocked her path and he caught her making her laugh and scream out loud "no I'm to young to be eaten!" She yelled playfully

"I don't know," he said with a smile. "You look awfully delicious to me."

"I promise you I'm not, you on the other hand, you know is some countries they great dog" she said pretending he looked good, she licked her lips "I've always been open minded maybe I should try a bite" she said doing her best to be intimidating but he touch a part of her rib that she was ticklish on and it cause her to laugh "ok ok I won't!" She yelled trying to get away from him

"Good, because I'm no dog," he said, getting a little closer, "I'm a wolf. And you're Little Red Riding Hood. I saw you when Cassius brought you. You had a red cloak on, like in the fairytale. It was truly beautiful on you."

She found that his comment made her a little uncomfortable, but she didn't know why, he was a nice man and he had not done anything to her , not like Nicanu had. Marcus was different he was playful and a good listener and never demanded anything from her "you know in the original red riding hood there is no happy ending...but I am curious" she said looking at him sideways since he had his arms around her and was holding her from the back "I've never seen it...can you show me? Your wolf I mean, if I'm being rude by asking please let me know I don't me anything bad by it" she said

"It's not rude, especially when your learning of a hidden world you thought didn't exist," he said, sitting back. "It's more that I have to strip naked in order to shift. That tends to be an uncomfortable start to a rather frightening transformation."

"I have seen naked men brie" she said in a light tone "but I can look away if you like" she said "if your uncomfortable doing it I understand" she said

He moved back and started stripping, saying, "It's more uncomfortable to have to do this to teach children. Believe me, those are the moments that make every lycan teacher feel like scum. But for you, I don't mind at all."

"Is it painful for you?" She asked feeling nervous all of a sudden "if it is you don't have too"

"When we're children, it can be because our bodies aren't used to it," he said, standing naked before her. "As we age, we don't feel the pain of it anymore. Just, don't run."

Before he could do anything, Nicanu was there, his eyes glowing gold and anger radiating off of him.

Marcus took a step back " your angry..." He said in a shocked tone. Nat got int between them "Nicanu he doesn't know , you need to remember that right now, you heard what he was saying when we arrived I'm sure he was showing her the shifting process, why don't you calm down before you do something you'll regret " she said in a calm but serious tone "is there a problem here? I was the one that asked him to show me..." Megan began

"You did what?!" Nicanu snapped. "Do you know how dangerous that can be?!"

"How can it be dangerous?! And don't yell at me I'm not a kid!" She yelled back "I trust Marcus and I wanted to see it" she said in a serious tone

"If he isn't careful," Nicanu said, stalking towards her, "if his emotions run high, he could attack you without meaning to. If you run, his preditor instincts kick in. If you fight him in that moment, he would kill you. If you let fear keep you paralyzed, his wolf would sense prey, Megan. Jaguars and lycans can easily lose control of our other side if we can't keep our emotions in check. Lycans have better control only because we are the wolf, but that doesn't mean we can't lose ourselves to that other nature."

"Of he trusted himself enough to be willing to show me then I trust that he would be able to control himself and besides I have no need to run" she said "wolf or not it's Marcus" she said standing her ground. Natalie handed Marcus his clothes and whispered "put them on now and go I'll explain later" she said in a urgent tone

He picked Megan up, throwing her over his shoulder caveman style and walked towards her room. He ignored her kicks and punches as if they weren't even happening, which only served to irritate her more "let me down! I said I don't want you touching me anymore!" She yelled

"I said I wouldn't touch you as I have been," he growled. "I never said anything about removing you forcibly from a dangerous situation."

"You were the only danger there! " She yelled "now put me down your hurting me" she said in a upset tone

He slammed open the door to her room and deposited her on the bed, saying, "Of course I was dangerous! Do you even comprehend what could have happened to you?! To Marcus?!"

"No I don't !" She yelled standing up and getting close to him "because instead of teaching me you have been fucking me!" She yelled back poking his chest

He grabbed her wrist and held it behind her back as he kissed her hard. His hand cupped her breast. His knee between her legs to trap her. The way she was held, her dampening sex was forced to ride his leg as he had her on tiptoe. She bit down on his lips, hard enough to make it bleed but he simple used his tongue to close it as he started to french kiss her. Her sounds of protest mixed with her moans. He moved his hand from her breast and used it to ease the buttons from their place so that her breasts spilled out. He moved the shirt down from her shoulder so he could kiss her neck. She tried to break his grip on her arm but he had her helpless, she had to balance on his leg and his hold was the only thing keeping her up right "you said...." She began but she was cut off by her own gasp as she cried out when he bit down.

This wasn't like when he bit her before. That had been with his fangs to drink her blood like a Carpathian. This was with his canines. He was letting her see the lycan side. It was more painful, she still couldn't help the jolt of electricity that shot through her.

He felt his his leg grow wet from her erotic juices. Her free hand came up and gripped his shoulder tightly. This was tense, really tense " Nicanu......" she said in a breathless and worried tone. She felt close to him like something was happening with this bite. He felt her mind brush his meaning her ears was weakening "please..."

Nicanu pulled back, his hand slowly releasing her and his leg moving so that she was back on her feet. Go to take a shower before there is no going back. It was his only warning.

Her hand instinctively went to her neck, she shivered at the pain and pleasure that it caused to touch the bite. When she pulled her hand back she saw a little blood. She met his gaze, her flush cheeks and bright blue eyes frowned at him. She slowly looked away and went to move around him. She tried her best not to touch him as she past

He didn't try to stop her. He dialed Ambrose's number and said Megan was fine. He then hung up and dialed Natalie's phone.

"I'm going to Isaac's place for two days," he said. "You will need to over see Megan's lessons. And she will need some care... I gave her a warning bit, as an alpha to a member of his pack. If I take a look, I'll go too far but it can't get infected, Nat. Just... hurry."

"I will try and be there as soon as possible" she said and hung up the phone. Nicanu could hear Megan's heart beating frantically from the bathroom. He felt her confusion, her list, her fear, they were all mixing together. The door suddenly opened "there was no going back for me the first time I willingly kissed you...." She said standing in the open doorway of the bathroom. Her chest rising and falling quickly. He could see her hard nipples pushing against her shirt, his mark was displayed on her neck with great detail. She didn't move like she was waiting to see what he would do "there...was no going back"

"I know," he said, moving slowly to give her time to put the door between them.

When she didn't, he kissed her. Hard. At the same time, her picked her up and put her on the bed. He was growling and he wasn't even inside of her yet. Remove your clothes, Megan, he ordered, shrugging out of his own shirt.

She arched her back and took off her shirt, she was wearing no bra, her skin seemed softer and warmer then before, her smell was a mix of his and hers. She looked up at him through her long eyelashes, her bright blue eyes meeting his "touch me Nicanu....please" she said in a low soft tone

He kissed down her neck, to her breasts where he suckled to bring them to hard peaks, then down more to lap at her belly button, before finally lifting her legs to his shoulders to feast on the nectar she was offering him. She arched and gasp, one hand going to his head and the other gripped the sheets. She was sweet, really sweet. He could take her smell, it was undescribable, the closes he could get is lilies and sage. She didn't fight him this time like she had in the bathroom a few nights ago. His tongue stabbed deep, his hands were gentle as they held her hips still. I want to hear you, Megan. Every whimper, every moan, every need and desire you have.

Her toes curled and she covered her mouth with the back of her hand, each movement of her arm and neck, teased the bite on her. She was extremely sensitive to his touch, the intensity of earlier and the bite seem to have done something to her. She pulled his hair and made him look up at her, her eyes told him what she needed even before she gave a tug trying to pull him on top of her

He smiled, taking her breath away. He let her leg fall to the sides to open her up for him and kissed up her body as if worshipping her. He had already removed his pants and tested her readiness before slowly entering her. When she tried to move her hips to impale herself, he held her still and stopped moving.

"Not yet," he said against the swell of her breast. "We're building up to that. Be patient, bebelus."

"I don't want to be patient...I want you" she said in a moaning tone

"I want to show you the other side of domination," he said, slowly entering her again. "You've seen and felt rough. Time to try something new. Grab the headboard, bebelus, and do not let go."

She didn't want to admit to him m that the roughness kept it less personal, if he was to be gentle and more caring that it would feel more like making love, more personal and intimate. She started to feel nervous but grabbed the headboard anyway, watching him carefully. It felt like a lifetime before he was completely buried in her tight sheath. When he was, he started a slow pace. His hands moved over her, as if he were trying to commit every line, every curve to memory. Everywhere he touched felt like he left fire in his wake. He found every erogenous zone on her, even ones she hadn't known could be erotic. He began to pick up the pace, his large hands still shaping her body.

She didn't know how but she could tell he was holding something back, she just didn't know what " torture...please don't hold back anymore" she said in a upset moaning tone.

"Megan," he said, waiting until she was looking at him. "I'm not holding back. This is for me as much as it is for you. Look at me and don't look away. Watch me and see what I feel. Trust me enough for that, Megan."

"I don't understand..." She said looking away shyly "this....feels different Nicanu..." She said in a low tone as her heart beat rapidly in her chest "I can in my head" she said "I can feel your pleasure amount my own and I'm scared of drowning in it.." she said

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