A new night 2

Anastasia thought for a moment "I think if we run your predator instincts will push you too far....." She said shifting we won't be going as far as I like but I know a place she said and began running. He stayed close behind her, at one point nipping at her. That was her sign to end it soon. She took him to a lake that was about a mile from the house, she jumped into the lake, know he would follow, she shifted under water and swam to the cavern she knew was here. It was a small underwater cave. Put there was a part of it that was about the size of a master bedroom were it was not underwater. She swam to it, feeling him close behind. She had been to this cave a lot, one of her many little places she liked to get away at that she had found since moving here a few years ago. It already had a nice twin mattress that was made up with blankets and pillows. A few book and some camping gear. When she got out of the water onto the cavern floor she lite the oil lamp. She heard him get out of the water, a tense feeling filled the air as she rung out her hair with her back to him.

Antony turned her around and smashed his mouth to hers. He was growling as he pinned her to the ground with his body, not even putting her on the mattress but the cold hard stone floor, his member large and full and throbbing. She didn't fight him, knowing it would aid in his fall if she did. She had to force herself to relax and let what was about to happen, happen. He gripped her breast in his hand, a rough grip and was both painful and pleasurable. He lifted her leg with his other hand, opening her up to him. He wasn't gentle. There wasn't anything gentle about him in this moment. He shoved into her hard and to the hilt. She cried out. She wasn't wet yet. He stretched her and she felt herself tear and bleed. Yet through the pain pleasure started to emerge. He growled as he bit into her breast, suckling on her nipple even as he drank her blood. He began moving hard and deep. She tried to bare the pain but it was increasing, the pleasure broke through in chunks, like it was teasing her "hey....look at me ...Anthony please look at me"

He seemed a wild animal, but some part of the man must have resided within him because when she said his name, he looked at her. He was fighting, trying to regain control "your hurting me....that's not a good sign...say Them Anthony....say the binding words " she said in a pain filled tone.

He growled, showing he couldn't form the words aloud. She heard in her mind, I... claim you as... my lifemate. I belong... to you. I offer my life for you.... I give to you my protection, my allegiance,... my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping... the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished... and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me... for all eternity and always in my care. She noticed that as he spoke, more Antony was able to take back control and the gentler his movements became. She let out a moaned sigh of relief as the pain was slowly replaced by pleasure. She was not a submissive lover but she didn't want to press her luck right now, but she did lean up and bite into his shoulder. He closed the bite mark, groaning as she clamped around him. You should have killed me for what I did, he said. I am at fault for making you wait so long, I'm sorry she said in a tense tone. You needed time, he said, and I gave it to you, even knowing what could happen to me. I wouldn't change that choice, no matter what. she bit harder until she broke his skin, his blood exploding in her mouth and she moaned neither would I He looked down at her, Even with how painful it was? With me hurting you? Anastasia... she growled against his skin as she let go, licking the bite stop talking.....we will talking later, let's enjoy our union. He kissed her, giving into feeling her and the haven she offered. His hand moved to cup her soft breast. He was determined to make her feel nothing but pleasure for the gift she was giving to him. He didn't notice before how athletic her body was yet still softer and feminine. She was smaller then him yet he could feel the strength she had in her body. He kissed down her neck to her perfect breasts, suckling to bring her nipples to hard peaks. It was different from the animalistic feeding he had done earlier. This was about showing her what she had come to mean to him. He learned what he could about who she was as a person, and had come to respect her and his affection grew from there. As the pain eased from her breast she still knew she needed one more thing before she could enjoy this "Anthony.....lick my hand please" she said holding it in front of him

He not only licked, he seduced her with his tongue. He looked at her the entire time, at times taking her fingers into his mouth. Everything he was doing now was to add to her experience as his thrusts kept going deeper and deeper. She moaned and gasp with every trust, when her hand was good and wet she went between them and when he pulled back she grabbed his dick and made him trust a few times in her hand, coating him with his one saliva. She remove her hand in the next thrust and arched up and used her legs to keep him still for a moment, he watched her sigh in relief. He began moving when she moved her legs, building her up now that the momentum was lost, but he was quickly picking up speed. I'm sorry. I should have been stronger... she was moaning loudly now your a idiot for saying that ....you are pushing a ancient Anthony....it takes strength to last as long as you did. He suckled strongly on her breast. Others lasted longer. she cried out and arched against him your my mate, not others and your here , with me, doing....fuck right there...don't stop. He began to move faster and deeper, encouraged by her little plea. He wrapped his arms around her and sat up so that he was crouched with her bouncing on him with each thrust. Never. I'll never stop loving you this way, any way I can. she wrapped her legs tightly around him and gripped his hair and back "oh fuck....rougher....fuck...harder...." He was learning very quickly his woman like it rough and had the body to handle it

He gripped her hips in an unbreakable hold, losing himself again. He made her ride him hard, rough, deep, and fast. He pushed her back so that she had her hands on his knees and he could watch her breast bounce.

"Tighten your muscles, Anastasia," he said.

Ambrose chuckled "darling I'll let you strong my ego any time " he said with a teasing tone and a wink

"I think you enjoy my mouth on you more than you let on," Emily laughed. "Not that I mind. I enjoy tasting you." Her eyes got bright, she unbuckled, and knelt next to his seat. She unzipped his pants and pulled him out, taking him deep into her mouth as he was becoming full. Yes, this is my favorite flavor. he groaned "woman , even I do not have such faith in my driving if you keep doing that" he said in a husky tone.

I know you can, she said, moving her head, but if you are that scared, pull over. I'm not stopping now that I've started.

he growled and gripped her hair "if your hungry for my cock as your man I can only feed you" he said shoving harder inside her mouth

She chuckled, sending vibrations through him, sucking harder. I'm always hungry for you. You know, I wanted to do this the night of our first date, but I was too shy.

he groaned "you don't seem shy now little love ....mhmm your tongue Emily....use it" he said in a moaning tone

She smiled, adding her tongue to the equation. He gripped harder and thrust involuntarily. You aren't keeping me away anymore. But, if you like this, wait until we get to the cabin. I'll lick and suck on other parts.

he growled "you won't have the energy after I'm done with you....touch yourself now" he demanded as she was suddenly naked

This is why I'll be feasting first, she moaned as her fingers began massaging her clit. So I can show you what I can do. he growled "wait until your converted then I'll show you what I can do" he said as he began to throb in her mouth

You've only been giving me previews? she asked with a chuckle that vibrated throughout his body. That's not nice. I thought that was genuine skill. But now I'm curious.

"You'll find out soon little love.......cum Emily and swallow me as you do" he said through cletched teeth

She moved her head faster, and matched her hand to it. His hand held her in place so that she was gulping down his seed, her limits slightly pushed so that she was almost gagging on his girth and the strong jets he shot into her throat. She licked up every drop. He moaned loudly as he pulled in her mouth. When she had swallowed every drop he gently pulled her head back "is my wife happily fed?" He asked

She licked her lips and said, "For now. I just wish I could do more for my husband, but he just had to drive us to the cabin..." She chuckled. "I was asleep and you missed your chance to wake me up by feasting."

He chuckled and clothes and cleaned them both "you are still human and need rest" he said.

She got back in her seat, buckling up as she said, "I'm not as fragile as you think, Ambrose. I know I'm limited due to my fears and limitations, but when it comes to making love, I may surprise you." She took his hand and smiled. "I'm quite brave in that area. Very adventurous."

"You are fragile Emily" he said in a serious tone "compared to me you are and I will put your health and happiness first above all, that means drawing a line where you will not" he said

"I'll always be fragile compared to you," she said, gripping his hand tightly. "I can't fight, I can barely stand up for myself, I get anxious and panic easily, I'm afraid of most things, and I constantly need people to tell me when I'm doing well." She looked at him. "But that doesn't mean I don't have strength or that I'd break easily. Especially when making love. I like that you care about my health and happiness, Ambrose, but please, don't think those weaknesses mean I'm fragile in everything."

"What you don't understand Emily is I gold back a lot, because physically and mentally you would not be able to handle me fully, nor would any human lifemate" he said "it has nothing to do with your personality or who you are" he said

"Ambrose," she said, "I don't want you to hold back. It means you can't experience the same level of pleasure I do, and that's not fair." She sighed. "I wish it was different for you."

"Hey...look at me" when she did he glaced quickly at her while still keeping his eyes on the road "you are in my mind when we make love , you feel my pleasure Emily, I enjoy every minute with you, do not think otherwise" he said "I like to think of it as fore play and me learning about your lovely body"

She teared up at his words... until the end when she blushed. She said, "I think I lose all train of thought. I don't know if I'm learning much, other than I like having you inside me. Have you noticed something I've learned about pleasing you?"

"Yes, your louder and more confident" he said with a smirk "bit you still know when to let me take control, like a good girl"

She laughed and said, "I prefer to let you have the control. In fact, the only time I'm in control is when I'm giving you a blowjob. And I like it that way." She sat back. "I control my emotions, what I say, everything about me all the time so that I don't freak people out. I often say or do things that make people go away if I don't filter everything." She looked out the window. "I can let go when we make love. The only thing I have to do is be true to myself. No social niceties, no expectations, no judgment."

"You'll learn how different we are from humans and when you do, you'll see you won't ever have to feel that way again" he said

"I would love to view people like a Carpathian," she said. "It's difficult to visualize someone being able to see past the walls I erected to keep myself safe and seeing me. It's scary. It was difficult before you claimed me to know you did and walked away. It hurt." She smiled at him. "I learned the reason for it, but it's not the same with others. You want me to let the woman in me, my true self free." She looked away again. "Others will have different expectations I might not be able to live up to."

He shifted in his seat "like what Emily?" He asked

"To be like the other women," she said. "I don't know if I can stay at home if I keep doing stuff like last time, but I can't handle the fighting mentally or physically. So, where should I be? Out there with you, or home? Is there an in-between place where I can be of better use so I'm not putting you in danger but you know I'm safe? And what do I bring to your people? I write stories. My career is telling people fantastical, dark tales to escape the world, but I don't meet the people who read those stories and they are all made up. My job was cleaning a school. Obsolete when people can clean houses with the wave of a hand. I don't have any real contribution to give to them beyond saving you and bringing children into this world. I don't even know what my ability is because I still can't fully tap into it. So I can't even count that as something of value until I know more." She closed her eyes. "Basically, anything people would want when someone is part of a normal community of people, I can't fit that mold. I don't fit with people."
She shook violently in his arms "I.... didn't know how" she sobbed "I don't understand....I was in the tub with you and then....back in...in the floor" she said through sobs "am....I going crazy?" She asked

"No, bebelus," he said. "You are dealing with trauma. It can feel like you're going crazy, but that's not the case. When you feel panic from anything, call to me in your mind and I will come to you." She shook her head "I want to go in the bathe, please...." She said not wanting to talk anymore. Baths always calmed her when she was human, whenever she was sick or stressed she would take one

He lifted her and put her in the hot springs, saying, "Okay. If that's what you need. I do not mind washing you until the tension and fear are gone." Sje move away from him quickly "no!" She said in almost a scared tone but when he went in her mind to see why she was shielding it "I mean....don't I just want a minute alone, don't you need to eat or something?" She asked

"Bebelus," he said, gently pulling her to him, "I want to take you to see someone. The faster we find a way to aid you, the faster you can heal. And all I want to do is wash your body. I do not need to touch your mind to do that."

She put her hands on his chest like she was going to push him away, she looked down "it's not my mind I'm scared for you to touch...." She said in a whispered tone

"What's wrong with your body?" he asked. "Is it that you think I won't like something I see or that I make your body come alive just by looking? Because you do the latter without trying, bebelus, and I enjoy the sensations."

She was not use to such compliments but at the moment it didn't make her feel better "last night......scared me" she said still not looking at him

"That's understandable bebelus" he said, "especially after not only what you have been through but because you're so new to this world." He nuzzled her neck and she leaned into it like it was helping her relax. "That's a very primal part of me, but you accepted well." He nuzzled her otherside. "and I know you also found pleasure in it." He licked her skin and she shuddered.

"it was... intense and overwhelming" she said in a breathless tone, leaning into him

"I felt the same," he said. "Yet, I want to experience it again and again."

She tensed in his arms "not yet....please I can't do that again right now, it felt too...much" she said shivering, her hands sliding up his arms slowly

"All I want to do is help you relax," he said. "If you are not ready, and it was obvious when I saw you that you aren't, I will not push it. But you must calm down. We need to go meet one of the best healers the Carpathians have."

"I thought we were going back...." She moaned slightly when his had ran up her back

"We are after seeing the healer," he said. "I would take you back to the village now, but I do not know how best to aid you with your abilities and memories. The prince suggested that we meet with his second. So, after you bathe and have relaxed we will meet Erik and then return to the pack."

"I'm sorry I'm such a problem," she said in a sad tone, she cried out when he growled and nipped her neck like a warning, gripping her hips, sending heat through her.

"Don't ever say that again. You are everything. You don't understand what it is like to lose everything we are and our world to be colorless," he said in a stern and serious tone. His hand came up and gripped her hair to make her look at him. "An endless void filled with hopelessness, duty, and honor. No joy, no sorry, no fear, no worry." His hand skimmed over her arm, sending goosebumps over her entire body. "No you. I didn't have you to light my world. I would choose you no matter the situation. I could be human and you the Guardian, and I would pick you. Every time."

She looked at him "so it's not love then...."she saw his mood change in his eyes and she stiffen "what I mean is at first it's not love ..and that ok, it actually makes me feel better and kind of understand...why your so protective, and clingy and intense " she said in a soft tone

"Bebelus, just because our souls call out to each other changes nothing," he said. "We still have to build a relationship, learn about each other, come to trust each other. It's just like every other relationship in that regard. I'm building a relationship with you."

"And skipping so many steps ..." She said in a low tone "but then again....I could have said no" she said letting her head fall back as he licked up her throat, he saw her fangs were out, but felt no hunger from her

"What's wrong, my luna?" he asked.

She raised her head and looked at him, her eyes bright blue and glazed "....it feels good" she said in a soft breathless tone

"This is about relaxing you," he said, not bothering to hide his own desire when she moved closer. "Not about tightening your muscles more."

She started to rub up against him "could we....try it slow?" She asked nuzzling his neck, sex can be slow and gentle "

He lifted her and slowly skewered her. "Yes, it can be. But we don't have sex, Megan. What we do is much deeper."

She let out a soft moan, she was still so tight and she still had to adjust to his size, her core pulsed around him as it adjusted. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kept her face hidden in his neck as she slowly began to move her hips on her own, sliding him in and out at a sensual pace "I've never...gotten to feel you...like this" she said in a breathless tone

"Listen to what I'm saying to you," he said as he gripped the rock to let her have her moment. "I won't use words, but find out what I'm saying. What only you can understand."

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