So begins something new 2

She put her hair in a bun "they don't just do it for you, from what I have been told by....your kind" she said choosing her words carefully" they do it for their families and to make the world safer for the lifemate they might have, ,they do it for many reasons"

"That's their reason," he acknowledged. "I just don't feel my choices are quite so noble."

She lit the latter near by "why do you feel that way?" She asked

"I'm not the one fighting my own battles," he said. "I'm sending good, honorable men and women to do it. I'm not out there fighting beside them. I'm standing behind them."

She shook her head sitting down "they never spoke like that, I don't think your people feel that way.....what's wrong?" She asked when his mood changed suddenly

"A lifemate was taken," he said pulling her protectively to him. "They are rarely apart. This makes no sense." He looked in her eyes. "Stay here. You have to stay safe. If they are targeting lifemates..."
He growled and with one more thrust she came hard, it knocked the breath out of her. She heard him growl loudly and his cum shot all over her back. She felt a breeze and saw him on the other side of the kitchen. The roped disappeared and she was suddenly cleaned up and dressed "I'm sorry little love, I need a moment, before you think it, you did nothing wrong, if anything it's because you were doing everything right, " he said "why don't you go out to the garden and I'll bring you some tea" he said in a tense tone

"Okay," said, standing on shaky legs. She stopped at the door. "Ambrose, you didn't hurt me. Not once." She looked back at him. "Even when you are like that, you're still gentle with me, knowing I can't handle pain. I'll see you outside, but know I love you and trust you completely."

He watched her sit on the porch swing, wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. He began making the tea, he loved watching her if you get to cold let me know. He felt her hug him in her mind. I-- and then nothing. He looked up and saw she was gone, he waited thinking she was coming in, after a few minutes a panic set into him, he knew something was wrong "Emily?" He called for her rushing outside. He couldn't see her, couldn't feel her "Emily!" He yelled and he almost leavened the ground. His only saving grace was that he didn't feel the speration so he knew she was alive but it did little to ease his suffering of her disappearance, he immediately called for his brothers and any near by hunters

Baru, Cassius, Erik, Drayden, and Nicanu appeared. They stood waiting to hear what happened and why he called them, even though they could see why, feel it even. His brothers had to help him calm down enough to think through the separation he was now feeling "I can't ...I can't!" He yelled in a booming voice and a storm started to rage the area "we are losing time, we need to find her, now!"

"We will, uncle," said Erik. "She needs you thinking, trying to find her. Calm down and tell us what we need to know to begin looking."

"I found no trace of her having left the safe guards," Nicanu said. "So how was she taken if no one, not even a human woman, crossed them?"

She started shaking in his arms " I don't like this.....Nicanu I don't want to be here" she said in a shaking tone as she started to breath unevenly. She suddenly felt trapped and confused, angry and scared and a heartbreaking need, a need that overwhelmed everything and only heightened the emotions she felt, she felt like she was drowning in her own emotions, a stranger to herself "stop.... stop!" She said pushing out of his arms just as he landed. A red headed woman suddenly threw open the front door to the house, Erik looked upset upon seeing her "you! Is that you doing that? I thought I was..." She began to walk towards her but Erik held her back just as Nicanu grabbed ahold of Megan "don't touch me!" They both yelled in sync "let go!" They said again at the same time.

"For God sake, put a ward on you woman's mind before they both get hurt!" Nicanu said, fighting to hold onto Megan. Erik went to do do but his lifemate slapped him hard across the face "don't you dare!" Once again they said it at the same time but Megan added a growl at the end of hers "she is like me I can help her" Erik's lifemate said "she is to unstable and we know nothing about her, you are not to go near her "you don't know what it's like to be like us and you can't tell me who I can not see Erik" she said back in a angry tone and Megan growled in Nicanu's arms "stop it! Stop it"" Megan yelled out as she fought for control, Nicanu hold on her mind helping her slowly come back. Erik and his lifemate look at her "it's too many" she said "it's too many emotions, cold....angry.... Sad....happy...they are not mine!" She yelled and Nicanu felt her instincts kick in, Erik and his lifemate was now a threat to her, everything in her told her to stop the pain and they were the ones causing it.

"Don't move!" Nicanu ordered. "Don't speak!" He slowly moved in front of Megan, blocking her view of Erik and Meghan. "It okay. Breathe. Focus on me. Follow the pattern of my heart, my lungs, everything I am. It's okay. I wouldn't bring you here if they would hurt you or our children. You trust me, remember?" Slowly her eyes started to focus on his, her breathing got calmer "I...." She began but stopped and suddenly was filled with panic , her breath left her lungs as she cried out, feeling like her soul had been ripped from her

Nicanu cursed and forced himself into her head, something he did not want to have to do and a lifemate should not so but he needed to put Megan to sleep immediately. He caught her just as the call went out. He picked her up and with Erik's instructions put her in the guest room.

"I've warded my study," Erik said, pulling Meghan inside. "I'll add to the wards around the house. This just turned into a shit show." He looked at Meghan, understanding the panic in his uncle's voice. "Stay inside, and away from Nicanu's woman. Please, listen to me just this once." She frowned "at least tell me what's going on Erik" she said in a upset tone "I'll tell you when I get back, stay here" he said and shut the door with her in it. Him and Nicanu left immediately after warded the house.

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