Fruitful Search 3

"All I thought about was getting to you," he said. "I had to be held back when you started bleeding. I asked Ambrose if he would allow them to do that, hold him back if his woman was injured. I asked that of a hunter going through the separation, Anastasia. That was not right or fair to him."

"Right now I'm sure that's not on his mind and if we succeed tomorrow then you will have time to make amends" she said in a tired tone and shook as pain heighten slightly

"We have to," said Antony. "I could not shake the guilt if we do not get her in time, or if Megan fell carrying his separation, or..." She covered his mouth again "you said we all need to be at our best and that includes you...ease your stress and relax " she said

"I shouldn't have said it at all, Anastasia," he said. "I could see you and I wasn't going through the separation. I had no excuse."

"Please Anthony, for me, relax with me" she said in a tired tone "everything will work out and if it doesn't then we all will grow from this"

"I'll try," he said. "Having you safe in my arms puts everything I did before in a different light."

"In what way?" She asked

"I never thought I'd do that," he said. "I told Cassius to let me get to you, told them to do something without thinking, and have them listen so fast. No questions. They just did it. But I didn't like how I did it."

"What? How you spoke to them? Or how you ordered it?" She asked

"I demanded that they let me get to you," he said. "You were practically crawling towards me, to the edge of the cliff. You were so hurt. I had to get to you, to wrap you up so they couldn't see you." His arms tightened around her. "But they tried to make me stay away from you."

"That's because Ambrose rushed to get in, you were so focused on me you didn't see that him and Cassius went one on one for a moment just to get Ambrose away from there" she said

He looked at her for a moment and said, "Let's get to you to ground. You need to heal a great deal."

She shook her head weakly "I want to wait until it's safe for everyone"

"Anastasia, we may need you to aid us in the battle tomorrow," he pointed out. "Going to ground makes sense."

"And I will when the sun rises" she said

"You need rest now," he said, laying her on the bed in his basement room. "Not in two hours. Now. We don't have the time to search for the stolen woman, and everyone is going to ground now. Rest."

She looked at him through tired hooded eyes "but..." She trailed oof as her body forced her to sleep

"I'm not going anywhere," he said. "I will be with you, by your side and within eyesight, until you feel comfortable again. Until we both do. But, bebelus, you need to see me. Don't let go, but look at me."

She didn't budge and he felt her bones start to shift under his hands mine she said in a agressive and possessive tone

"Yes, I'm yours," he said. "No one will take me from you. Breath. Follow the rhythm I set. I'm here."

Her sharpening nails dug in his back but it never hurt him I can't lose you again, I won't , I won't let that happen ever again she said in a stressed tone that sounded way more agressive then she normally was

"I agree with you," he said. "I don't want you to suffer like that ever again. No more. I can't take it anymore." Her shifted started to slow but her aggression didn't slow

"What has you upset?" he asked. "Tell me, how can I show you I'm with you and that I'm not going anywhere?"

" don't know what it's like...he took you from me...he took you from me and I can't get to you....I'm so weak that I need help to save you, I have already failed you" she said in a distant and agressive tone

"Who took me?" Nicanu asked, becoming worried that she was still in Ambrose's memories despite letting go of his mind "he took you...the man in the.." she stopped talking when something fell in the other room and got her attention, she changed within seconds with a hostile growl

"Megan, focus on me," he said. "Talk to me. What man? Who took me?"

Her wolf was larger then normal, the wolf's hair was standing up making her look even bigger. She stood in a ready stance right in front of him, her attention was at the door. He heard her take a deep breath in

"Megan," he said, "there is no threat nearby. Look at me. We are safe." She didn't look back at him, instead she started to growl deeply someone is touching's not safe here

"Who is touching you?" he asked. "We are safe. Erik is protecting the children while you fight to keep Ambrose from falling. We are not in danger."

She took a step towards the door instead of answering him

He put a hand in her fur. He moved into her line of sight. "There is no danger," he reiterated. Her wolf growled deep and low yes there is, I'll rip it to shreds before I let it take you from me again

"Megan, look at me," he said, his voice coming out as an order as he recognized what was happening. He waited for her eyes to meet his. "Back off. You will not attack."

The wolf bared it's teeth move she said matching his tone "Not happening," he said, his eyes going golden. She nipped at hip taking a step forward

He let his wolf surge forward and tower over her. I said stand down, Megan. As your alpha, that's an order. she beared her teeth and took a step forward challenging her eyes yet also fear

His heckles raised and a growl emanated from him. Do not challenge me, Megan. You cannot win. He stepped towards her. Stand down.

Die! she roared in his mind and lunged for him

He lunged at her at the same time, knowing where the weakness of a wolf was better than Megan did. It only took him half a minute to have her pinned on her back, his mouth on her neck. When she tried to fight back, he bit down harder, her blood coloring his tongue. Submit, he ordered. She yiped and her legs curled in submission. He felt the change instantly as her fear slammed into to him

He held her for a short moment longer, knowing some lycans fake submitting to lull their opponent into letting go. When he saw she wasn't going to fight back, he let go but didn't move away. He began licking the wounds he put on her. It's okay, Megan. I knew you would come back to me. Relax, bebelus. It's safe now. We're both safe. she started shaking violently, looking around, her breathing uneven

Look at me, he said, nuzzling her and rubbing along her body. Match my breath, my heart. It's okay. I'm here, real and solid. Follow the pattern in my mind and allow your wolf to rest. There is no danger, no has taken me from you, and all is well. We can watch the sunrise. We can bathe in the jacuzzi bathtub. Whatever you need to feel like yourself. But you must let the wolf retreat and rest.

She didn't comprehend his words though she heard him. Tears started to run down her face as she shifted back to her human form. Her emotions where chaotic and overwhelming. Slowly she started to cry, building up as her emotions started to pour out

He shifted with her, staying at her pace until he had her in his arms, rocking her as he said, "That's it. Let it all out. I'm here. It's okay."

Her nails dug into his back as she gripped it hard. The need to touch him and be close to him overriding almost everything else she was feeling. Evidence of his desire grew against her buttocks, but he never asked anything of her. He held her naked body to his own, just seeking to comfort her. But God, her hands digging into his skin, touching everywhere she could reach, was driving him to the edge of his control. She didn't shy away from the feeling of his desire. She didn't care, all she cared about was getting as close as possible to him. A part of her felt she needed him in that way, to bond and become closer. But she couldn't think straight at the moment. She wiggled slightly under him as she adjusted herself, hiding her face from him

"You don't need to hide from me, Megan," he said, his tone husky with need he tried to repress. "You don't have to be..." But he trailed off as she rubbed against him, his cock jumping as her hot core moved ever closer. "Bebelus, you keep moving like that and I won't have the strength to keep from making love to you."

"Closer...I need you closer" she said against his skin in a begging tone. The next thing Nicanu knew, he was kissing her neck and down to her breasts, his fingers moving in and out of her. He felt her tighten around them, a growl escaping from his throat. "So tight... so hot..." The suddeness of his action sent her body in a spiral with her mind. For only a moment she was afraid when he growled and she had not realized she had been wet let alone turned on. It was overwhelming she covered her face in shame as she suddenly felt not attracted and exposed,

He looked up at her removed her hands from her face, saying, "Bebelus, this is me and you. Someone as brave as you does not deserve to feel shame. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, always will be. Never doubt that. Not with me."

She had look way from the intense emotion in his eyes, she was afraid she would fall for them, for him, yet some part of her felt she was lying to herself and she knew she already had. But she was still fighting it "I'm sensitive" she said in a shy tone

He tilted her head up to look at him and said, "Needing to know I am real and with you is not a bad thing, bebelus. I need to know you feel me just as much. How we accomplish that makes no difference to me. I want you, I won't lie, but I will not make you feel uncomfortable just because of it. My first priority is your care. My desires can be fulfilled later."

"I want to go home" she said in a shaking tone, the image that popped in her head was not thinking about her human home but of his room at the school. SHe felt safe there surrounded by his smell and his taste and style. It was a dark interior but in felt old and manly.

He kissed her temple, dressed them both, and took her out of the window. "I will happily take you home. Relax and rest." It wasn't long before they got to his home and he laid her on the bed and tucked some hair behind her ear. "Here we are, bebelus. Home."

She had fallen asleep on the way here, she was drifting in and out of consciousness, her body demanding sleep "dont leave... "

He safeguarded the house before curling his body protectively around Megan. His hand went to her stomach, wanting to feel the life, their pups, growing under his touch. He fell asleep like that, protecting his growing family.

"And you think I haven't been?" he asked. "I've been watching you this whole time, knowing that the only words I can give you make you move away. I don't know what more to do. I've tried to explain the best I can. I don't know what more to do."

She looked so disappointed before she looked away from him. She sighed "Erik I .." she stopped talking and looked up towards the door . Fear was in her eyes "Erik what is that? I don't feel safe I want to run all of a sudden " she said in a scared tone backing away from the door.

"Get behind me," said Erik, turning to the other room. "We need to leave. It's not safe. The other woman is a guardian, and right now, she is making a claim. Walk slowly to the door. I'll follow. I won't let anything happen to you."

She didn't argue with him and did as she was told. Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. He reached back, taking her hand. Be calm. She has not noticed us. We can get to a safe place. Perhaps the prince's house or a nearby cave. I wish we had time to talk about what's between us. Relax. I will keep you safe.

She squeezed his hand how can I relax....I want to run Erik , everything in me is telling me to run

I know, mon amour, he looked back at her, a softness to his eyes. But you know what happens when you run from a predator. Stay calm. The woman is hurting, scared, and young. She is also more dangerous than I am, and that's saying a lot. She is a wounded wolf, Meghan.

if she is that dangerous shouldn't she be locked up or something she said in a scared tone

Would you lock up a soldier for defending his country? Erik asked. She is fighting to find her friend, to keep her friend's lifemate stable, and protect thousands of people. She is a soldier. When Emily is rescued, she will be a hero. Just like you would be if you were in her place. He looked away. Just like you will be for being my lifemate and other half.

yes even a shoulder should be locked up if it means keeping the shoulder and everyone else safe she said and before he could answer she made a yiping sound when she knocked over the coat rack that was by the back door

Be still, Erik said, stopping all motion. Keep your breathing shallow. Don't make a sound. And not this soldier. She has to be free, or she wouldn't be able to fight a monster you have never seen. Without her, Ambrose and Emily have no future. She will lose her children residing within her. Her lifemate will kill us all because the only anchor he has in this world would be gone. Now, I'll tell you when we can move. I've called my mother to us. Even injured, she is formidable. She can aid us where no one else can, save another guardian.

Erik please I'm scared she said shaking silently please something is wrong, this in not right that not how she felt before

It's okay, he said, you will be safe. I will keep her busy if she attacks. She is suffering great trauma on behalf of others, so we need to be cautious, but give her respect for the burden she is taking on. Defense only. But I will not put you at risk.

Erik I feel sick Meghan. Said in a scared uneven tone

He turned to her, knowing that if the woman in the other room attacked, he was vulnerable. Still, he had to do it. He cupped Meghan's cheek, comforting her the best way he knew how. It's alright. We will get outside, and get you someplace safe. I will make sure of it. Let your heart follow the steady rhythm of mine. Match my calm breaths. Nothing will harm you and live, ma petite.

Slowly she started to calm herself. She kept her eyes on him and tried to match his breathing. You are so amazing, he said. Many human women became scared when their heart and lungs synced with their lifemates. You just accept it easily. Do you know how humbling you are?

I can't explain's like I can feel you, your strength, you body, I can't tell is apart

It's alright. It's our souls connecting. Erik put his forehead to hers. Listen to me, ma petite amour. If you trust nothing else about me, trust my resolve. Once I say I'm going to do something, I charge hell with a bucket of water to get it done. Nothing stops me. You will be safe. His thumb moved over her cheek as if he had to touch her, sending heat through her. Safe and cherished. I don't have words to make things better and I'll make many mistakes, but I never stop. For me, being with you is all time, this life and the next. There will never be another. This is why I protect you so feircly. I cannot lose the only good part of me, Meghan. I cannot lose you.

where you not good before me?you talk like you where a monster before me

Monster, healer, second to the prince, whatever people call me, I was never a man. I was nothing before you found me.

She was calmer but he could still feel her fear, she was scared, her instincts told her to run I want to leave Erik...please she said in a nicer tone then she had used in weeks

He gave her a small yet tender kiss, something he didn't know he had. He used his abilities to pick up the coat rack. He turned back to the door where the guardians were housed. Move slow. It's only ten more steps to the door. Once it's shut, we're gone. It won't be much longer. she followed his movement , helping her haze to his and letting him keep her calm

The door behind her opened soundlessly. They stepped out and he slammed the door shut, instantly taking her in his arms and into the air, away from the house. They heard growls shaking the house.

"We should be fine now," he said. "Nicanu is keeping his woman busy. I'll take you to the prince's house."

"Erik...I'm afraid of heights" she said in a shaking tone

His hand went to her head and hid her face in his neck. "Don't look. We will work through it another time. What's most important is getting you safe." Before she knew it, her feet were back on the ground. "There. You can look around you now. We're no longer in the air."

She didn't move, she kept her face buried in his neck, taking in his smell and warmth, lost in a haze and emotions she didn't understand

Erik put his arm under her knees and carried her into the prince's home. He sent a warning ahead, but Antony didn't really care, so long as Erik didn't go for the main sleeping chamber. Erik took Meghan to the guest room and sat with her on the bed, just holding her.

He felt how the events of the day had taken it's toll on her, she was still upset with him but she gave in to the comfort his touch provided. He could feel her drifting off to sleep

"Rest, ma petite," he whispered, using his mind to shut the shutters so no light could penetrate. "I will be here when you wake."

"How can I rest with you so close..." She said in a low and tired tone like she was barely awake

"Safely," he said. "In comfort. Know I will never let anything happen to you. You are the safest person in the world right now. Few can say they are the lifemate to the Dark One and know they are safe. Only you." The last of his words fell on deaf ears as she fell into a deep sleep

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