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Summary: I'm a warrior. Nothing more.

Aniko Daratrazanoff

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Carpathians




Aroma Manipulation



Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests



She was jealous of Anya because Andor looked up to her as a warrior. Fearing her brother was leaving her behind for not being strong like Anya, she went against her nature as a healer, even denying that ability in her, to learn the art of battling vampires. Still, the scent she gives off tells Andor the truth and he tries to push her along the correct path, but it only angers her more. It is this anger and jealousy that makes her vulnerable to the enemy, but she refuses to take the blame... until she sees her lifemate. She still tries to fight the call of a healer, but the truth stares her in the face and it hurts to see.



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