A Healing touch 2

He looked at Anya and a smile softened his face before he said, "Sorry, kont o sívanak. I will not put myself down again." He looked at Razvan, his face once more controlled. "I upset her. I wasn't comparing her to Jacques. I was comparing myself to Shea."

"You are not Shea" he stated simply "do not compare yourself to others, learn from them yes but do not compare" he said "she is not gone dracul, that is clear by what just happened but she is lost and so are you, to find your way to each other will take time, but you will have a better chance when you get to know yourself and grow"

"It seems she will keep me on the straight and narrow," said Dracul, smoothing her hair some more. "I'll start training. Maybe that will start building my confidence up."

"Alexandru will be back tomorrow, you should talk with him. After all if it wasn't for him she would not be here" when he looked confused he went on to tell him about how she was dying and her body was broken but Alex bonded with her and saved her

Dracul wanted to rage. He had been far behind of the group. He had been slower than the others. He hadn't heard or seen anything. He was exhausted by the time he had made it to the Healing Caves. He hadn't rested there, but just outside the caves.

"I should have been there," he said. "I am out of shape. I need to train more than I thought."

"You were just rescued yourself and needed to heal, so not you should have not been there, I'm telling you this so you understand how close you came to never knowing her at all, you both are extremely lucky, so do not rush or lose confidence, take your time and be grateful you have it" he said standing up "also, talk to her as much as possible"

"I try to," he said. "I do it aloud. Her mind is not the best place to speak. And I am grateful. I just wish we had met differently."

"Your not alone in that want but maybe you met at just the right time, it may be hard to see that now but I'm sure if you give a thought and after everything is better you might see differently" he said walking to the door "I will see you tomorrow"

"Wait," said Dracul. "You should know why I felt uneasy about our meeting." He looked at Razvan in the eye. "My early years caused me to have an ascewed perception of you. I know it was Xaviero's influence, but it has been all I've known. It is why I have avoided you or been somewhat cold."

"I understand how the mages work, that is why I gave you space and waited for you to come to me, we can take this slow, I will always be ready to answer your questions and spend time with you" he said "I will be around for a while, Mikhail has asked me to stay to help his son and the girls" he said

"I will take you up on that offer," said Dracul. "I think I will spend the rest of this rising reading. I should start sharpening my mind first."

"This is your first night with her, stay with her dracul and remember to take it slow" he said and shut the door

"I will," Dracul said. "Thank you... Father."

He knew he heard him. He went back to Anya and sat down next to her, he noticed she was crying yet her face held no emotion and she made no sound

"I wish I knew why you had tears in your eyes, kont o sívanak," said Dracul. "Is it sadness? Joy?"

He dared to touch her mind and what he found broke his heart because he knew that emotion to well, she felt trapped, in her own mind and broken body, just like him she couldn't see no one, couldn't reach out to no one, she couldn't speak or communicate

"I understand, kont o sívanak," said Dracul, taking her hand. "Part of it is a helpless feeling. But know this: I am not leaving you. Even when I am silent, I will be here. You are not alone."

He stayed in her mind and noticed the memories were going back and fourth, before the cave to in the cave. He saw flashes of her before and some when she was a kid, to Xavier raping her. She was tired she wanted to rest but couldn't. She was so overwhelmed it made her stay in the catatonic state

He laid down next to her. He didn't say anything. He just held her so that she could feel his heart under her hand and his body against hers.

He saw the sound of his heart beat and the warmth his body gave her slowed her memories. She closed her eyes. His smell brought forth their binding from earlier, her broken mind focused on the pleasure he gave her, though it was over quickly. His smell and touch and voice kept going around in her head

He wrapped his arms around her, one holding her around the waist while the other hand smoothed her hair. When she calmed more, he put her to sleep. He held her like that, losing track of time. Holding someone after so long was already nice but holding his lifemate was a miracle. It wasn't til savannah came in that he realized it had been hours "you may sleep with her in her resting place, we all sleep as a family in the basement. Come join us" she said in a soft tone

"Thank you," he said, rubbing his eyes. "Seems I fell into a human sleep. I never thought I'd be comfortable laying on a bed after that stone slab, but she made it comfortable. How do I get to the sleeping chamber?"

She chuckled "gregori will give you something so you are able to access it" she said "but first you will drink that bottle I brought you ours ago, no son of mine will starve in my house"

"I hadn't even realized that I was needed to feed," he said. "Thank you. I should have hunted before going to her. But I can't say I'm sorry I didn't."

She just chuckled and rolled her eyes "drink up and then meet us in the basement"

"Blood in a bottle," said Dracul when he finished. "When did this happen?"

She smiled "you have much to learn, come me now you have had a long day, it will do you some good to rest " she said as he picked Anya up "she likes to be on her side by the way, but I'm sure as long as you hold her it won't matter"

"Can't say I'd feel comfortable laying on my back for too long after so many centuries trapped on that stone slab," said Dracul as they walked. "I've found it hard to come back from thinking I'm still trapped, even with the earth holding me." He whispered to Anya, even though he knew she wouldn't understand, "I will change the sides you sleep on so that you are always comfortable."

"Well then I guess it's a good thing she likes to sleep on her side, I know is always nice waking up holding one another, I'm sure it will let her feel safe just as much as it will you, it helps the males if the first thing they feel and smell is us" she said

"To be honest, just to feel anything is nice," he said, "but holding my lifemate, knowing she is real, is a gift beyond words. I've had little to be thankful for."

"Anya would have....she will give you hell so you better be quick on your feet hunter" she said struggling. He could tell she was trying not to lose hope but a part of her feared Anya was gone forever

"Do not lose hope," said Dracul. "She has had several moments where her mind was strong enough to speak to me. That alone tells me of her will to live. It's more of a matter of making them happen more often and for longer times until she is able to do as she did before. It will take time, but she is alive and there is always hope where there is life. I should know better than anyone."

"She used magic and it broke her mind even more...there is a difference" she said in a low sad tone

"I was encased in dark magic," he pointed out. "She may have used the same spell, but did so using elements of light. That is how she duped a dark mage. They know the touch of evil, but do not always recognize those of light. Please, do not diminish her accomplishment with fear and grief. She will wake up because she added my will into the components. I will not allow her to die."

"If you have children you will one day understand, but until then I will do my grieving hunter" she said right as they arrived in the basement "Gregori is tired and has already went to the earth so he will have to help you tomorrow with permeant access but for now for tonight you are safe to rest here. " She said opening the earth and joining gregori "Anya is over there to the left, she liked sleeping next to the candles" she said

"I saw a flash of Anya's memories," he said. "They liked to sleep next to each other as well. I think we will sleep near Anastasia. It should comfort them both."

"They already sleep next to each other" she said pointing out ana slept next to Anya.

"Then, I shall go to ground and rest," he said. "I will try to keep her asleep. She is so strong though, and... I will place safeguards around her and I so that you are not disturbed. Good day, Savannah."

He opened the earth and laid them down, Anya close to her sister. He watched the earth close over both of them, looking up from his side. He had hope now, and he would not let it go.

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