Eventful rising 2

"I normally work with men and women who want to escape those that abused them," said MaryAnn. "I know you didn't have the best childhood, but you grew past it. This is different. Why don't you start with describing what you went through?"

Dracul sat down and said, "For starters, I was knocked out and delivered to the cave centuries ago. Time blurred so that I can't tell you the many years, only knowing that time changed around me while I lay unmoving. Xaviero placed the spell on me. I could not move, could not open my eyes, could not open my eyes, and could not talk to others. I could hear what was said on the common pathway, but it was like I was being ignored. At some point, I noticed that my bones started to stiffen, almost as if I were becoming part of the stone I was laying on. Xaviero would never come to me again. Recently, I felt his death, though I do not know how long ago it really was. I knew that my body had lost most of its strength and speed due to a lack of moving. My mind, once sharp, had dulled from not being able to talk to anyone. Still, I could hear and grew bitter. No one tried to hear me. No one tried to look for me. No one cared. For a long time, that thought burned in my mind, keeping the loneliness at bay. But even the anger dimmed and every voice I heard near me made the darkness grow. I cannot say I accepted my fate, because I didn't. I fought daily to rise, to be heard, to simply move a finger. Nothing. Worse than nothing. I heard life move on without me and knew that one of the voices passing me might be my lifemate or one who would carry her, and it made it all the worse."

"And now what do you feel?" She asked

"I still feel as if others are avoiding my mind, but all else has changed," he said.

"Focus on Anya , do you feel a difference with her and others" she asked

"I can always feel Anya, even when she sleeps," he said. "She is the only one who touches my mind at all, andijmri n a calm steals into me."

"Have you tried to connect to anyone but her" she asked

"I've had no reason to," he said.

"Yet you claim that others are blocking you, maybe it's you who are blocking them" she said

"That's absurd!" he said. "I've wanted nothing more than to be able to communicate witiudh people for centuries! Why would I block them?!" Manolito inched forward. "Forgive my outburst. But it doesn't make sense."

"Doesn't it, after all these years a part of you is afraid to feel us, to hear us, to be heard, try from me dracul, try for Anya" she said softly

"But if that were true," said Dracul, "Alex and I wouldn't have been able to touch minds. And we did a moment ago."

"Or did you open your because he had information on your lifemate" she asked

"I have nothing to be afraid of," said Dracul. "Why would I be afraid?"

"Then try" she said

"And who should I try it on?" he asked. "I doubt very much that your lifemate would let me touch your mind."

"Whoever you want dracul, this is all about you"she said

He looked around the room. For a few moments, Dracul's face seemed made of stone. He stood up with a growl, saying, "Why didn't you say anything?! I tried and you didn't talk!"

It took a minute for everyone to realize he wasn't talking to MaryAnn but Manolito, who said, "You didn't say anything."

"Dracul take a breath you are waking Anya, dear brother you are safe, your ok, try again " she said

He took a breath and tried again. When his face contorted, they knew he still wasn't getting it. He threw his hands up and started out of the room.

dracul...... Anya's voice echoed in his head I'm scared.....so cold ... lonely

Do you need me to come to you? he asked. It will get me away from this... lesson.

please....let them help...I feel so alone...where am I....

You are asleep in your father's home, he said. I'm trying. They say that I'm blocking everyone because of fear, but when I try to talk to others, they don't answer.

I'm scared she kept repeating "dracul she is feels Ng what you are, she is too broken to feel scared" said alex

"But I'm not scared," he said. "And how would you know?"

"Because when she was dying I shut everyone else out, and now I can feel her because of the bond, it's different from what you feel of course but I still can feel her" Alex said

"So, why is she feeling fear when I am not afraid?" he asked.

Alex sighed "ok let's try a different approach, you swore yourself to my father, call to him, try to talk to him" he said

He sighed but tried anyway. When nothing came of it, instead of anger, he felt disturbed. There was no answer. He sat back down, looking at the coffee table in front of him. No prince would ignore a call from one of his people.

"Dracul? Everything ok?" Maryanne asked

"I do not understand why this is happening," he said. "I do not feel afraid, yet I can't touch anyone's mind. Only Anya's or those who give me information on her." He looked at MaryAnn. "I don't understand any of this."

"Dracul you were torture, you were a prisoner to a horrible person and you were alone for centuries, you have trauma and it's ok, but in order to heal you need to accept it, we all love you brother and we are here for you, we are so sorry it took so long but you are here now and your reward for surviving and your wait is Anya, let us help you" Maryanne said softly

"Asking or even accepting help is a difficult thing for a man who felt abandoned," he said. "It's no easy thing you ask of me."

"All we ask is you open your mind up to the possibility you need help and then we can take things slow, for Anya's sake and yours" she said

"I think it's obvious that I need aid," he admitted. "But the real issue is this: why am I afraid when I wanted this more than almost anything else? Is it a side effect of the spell or a different spell all together?"

"We can look into it, for now let's try again shall we? Now that you feel you need aid maybe we can get somewhere" she said with a encouraging smile

He tried again. He was sweating, but still didn't get anywhere. At one point, he thought he had touched Manolito's thoughts, just a flicker, but it was so quick, he thought he had made it up, wanting there to be something.

Maryanne smiled softly "ok let's take a break shall we. Why don't you go into the study and read up on something's that have changed maybe if you do you might feel a little more connected to us"

He nodded and stood up, stretching. He liked stretching. He walked out and took out a book he had never heard about. It wasn't entirely new, but it was new to him. He had seen the contraption in Mikhail's driveway, but this book told him about the evolution of the automobile and he found himself fascinated. It also told of other things. Boats, subs, factories. He had heard of some of them through the common path while laying helpless, but he could get no information on them or their meaning or their use. He looked up suddenly. A flash, brief though it was, had gone off in his mind. A car driving down the road. He knew someone was coming.

Mikhail returned home, he could hear him and raven coming in, they were happy, he could hear raven giggling "wait until we get to the bedroom" she said in a soft voice "as the prince I feel this is a urgent matter" he said and she made a sequeling noise as he picked her up and dracul heard a bedroom door shut

They didn't notice me, he said. It's as if I'm still hidden behind that accursed spell.

"Oh they did but tonight was date night, they just didn't care" said Alex coming in "and yes I heard you, it was brief but it was there"

Dracul looked at him and said, "I didn't say anything to anyone."

"No you said it in your head and I have been keeping a close mind on you in case you made any progress" he said sitting down with a book

Dracul turned to his book and began reading again. Once more, he was absorbed into his reading when a new flash came in. Instead of televisions in his head, he saw a battle. He jumped up and it was gone.

"What book are you reading?" he asked.

"One of Anya's favorite" he said without looking up "when we were kids we loved hearing children stories from all over the world" he said

"Was it about a battle?" he asked. "Of a lady dressed in white and a gold lion?"

"This one is yes" he said "it's one of the many she likes but to this day she has refused to tell me her number one favorite" he said "said it was a secret" he said with a sad chuckle

"I saw the battle in your head," Dracul said. "A boy, maybe younger than you, was fighting. There was a roar and the great beast felled the woman with a golden wand. She was scared and astounded."

"Yes well she doesn't win" he said closing the book "you know maybe you should try meditation, it might help relax your mind, I know your father could show you how"

"I'll try that," he said. "I want to check on Anya. After what happened earlier, I want to make sure she is healing."

"Dracul you almost attacked me earlier, please tell me I don't have to sit here and explain why that's not a good idea, you are connected, you do not need to be with her, but your mind is dangerous to her right now, you need to work this out before she wakes up again"

"You didn't see Anastasia try to rip her heart out," he said with a growl. "They are still in the ground near each other."

"Both have wards on them to keep them asleep and there are plans to move them apart tomorrow" he said in a calm tone "you wouldn't want to lose your temper and hurt one of them would you?"

"No," he said. "I know there are wards, and yet Anya wakes enough to touch my mind. And Anastasia broke through Gregori's wards and mine to get to Anya. You can understand why I'm worried that these new ones won't hold."

"The wards were different then before" he said " and of course Anya is awake enough to take if you wake her, if the ward cut her off completely you be feel the separation"

"But Anastasia shouldn't have woken up and taken her from my side," said Dracul. "That is the most worrying part of this whole thing. How did someone with a broken mind get past the safeguards of two ancients?"

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