Eventful rising 5

"Mom, I can't breath," Alexandru said.

"You don't need to breath" she replied hugging him tighter and then after a moment grabbing his face and making him look at her ""listen to me and listen close I do not care what age you are or your title , I am your mother and will always be so, that means you do not run away from me, you do not leave me like you tried tonight you must live a long and happy life do you understand?" She said

"I wasn't trying to leave," Alexandru said. "But I have a lifemate. I'm guaranteed to be happy, right?"

Mikhail laughed behind him and raven glared and he went quiet "no son your not and I think you know that, you have been to mourning ceremonies for lifemates before" she said in a serious tone "it takes hard work and trust and love and many other things, it's just like any other relationship"

"I get that but in the end, I'd be happy," he said. "It may not be like what you and dad have, but... I have something."

"What you have is all up to you, your choices, the way you love her and the way you love yourself all play a part" she said stroking his face "do not be in such a hurry to grow up, it will do more harm then good, remember I was human once Alex and I can tell you from experience, it takes time to heal and grow and that doesn't change, even when you have a Carpathian life span"

"Mom," he said, "let go... please..."

"Alex," said Mikhail.

"No, I... can't right now," he said. "I just... I don't want to have a panic attack again. That's all. I don't want to grow up yet. I just want to get rid of that reaction."

Mikhail groaned. He had managed to not let Raven know he had panicked and now, she was glaring at him.

"Raven, I can explain," he began. Her response was leading Alex into the other room and shutting the door before Mikhail could enter. She sat him down in the chair by the fire and sat across from him "speak to me Alex....don't think just speak"

"I can see the pain in everyone and when I do, I freeze," he said, unable to look at her. "Small pains, I can manage to persuade people to get help, but I can't do that for myself. I tried. I asked Gregori if he would help me overcome it, but he wouldn't make me relive that moment. Liliana helped but I still panicked. I still froze. I can't help anyone like that and just want it to end. I don't want to be a liability because my mind says I'm trapped. I legit can't make my body move in those moments. Gregori found nothing wrong with me, so it isn't a spell. And until Anya is healed, I don't know who else to turn to for help. I have to get the reaction under control... but I can't on my own and no one is wanting to help."

"That's because no one can help you" she said in a sad tone "my sweet son this is your mind that needs healing, we are here for you and will support you but only you know yourself well even to heal your own mind and soul, we can give you advice and aid but in the end it must be you" she said wanting to hug him again but gave him space "and you will get through this and I know this is not what you want to hear but it will take time, but you can do this Alex" she said in a confident tone

"I'm not so sure, anymore," he said. "I've never been so... helpless before."

She leaned forward "right there Alex, that feeling you just described, helpless, that is what you are fighting for, that is a reason in its self, you have never felt this kind of helpless but now that you have in the future you can help someone who feels the same, your father was not born the pence he is now, he grew to be that man, this is your first step into growing into the man you are meant to become, do not let this break you, embrace it , learn from it and mold this trauma into something you can use, something that will make you into the person you want to become. There are many different kinds of pain my son, do not shy from them, learn from them and by doing so you can help not only yourself but others"

"I want to," he said, looking at her. "I know it seemed like I was trying to hurry through it, but I feel like, if I experience it over, maybe I could find strength from it. I can't just remember it. It isn't helping me. Part of me feels like I'm missing something important and going back to when it started and ended, I might find that missing piece. I know I didn't feel panicked at first. It wasn't until we were rescued that it set in. What happened to cause it? Is it a spell or..."

"it isn't a spell, it's you seeing people just walk in when you couldn't just get up and leave or help the girls or yourself, you see the pain in others and the panic sets in because you can't always see a way to stop the pain, so you feels trapped by it, before, you could ignore it because you were not responsible, but you are putting so much pressure on yourself about become prince that you feel you are harming yourself son, you are not prince yet, your father is strong and we'll, do not put this burden on yourself before it is yours to have, you see what I'm saying?" She asked

"I'm not sure," he said. "Why would I do this to myself? That doesn't make any sense to me." He looked into the fire in the hearth as if it might give him answers. "I don't even want to be the prince. So why would I take on that burden?"

"Only you can answer that but I'm sure you will figure it out, after all your my kid so I know your smart" she said with a smile

"I hate being like this," he said after a moment. "Whatever the reason, I couldn't even help my lifemate. She is hurting right now, and she had to make me leave." His hands became fists. "She needs me but I'm so useless that I can't be there for her."

"I'm sure that is not the case Alex, bit would you like to tell me about her?" She asked giving him the opportunity to relax and get lost in good thoughts

"She is stronger than anyone I know," he said. "She is amazing. She is a Dragonseeker and she has hair so red that lava looks dull in comparison. She was willing to take on dad and Gregori to keep us both safe."

"Careful now your making me jealous I thought I was the strongest person you know" she said in a teasing tone "I have fought your father and Gregori too you know" she said with a smile

He blushed and said, "She's a mix of you and Ivory, if I'm being honest. She has a calming voice like you but she has the heart of a warrior like Ivory. She is... I don't really know how to describe her. There aren't any words. I still feel pulled towards Anya, but now that I know why, my brain just has to catch up with reality." He looked at her with a smile. "Liliana is better than any dream. I knew the type of woman I needed, but miss placed her into another. Now, I have that and more waiting for me." He shook his head. "I think the hardest thing to comprehend is that she's a Dragonseeker. How will I ever measure up to that honor?"

"I sure there are a few of your uncles and aunts you can talk to you about the dragonseeker bloodline if you really want to know" she said "in fact I'm sure they would like to know about her since we don't know anything about her family maybe we can help find them"

"I honestly don't care about that," he said. "Liliana was shaped by other things. Her blood gave her strength, yes, but I get the feeling she didn't really know any of the Dragonseekers so they had no say in her life. She gives off a De La Cruz vibe, to me."

"We she can't stay out there unprotected, especially since you said the binding words, for both of your safety she needs to stay with someone Alex," she said

"She needed space to heal," he said. "She doesn't want to be around people right now." He jumped up. "I have to go find her. Because we are bound, maybe we both..." In that moment, a dark-haired woman walked in with wolf tattoos on her back. A man with long hair, dark and streaked with gray, stood next to her. "Ivory... Razvan..."

"Your woman will be fine tonight, tomorrow I will go with you to meet her" ivory said "but for tonight we should all rest, the sun will be up soon" she added in a stern tone

Alexandru nodded, looking at the ground. Razvan said, "If she's anything like Ivory, she needs this time to collect herself. Warrior women don't always need us smothering them with love. Sometimes, giving them space is the best thing for them. Anya needs her lifemate to hold her so she has something solid to ground her in reality. Your woman needs space. Tomorrow, we will sort it out together."

Alexandru didn't look up. He went to the cellar and to his room, going to ground but feeling uneasy.
"Perhaps I can persuade you," Gregori whispered in return.

She pulled back "you better start now then before my anger comes back"

He picked her up and ran her to a little cave he found. Inside, the walls were lined with crystals and there was a waterfall so clear, it looked like glass as it fell over the wall into the steaming pool.

"I never got to bring you here before," he said. "Besides, next month, we go to visit my brothers in Paris. So, this would be the last time for a while I would get the chance."

"When did you find this place?" She asked looking around in awe

"Two months ago," he said. "Every time I wanted to bring you, something came up. So, until the sun comes up, I plan on convincing you not to be upset with me." He kissed her neck. "And I can be very persuasive."

She chuckled "so can I...." She said in a soft tone moving her neck so he had access to it

Her clothes fell from her body as he said, "I always find myself going against my better judgement around you so, yes, you are persuasive in your own way. I still remember when you left the girls with your parents and wore nothing but an apron to welcome me home."

"Ah yes the day I lost my favorite apron because you tore it to shred" she said turning in his arms and facing him, wrapping her arms around his neck

"I know you can make it over again," he said, his hands drifting over her. "As I recall, you destroyed my 'expensive' suit into ribbons that night."

"I don't like suits on you and you don't like wearing them, I much prefer you like this" she said and his clothes disappeared, "but only around me" she said trailing her hands down his chest

"Only you can make me like this," he said, guiding her hand to his engorged member.

She softly bit her bottom lip "that's not the only thing I can make you do" she said pulling him forward with her free hand and crashing his lips to hers

He growled and pinned her to the wall. Only you make my body come alive, Savannah.

She moaned against his lips I can wait no longer...we both have been holding back our pain and worry for our children and much more, I need you Gregori, I need you to give me a break from it all and I know you need the same, if not we are both going to break

He lifted her up and slowly skewered her as she moved to try and impale herself on him. When he was fully inside of her, he began a slow ride. She groaned as if it wasn't enough.

"I want to watch you lose control, ma petite amor," he said.

"Gregori...." She said in a moaning yet warning tone "I need you" she said in a serious tone and he felt it then, she really did need this moment together, to get lost the way only lifemates can, to make the world fade only for them

He kissed her hard and picked up the pace. He laid her on the dirt floor so that he could go deeper.

The cave held well against there love making that night, but they went to bed sore, but happily so and in each other's arms

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