Nothing as it seems

Liliana knew when Alex asked for her to meet him and his aunt when she woke up that today was going to be difficult. She had agreed only to maybe make some peace with his family, though she hated more people where starting to know about her. She put her hair up and put on her black bandana covering her red fiery locks, she had only revealed them to Alex and hated others had saw it. Julietta had warned her before she left Brazil and she failed after all these months, she knew the de la Cruz brothers would know where she was now and be coming for her and she knew they were angry at her leaving in secret like she did. But they had left her no choice and she did well hiding from them though she almost got caught a few times because their tracking abilities are nothing to play with but she knew them well and she knew magic so it helped save her butt a time or two. But now the prince saw her and she knew soon they would know if not already. with a sigh she stepped towards the edge of the cliff over looking the valley. She could see the house once again. This time she didn't jump down she waited at the top for them to appear

Alexandru appeared first, stepping towards her but stopping short when he saw the look in her eyes. When Anya had that look, he knew it meant that getting near her wasn't a good idea. As his family appeared, he blocked their view of her and her view of them.

"Liliana, if you need to..." Alexandru began.

"We brought another woman, a warrior like yourself, to talk to you," said Mikhail. "We hope she and her lifemate will be able aid you and my son."

She stood up, never taking her eyes off of them "you do not know what aid I need but I will meet them if it means that there can be peace between us" she said "but I want Alex to stand by me but you Al do not come any closer" she said

Alexandru slowly walked to her side, taking her hand in solidarity. That was when Ivory appeared, a strong wind blowing the bandana loose from Liliana's head. Alexandru tried to capture it for her as her hair fell down around her like a cape. Before Ivory could speak or Alexandru could replace her hair in the bandana, Razvan appeared.

"You look like my sister," Razvan said, his voice calm but Ivory and Alex could see the storm of emotion in his eyes. "What happened to her?"

Liliana frowned "I don't know what you are talking about, I don't know you or your sister" she said as her eyes grew into a darker green

"You are the spitting image of Natalya Von Shrieder," Razvan said, gripping his shirt over his heart. "How can you not know her? Your scent is similar as well, but with a jungle undertone. Your build is more like your father's... Like Vikernoff."

"Stop!" Liliana said in a boom tone, her eyes flashing green. She moved away from Alex slightly "your wrong old one, I have no relation to you or your kin you are mistaken, just like this was a mistake" she said looking at Alex "I'm sorry but I can't do this we can't do this, we are bonded so you won't fall but I can't stay with you" she said moving away more

Razvan was there before she could get away. Ivory was next to him, but staying back. Alexandru was in a similar position for Liliana. Both had their lifemate's back and willing to fight if need be.

Razvan lifted Liliana's shirt, revealing the Dragonseeker mark over her left ovary before saying, "This is proof we are blood. Only Dragonseekers have this mark. Natalya is my twin. About 15 years ago, she cut herself off from me and I have not heard from her since. You may have only been about three at the time, but you might remember something. Tell me anything you might know. I will find my sister and give aid where needed."

Liliana's grip on razvans wrist on the hand the had her shirt tighten "I...don't like to be touched" she said and slammed him hard in the chest making him fly back hard and slam into and tree , when ivory went to move toward Liliana scent her flying with a unseen force and magic filled the air"I am not yours to touch!" She said and looked at the all including Mikhail "is this what you teach your people to touch anyone the way they like to violate them anyway they please?!" She said and when Alex went to touch her she grabbed him by his shirt and threw him to Mikhail making him catch him "I will kill the next person to touch me in any way do you understand, you dare lift my shirt and expose my flesh and you" she said looking at Alex "as a mate I told you I don't like to be touched you should have made that clear though it should be common sense to not touch someone you don't know" she said looking at razvan and ivory "listen to me now you demented man, you are suppose to have honor yet you touch someone's else's mate without permission, you should greet the dawn if you have lost that much common sense, just because I bare a mark does not mean you have any claim to me, kin or otherwise, make peace with your demons and stop putting them on me!"

"He did tell us this," said Razvan. "However, if you are my sister's daughter, she kept you a secret even from those closest to her. Moreover, it means that I have the right to protect you until she is found, as the eldest Dragonseeker in the area. I shouldn't have touched you, but I had to be sure. You are Dragonseeker and a Von Shrieder. That makes me your uncle." He looked at Ivory. "I should be angry that you threw Ivory, but it's astounding that you were able to do it at all. No one has ever bested her in the use of spells or combat."

"You are delirious, just because I have the mark does not mean I am your sisters daughter, and i didn't throw her but thee wolves on her skin not that it matters, and even if there is a chance your not delirious it doesn't matter I don't know you and I definitely don't trust you not after what you just did, it's obvious you do not respect boundaries and I have a lot of them" she said covering her hair again. She looked at Mikhail "I have every right to know my lifemate and get you are keeping me from him, he bound me when I wasn't ready just so you wouldn't kill me....I heard stories about you, how you were a good leader and a good man" she said in a upset tone "yet I don't see it...I know I'm not perfect but I never thought I wasn't good enough until you tried to kill me" she said clenching her fist at her sides "I understand you almost lost him and I understand you were on edge but.....I shouldn't have posed that much of a threat that you wouldn't even take a moment to see if I was a threat or not you just assumed instantly..." She said shaking her head "I felt you bending my neck...I felt your anger and I knew what you were about to do and I was helpless to stop you, in a instant you would have killed me...why is it that my entire exist means everyone" she said remember her time at the ranch when they didn't want her around and kept her away "no matter what I do no body wants me, so imagine what I might have felt to find out that this person no one wanted had a mate and he seemed to want me too....and then you, you were going to end that and me before I even had a chance to get to know him.." she said shaking slightly with her tense emotions "well ..... I am tired of being unwanted, I'm tired of being rejected over and over again and violated in every way because you all think so little of me!" She yelled "I disown all of you , I disown and bond with you" she said looking at Alex "any allegiance to you" she said looking at Mikhail "and any kin with you!" She said looking at razvan

"Liliana," Alexandru gasped out, panic setting in, "please... Don't..."

What did you do?! Natalya nearly screamed into Razvan and Liliana's heads, causing both of them to go to their knees, gripping their heads in pain. Do you have any idea what you have done?!

Liliana was filled with so much emotion and pieces of memories it felt like her head was going to split in half, she fought the connection hard, trying to shut it off there you are a dark tone echoed making her skin crawl. Before Alex or Mikhail could reach her Liliana shifted into a large dragon, it's emerald green scales and red eyes where the opposite of her human form, she was fill of muscle, her claws sharp as swords . The beast groaned dragged it's head on the dirt. Her wings thrashed as the pain in her head grew

Alexandru jumped out of his father's arms and walked towards Liliana. Razvan was hurting but he tried to stop Alexandru. Raven saw how he was fighting the panic, forcing his body to move when her pain overwhelmed him to near paralysis.

"In this state, she could turn you to ash without meaning to! Stay back!" Razvan said.

Alexandru gasped out, "No, she won't. Everyone didn't respect her boundaries and did as they pleased, even when I told them what would happen. But, no matter what happens, I'm not leaving her this time. I'm not going to let my panic make her suffer. I'll stay but the rest of you leave." When everyone was gone, Ivory and Razvan reluctant to walk away, Alex fell to the ground, gasping but crawling towards Liliana. "It's just us, okay, Liliana? Come back to me. Remember what you told me? Let the memories fill you but don't hold on to them. Let me help if I can. Don't push me away."

Her tail whipped over him almost hitting him as she continued to thrash about. She was trying so hard to close her mind to the strangers that she had locked him out of it, she managed to shit the woman out but still felt that dark presence in her mind get out! she yelled and a dark voice chuckled I've waited a long time to find you, I will not lose you again the voice said if you relax and give in the pain will stop the voice said in a low tone like it was mocking her no she replied and started to feel her self losing the fight on her mind, he kept forcing his way deep and deeper and she feared what would happened when he got in. She forced her eyes opened and made herself look around. She saw Alex , he was standing and speaking but she couldn't hear him. She let out a distress call, the noise she was making sounded like a deep chirp, she didn't even know she was doing it. She started clawing at her face from the pain, like she was trying to claw him out

Razvan grabbed her paw and said, "Stop this, Liliana Rosmarta Dragonseeker-Von Shrieder. Let me and Alex in. You were already weakened from what happened yesterday. Natalya... your mother told me everything. This master vampire... he is very powerful. As strong as you are, as powerful as one so young can be, this one is stronger. Even seasoned hunters, ancients to our ancients, take them on with others. With your lifemate aiding you, with me lending a hand, and your natural talent for spells, we won't let this one win. But you must let us in."

Everything in her told her to run , to not trust them, but she felt her mind weakening it won't help, who knows maybe I work for them and I'm just trying to get you to open up for them so they can control you, after all would a prince really have hurt you like that? Maybe that wasn't the prince at all maybe none of them are as they seem, even alex she felt his persuasion seep into her, making her battle herself as well as him. She knew she was put matched. She flung razvan away and forced herself to shift, it took everything she had because not only did it take concentration to do so but it made her feel more vulnerable which was the last thing she wanted right now. Once in human form she stumbled over to razvan making him catch her. Her face had claw marks on them" me" she said holding her head

Razvan said, "That's why I'm here. When I felt my sister disappear, I thought she died. But just now, she spoke to both of us. I know I shouldn't have touched you before, but the thought of finding a connection to my sister, to tell our family she might be alive or have died honorably... It overrode my common sense and I apologize. But now I have more news. Not only are Natalya and Vikernoff still alive, but we have you to cherish as well. She told me why she left you with the De La Cruz brothers over me, and I know you are more connected to them than us. All we ask is that you allow us to get to know you. The first thing to do, though, is to get this dark one out of your mind."

"" was all she said in a pained filled tone gripping his shirt so hard her knuckles turned white

"You and I share blood through your mother," said Razvan.

Still, he brought her wrist to his mouth and bit deep. Alexandru growled and tried harder to crawl to Liliana. Liliana, you have shut everyone else out, even your lifemate. Even with this, we can't get in without hurting you more. I'll use a spell to keep him out so that you can let Alexandru in.

I don't care if it hurts, I have a magic ward on me, he is breaking it down I won't last much longer, force your way in if you have too I'll deal with the pain, and it doesn't matter if you share blood with my mother the spell only allows those that and drank my blood and I there's to connect to my mind. Feed me yours and get him out of my head!

Razvan closed the wound and brought his wrist to her mouth as he said, "You are definitely Natalya's daughter. Only you and she would use mage spells over Carpathian powers for something like this."

"Liliana..." Alexandru said, taking her hand. "I'm here. I made it."

With a growl she bit down deep, squeezing Alex hand. The moment she took his blood he was in and he felt the dark presence and was hit with her pain your too late brother, I will have her regardless of what you do today said the dark voice to razvan

You will never have her, Razvan said, pushing the darkness from her mind. Any who think they hold a Dragonseeker under their thumb are misguided fools. Every one of them, no matter when or where, has met justice time and time again. You are no different.

you will find out very soon how different I am but by then it will be too late, see you soon little one he said and Liliana cried out in pain just before the vampire was shut from her mind. Liliana shook in razvans arms, her breathing was uneven.

Just like when Natalya would be scared when they were little, Razvan sat on the ground next to Liliana with his arm around her, her head on his shoulder and his hand smoothing her hair.

"It's okay," he said. "You were amazing. I didn't have to hardly do anything. You did good."

Alexandru forced his body to sit on her other side so that his head was on hers and holding her in his arms. Breathing her in, having him against him, and knowing she was safe all allowed for his breathing to even out.

"You...really are my kin" she said in a low tone "I can feel it in your blood" she said and looked up at razvan "you need to rid my blood from you as soon as possible" she said in a serious tone. He could see how tired she was, she looked at Alex "I feel...tainted can you take me to a clean water source please, just you and me" when razvan went to protest she stopped him by saying "on blessed ground they cannot walk and I will allow you to know where and even put up wards I do not care but I need Alex....and I need to get this feeling out of me" she said in a serious tone "I know everyone is on high alert I don't care who knows or who wants to remain close for protection I just want to be alone with Alex, I want to rest and I want to feel safe, I feel so...violated"

"No one knows better than I what it's like to have evil live within you," said Razvan. "I know a place that will help you heal." He gave Alex the location. "Mother Nature has granted you this night there. Do not waste it."

Alexandru picked up Liliana and flew her over the forest until he found the small waterfall hidden by a ring of stones. They had to walk to the entrance and he placed his hand on one stone that seemed to have an indent big enough for his hand to fit in. It opened only long enough for them to walk in. Above them, the tree brances were so thickly woven, they couldn't see the stars, but it felt more open than a grass field. The earth benieth their feet felt richer than any other. And the water so pure that it seemed filled with its own healing properties. Both knew that they would never find this place again with out Mother Nature's approval and they didn't want a chance to ever taint it.

When they neared the pool Liliana turned and looked to Alex "I know the feel of evil Alex and now it's hunting me, our people's history is filled with such things, I've read so many horrible things, I know we do not know each other yet but if I.....if I am taken I want to at least have something good out of this life, even if it's a moment, if you will have me I". She looked down hiding her red cheeks for a moment before looking back up "Alex remove my armor" she said in a soft tone

He gulped and said, "Are you sure?" But even as he asked it, he removed her armor with ease, which shocked him because it looked complicated. Still, he smiled. "You're wearing the cape I made you."

She pressed her lips together looking embarrassed for a moment "yes I did" she said in a low tone before slowly removing the cape which left her naked in front of him. She had a athletic feminine body she had a few scars but nothing serious looking one on her arm one on her calf and one on her rib cage, the dragon birthmark sat proudly on her skin and her hair reached almost to her firm buttocks. Her breasts were full and youthful her skin look like it would be smooth to the touch no blemishes touched her body except for the few freckles that beautifully outlined some of her form "is your staring good..or bad?" She asked trying not to sound as nervous as she was

"Just... taking in the beautiful view," he said. "Okay, that sounded cheesy, but I mean it. You are beautiful."

"And touch if you want, I give you permission too" she said taking a step towards him, her smell filling his nose

His hands shook as he reached out to her. But the instant he touched her, all he wanted was to find every nook on her body that made her come alive. Where his fingers touched, his mouth followed. At first, his exploration was tentative, but her reactions gave him courage to go farther until he was kneeling at her feet and his hot breath brushed over her sensitive innocence. He didn't wait for permission. He had to taste her and licked her softly. When she gripped his hair, he tasted more of her until he was feasting on her like a starving man. The new urges and sensation both frightened and excited them both. They were not ignorant about sex , movies books and schooling taught them the natural aspect of it, but they lack experience. These urges and feelings were new and overwhelming. When she couldn't take it anymore she pulled him up to her and kissed him. And embarrassment or fear melted the deeper the kiss got. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his strong arms lifted her up and held her to him, lucky the water was right there because neither could focus on much else but each other. The water was cool to the touch and it felt cold against their burning skin but it wasn't a bad feeling. When Liliana felt his large erection graze her virgin core she tensed and broke the kiss gently "I haven't ....I mean I know I might seem experienced in a lot of ways but this isn't one of them...I am sorry if that disappoints you, I may not be able to please you due to lack of experience" she said in a uneven tone

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