Spells or charms?

The spell had taken hours, she had failed twice and it hurt her badly but she kept trying, she was a dead woman anyways in one way or another. The third time she finally did it. Though this was not a happy time, she felt pride in herself that she was able to pull of such a master spell. But the pride didn't last. Once the spell took hold, she knew he would come and she knew the pain he would bring. She laid on the floor unmoving, too weak to do so. Her body wanted to shut down and right as she was about to let it she heard the door open.

"You've been taking dangerous risks," he said. "Using the last of your energy before your mind became mine. Very Dragonseeker of you. But now, you are broken because of this foolishness." He ripped the blanket from her body as his clothes disappeared. "Too bad it was the only Dragonseeker trait you had and you threw it away for their fantasy." He entered her hard, holding her arms down when she attempted to fight him. "Just stop it. You're no match for me. You've been tossed aside by everyone else. Just be glad I want you, even if its only for your body." He leaned in close as he forced her body to enjoy his bone-jarring use. "Remember? That's all a lifemate is good for. Her body. Babies and being a fuck toy. The only difference is that I'm not Alex. I don't toss my toys away. I keep them and play with them until they can no longer provide. And you will provide endlessly. The joys of being a Carpathian, am I right?" He gasped as she tightened around him. "That's it. Enjoy what we do. Be mine. Reject him." He tasted her tears with a laugh. "Feeling the separation again? I feel it in your body. Give up. I've taken out all the glass and anything you can try to harm yourself with. I'll enjoy fucking you nightly." He kissed her neck over Alex's mark. "There is no room for him when I'm inside you. And I'm always inside you." He entered her mind. I live here too. You will never be rid of me. Say my name. Tell me aloud as you scream in ecstasy who now owns you.

She had no more fight left in her, between not eating or sleeping properly and the separation she couldn't bare anything anymore, she just wanted it all to end. For her sake and Alex's sake she let herself break into the madness she had been fighting. But right before she did she smiled "I still win.....you, didn't fool me, not even for a second, no matter what happens after this, you can't erase the fact that as strong as you are.....you will never be strong then the bonds you willing gave up" she said in a stern and judgmental tone

He smiled only to start popping joints out of place. He kissed her deeply, taking in her screams of pain into him. He made sure every bone in her arms and legs were dislocated, even her fingers and toes. She couldn't move at that point. Every movement he made jarred the fresh wounds and it was worse when he had her on her knees on the bed because of the dead weight on them. He pulled a blood bag from a hidden compartment in the wall that she couldn't see nor had the ability to retain the knowledge of. He placed it to her mouth, controlling her mind so that she drank every drop from it. He filled her three times, her cries of pain echoing in the room, no longer an illusion of grandeur but a simp cave-like room with chiseled rock for a floor. He picked her up, causing a new scream. She saw the bed move and beneath it was dirt. He opened it in a shallow grave-like manner and dropped her roughly into the soft loam.

"I'll return tomorrow for some more fun," he promised with a dark smile. "Maybe then, you'll say my name."

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