3 days later

Mikhail paced the cavern room "we can't keep him sleep for ever Gregori...if we do we risk him falling even more" he said and Gregori sighed "he is already at that risk Mikhail bit at least when he sleeps I can watch his soul safely and he is spared feeling the separation" Gregori replied. Raven looked at him "but he wanted to help find her, if he is not awake to do so..." Gregori stood up "it's clear she is still alive but if he falls we know what happens to here, out best bet at this point is to keep him asleep and find her ourselves, I'm telling you, he won't make it another day if he is awake" he said in a serious tone. Mikhail stopped pacing and looked at him "fine....but you tell me if anything changes or tries to wake him up" he said and Gregori nodded. Mikhail looked at the dirt his son laid beneath, with emotional eyes, without another word he left the cage, determination and anger written on it. He was going to kill this vampire personal for hurting his family like this, it was one thing for lifemates to die together, or feel the separation for only a short time but this, this was beyond cruel, he cursed to himself wondering what he did to make the ancestors hate him so much as to hurt his family like this.

Alex stirred suddenly. A growl filled the air. It wasn't that he was fully awake. They had scares like this before, but he always went back to sleep after, but time was different. They could feel him trying to rise.

Mikhail went back to the cave instantly but Gregori was in the ground and had warded the cave so he couldn't get in. He used his connection to Gregori to force him awake Alex is waking up

I know, Mikhail, Gregori said, sounding strained. The boy has a thicker skull than you do! He's resisting me!

let me in Mikhail demanded

Raven's still in here, she's coming to get you! Gregori gasped out. It may take us using to bond to keep him in the ground, but if, for a brief moment, he connected with her, it could be bad.

Once Raven let him in he gave her a look that let her know she was wrong for sneaking behind his back and remaining in the cave and that they would talk about it later. He went into the room and pulled Gregori from the earth and to his feet. When Raven came in behind him he growled "get back to the house and I am not asking" he said in a serious tone. Usually she would fight him or yell at him for speaking to her in such a way but this time she just left. When she was gone he warded the cave so no one else could enter "I'll hold his mind you work on shutting his body down" Mikhail ordered. Gregori didn't speak. They worked as one unit, yet Alex wasn't going back to sleep without a fight.

Get out of my head, old man! Alex growled at his father make me he said in a challenging tone. He knew he was stronger and his hope was he would tire himself out in trying

Alex fought back hard. He seemed to have boundless energy. Then, after a full two hours of fighting, both men new he had stop and felt Alex's exhaustion and tears. I felt her... For a moment, I touched her. He hurt her so much... I couldn't stop it... And it's my fault she was taken. I was so stupid!

you can not blame yourself for this Alex, our fallen brothers were trained for things their entire lives,just as we are, neither you or her were a match

I said somethings that hurt her and she walked off. She knew the dangers but I hurt her so much that she didn't care. If I hadn't let my fear and uncertainty take over, this wouldn't have happened.

that's not true and you know it, something must have happened, I believe she would have been smart enough to stay within the safe guards , now rest

She's on the western boarder, Alex said as sleep over took him again. Near Italy. Gregori, she needs you there. Aunt Shea and Uncle Jacques can watch over me with dad. But you must... go...

"Gregori take what I provide and go with Natalya and ivory's group, they were heading in the right direction after all, take a de la Cruz brothers as well they know her the best, a familiar face might help" he said holding out his wrist

Gregori didn't hesitate and bit deep. I will bring your daughter-in-law home to your son. I'll take Zacharias. He spent the most time with her since his lifemate and the human that cared for her prefer the ranch in Peru.

"Go with honor my friend and return safely" he said

Gregori closed the wound and said, "Stay strong, Mikhail. He won't stay under long. When he feels her again, he won't be able to recognize who is friend or foe. Skyler and Dimitri are also on their way to us." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "As is Anya and Dracul. She won't stay in the ground and says she is needed to keep Alex from falling. She should be resting, not playing hero. And don't say she's like me because I can say the same for Alex about you."

"I don't think it needs to be said" he said as they parted ways
It had been days since the experiments started. She could barely feel the hard cold table she was strapped too, the needles going ruthlessly in different parts of her body masked any other sensation with the pain they caused. He kept her feed and healthy, though the earth was not pure it work enough to let her sleep. But he had kept her joints out of place since the day he had dislocated them. Her mind no long comprehend anything else but the pain she felt. The separation made her wish for death in ways that made it feel like her soul had already died. She felt nothing but pain. The vampire had grown more desperate. Even the fake memories he filled her with were becoming not enough anymore because of how numb and broken she had become because of the separation. Not that he was this desperate she spent more time in the lab getting experimented on. She could hold no thoughts in her head anymore, she couldn't even form the words to beg for the pain to stop. As the long needle was shoved into her back from behind the door opened "I want that spinal fluid sample as soon as possible" said a man. Not that she comprehend his words "and carful of her vitals, if we lose that child Mr Adam will have our heads" he said "Ill have more then your heads" said Adam as he walked in. That's a voice her broken mind recognized. She moaned through her muzzle which kept her mouth firmly closed. She started to try and wiggle "hold her still other wise I'm going to be unable to do this" said the man with the needle in her back, Adam walked up to her and grab her neck to force her to look at him.

"Hold still," he demanded, gaining obedience almost instantly, though she trembled. "You should be happy. We are freeing you. Let these good doctor get the material they need," he leaned in close so that only heard, "or so help me, you'll return to the cell where I can have lots of fun together. Remember how it feels for me to touch you? To be in your head?" She felt him inside of her, making her sick. "For your body to devour my cock?"

Her body responded to his words, when he used her body and blood it was the only time she wasn't in pain. Even though it made her feel sick she would easily take that feeling over the pain. She leaned more into his touch, her breathing accelerated. Out of desperation she moved just right and the needle broke in her back. Her muffled cry of pain echoed the muzzle and blood seeped from her lips

He pulled the needle out with the tips of his nails and growled, saying, "Looks like you enjoy our play time. I will arrange for it immediately after we finish here."

"We got enough from that bone," said one scientist from the shadows. "We were about to move to another spot."

"So, we are almost finished with this?" Adam asked.

"Yes," the scientist answered. "An hour more and we will have all we need."

She started to thrash on the table, making ng the scientist have to take a step back and stop what they were doing "is there anyway to sedate her without comparing her?" Asked a scientist to Adam

"No," he said. "But if she wants to make this last another eight hours, then so be it. This has already lasted twice as long as I desired because she can't follow simple commands. However, I want this done." He snapped his fingers and she stiffened, unable to move, "I can do this."

The worked quickly but effectively. They took some spinal fluid samples and some bone marrow. Liliana passed out from the pain when they started the bone marrow

3 hours later...

Liliana felt something moving in and out of her core, knowing instantly what was happening.

"Wake up, little dragon," he said, growling with each thrust. "It's time to play."

This was the only time she was not in pain. He blocked it because otherwise he would feel it too, he fooled her with fake good memories that never happened just to feel hat he wanted to feel. These were the breaks from her hell. He had even gotten to the point that he would block the sickness she felt at his touch so it didn't ruin his time.

She found herself in a gem like cave suddenly, so beautiful it hurt to look at. His touch on her was tender, causing her to gasp. She arched under him, but he blocked the pain from her dislocated limbs. There was only pleasure being felt as Adam drove inter her harder and deeper, making the cruel experiment seem like a long ago memory.

She grabbed onto the pleasure, needed to feel it instead of the pain her life had become "Adam...." She said moaning his name

He kissed her hard. She could taste his triumph. Yet he it only served to make him move faster and harder so that she was chanting his name over and over again. Even when he had filled her, he didn't stop. It was like he was trying to reach her broken soul, and God help her, she was letting him. She didn't care anymore, she fully believed Alex was dead, that's all she had felt for days, because she was weak he had fallen, she fully believed that, the only reason she would continue was for the child growing in her stomach, her repentance for her weakness and failure to Alex. She let him on completely, her Shields were no more, he was in her head and it felt like he was tainting her very soul. Being so connected she learned about him as well, who he was before he fell. She sometimes latched onto the to make him seem less of a monster. She didn't want to think of him the way he was now and allowed herself to get lost in the memories of who he was "Adam....hold me closer...for some reason I can't hold you" she said tenderly

He wrapped his arms around her, needed to hold her just as she wanted to be held. There was a brief flash when she passed out that worried him, but seeing her like this, begging him to pound into her, the worry died away. When he was finished he force fed her blood and got to work on getting her ready for the next test, the results were promising and he was sure this next test would fill in the gapes they were missing. Until they were ready, he allowed her to rest in a human sleep. Then, he heard the door open. He quickly clothed them both and stood up.

"You are not meant to be here, Steve," he said as he turned towards the intruder.

"Sorry sir it was a emergency call for you from the counsel " he said in a serious tone

"You have a look in your eye I do not like," said Adam. "Is it the woman or is it the news?"

"The news sir" he said in a confident tone "they said it's urgent"

"What news?" he asked. "I told them that interruptions aren't tolerated unless the enemy found us or they found someone else for our experiments."

"They wouldn't tell me sit they asked for you" he said

"Idiotic fools," he said as he left the room, leaving Steve alone with Liliana. "Fine, I'll go, but you stay away from this woman."

"If I may sir her next test is read, I have the Gurnee I can take her there" he said "maybe have some good news for you when you return"

"Alright," he said after a moment. "Just be quick about it. She needs more rest. I won't have her unable to properly produce that child."

"Yes sir" he said going over to Liliana. She could barely open her eyes but she could smell him, human. Her mouth watered and fangs grew. But something caught her attention, she didn't feel the badness in him like she did with the others, she felt good from the person near her, something she hadn't felt in what seemed like forever please ..help me she said in her head

Knowing they were alone, Steve examined the woman, his breath hissing out through his teeth, before saying, "This isn't right. No one deserves this, vampire or not." He looked into her pain-filled eyes. "I'll do what I can. You are not being treated like a person. I don't care if you are a mythical creature or whatever. This is torture, plain and simple. It will take some time, but maybe I can get you out tonight. For sure, tomorrow." Seeing her reminded him of his sister just before her passing, helpless and unable to move because the chemo was making her too sick to even get out of bed. Tears welled up, but he blinked them away. "You aren't going to suffer anymore. I promise you that. I did not sign up for toture."

When he said his last word liliana took the opportunity to spit her blood into his mouth as it opened. He drew back, wiping his mouth, but most of the blood landed in his mouth and went down his throat.

"I swear, I'm not like them, if that's what you think!" he said, though his voice stayed low as not to draw attention. "There's no need for spitting!"

please...help me she said again

He gasped and looked around for a moment before looking at her. You're a telepath? Like my sister was? He choked back a sob. This was hitting too close to home. I don't have any psychic powers myself, but my sister said magic ran in our blood. I'll get you out or die trying. I promise.

She show him a addressgo....please....help

He nodded but told her, They want more tests done. I doubt it's going to be pleasant, and they want me to bring you. If I don't, our one chance is gone. He took her hand. They all believe that you need Chaplin to control you for the experiments. Fight them. If he comes, don't give in. I'll return with someone to rescue you.

He lifted her gently from the floor. She felt as if she weighed nothing at all and that bothered him. He placed her on the gurney and placed the straps more for looks. He wanted her to have a chance to really fight. He noted all the bruising and guessed she had been made immobile due to joint dislocation. He cursed everyone in the facility, especially Adam. They were not going to get away with this, not if he had any say in it. He set her outside the room and announced her, telling her in his mind once more to give them hell. Then, he walked out of the building and to his car. He had to get to the address fast and it wasn't close.

2 hours later...

He cursed again. How many profanities could one use when time was of the essence? No doubt, they managed to strap her in and start the tests. He stopped alongside the road and hit the steering wheel several times. He was about to get back onto the road when several people dropped out of the fucking sky! The biggest man ripped the door from his car and pulled him out as if Steve was a rag doll.

"Let go!" Steve said, kicking out but not managing to land any blows. "Please! You don't understand what you're doing!"

"Zacarias wait" said Natalya "let him speak, he has Liliana blood flowing through him" she said

"Her name's Liliana?" Steve asked, stopping any attempt to fight back. "If you know her, then please, help me get her out! They are torturing her, and Chaplin..." He felt disgusted. "I know he's doing more than that. She's hurt and her mind is fragmented. She spat blood in my mouth and talked to me. She told me to go to a specific house to find someone to get her out." He looked at the man holding him. "I wouldn't be here if she didn't need help now!"

Gregori stepped forward "what was the address?" He asked and when Steve told him everyone was silent for a moment "take us there, zacarias find out all he knows" Gregori said

Suddenly, Zacarias slammed Steve onto the hood of the car, causing it to dent and Steve to see stars as the air was knocked out of his lungs. Despite his vision blurring and the possibility of a concussion, he was painfully aware that an honest-to-God vampire was looming over him. The other men were not trying to pull the man off of Steve, but just holding back the arm ready to strike at him. The earth rolled and rain closed in around them so that no one could see more than two feet ahead of them. He vaguely heard the woman defending him, saying she looked in the memories too, that Steve wasn't part of the torture, or even the drawing of blood and body fluids, that he was just a researcher who looked at samples. That he was innocent of all knowledge of what they put Liliana through.

"He could have stopped it sooner," said Zacarias, his voice cold.

Steve was suddenly happy he was drenched in water because he could have sworn he just pissed himself. The utter emotionless tone was frightening, and he would kill him with a flick of his wrist just for being near Liliana. Steve had never experienced a soul-shivering fear before, but the flames in those black eyes did it. He couldn't move. He moaned and wanted to get away, but his body wouldn't listen. His entire life flashed before his eyes, the last images being of his late sister in the hospital and Liliana.

"He delivered her to them before coming," Zacarias stated in the same tone.

To buy time, my love, came his lifemate's voice. He is human, but he knew they needed time. He fears that they are torturing her as we speak. And you're scaring him. He has to lead you to the facility. Liliana needs you. Lea is with us, remember, and she is distraught over this news, just as you are. She is our sister. We love her. But killing the only man who came into our territory to save her, risking his own life for a virtual stranger, is not the way.

"Please," Steve said, finding his voice when the man hesitated, "kill me later if you have to. I studied her blood and tissue. I was there. Find me guilty. I don't care. But save her first."

"I'll grant that last request," said Zacarias calmly.

Before Steve could scream that he was afraid of heights, Zacarias had him so high in the air, Steve could swear he was able to touch clouds. He whimpered again, but the two-hour drive was made much quicker on the return trip. When they sat down, Steve backed away from him, fear riding him hard.

"There's a ward up to keep her from calling out and us from getting in," Zacarias said. "I will take it down so we can enter."

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