Not prepared 3

"Keep in mind I don't remember working on any of this until now, my mind is fuzzy and my head is throbbing and all these memories just came flooding back to me, days upon days of them" he said as he continued to walk "but at some point the goal was to create a control release pod, something small, made of only natural material." He said as they entered the room where Liliana and Anya slept. When Alex moved the earth they saw Anya with her body protectively wrapped around liliana. Before anyone could say anything Steve jump down the whole "I am trying to remember if my fucking brain would work" he said in a frustrated tone "I know I made was a successful project, where would he put it...what was in it.." he said trying to remember as he looked at her body "oh God I can't remember" he said in a desperate tone

"It's in her womb, isn't it?" Alex asked in a growl. "And when she protected our child, she unknowingly protected his weapon."

"I don't know small, almost could be anywhere..." He said "I don't know enough about your kind...if I had more information maybe I could figure it out but we don't have that time" he said bending down next to her, when his foot grazed her foot Anya was up with inhuman speed and had him on his back by his throat

"Anya, stop!" said Alex, pulling her off of Steve. "We haven't begun the attack yet and he's looking for a weapon the vampire planted in Liliana." He looked at her eyes. "Yaya, it's okay. It's just a dream. It's over with. Let it go and wake up."

Slowly she calmed down and retracted her fangs "I'm sorry I set a ward to wake me if she was touched .." she said in control again "how can I help?" She asked looking around. Steve coughed and said "um....can , can you wake her please maybe...maybe I can figure out if I talk with her"

Alex looked at Anya for a second before saying, "Okay, but everyone else needs to stay out of sight. We will be molecules in the air. Talk to her calmly, as if this isn't something frightening. Just a casual talk between friends."

With that, everyone dissipated and he was alone with Liliana, who was starting to rouse.

He sat down next to her "um hey...remember me?" He asked and Liliana didn't say anything at first. She slowly rolled over "I'm so tired" she said in a weak tone "I.....I know you are so am I ..all of a sudden" he said seeming exhausted" but this is important I got you help but I need to know what those bad men did to you in that lab can you remember?" He asked. She stared at him for a moment before saying "you...smell good" and her wings came out to help her sit up. Steve nervously moved back a little "um thanks but please this is important do you..." He was cut off when she started to wobble and he reached out to catch her, but at the last moment she turned her head and bit deep into his arm. He cried out but didn't let her go or let her fall over

As much as it pained Alex to see her turn to another man, he didn't stop it. Don't let her take too much, he said in an emotionless tone. Tell her that if she feeds too much, you'll be too weak to help her. Focus on getting her to accept help and talking. This is important, Steve. You have to get her to stop soon, or someone will have to do a big exchange. It will be more potent than the one we did. Get her to stop feeding and figure out what they did to my lifemate.

Steve knew this should be uncomfortable, it wasn't normal, his brain told him that but he was relaxed and calm about it which make it all more surreal to him "hey um Liliana......" Steve began but suddenly stopped and seemed like he was in pain "fuck something is burning, oh shot it feels like fire is shoot up my anr ,help!" Steve said in pain filled tone

Alex put Liliana back to sleep as he pulled her away from Steve, tossing him to Gregori to figure out. Gregori began looking and growled.

"Vampire blood in a pod," he said, numbing the area and beginning to extract the pod. "Probably meant for you, Alex."

"Alex heal your woman's mouth while we take Steve in the next room to talk with him, spend whatever time you want with her and join us when your ready" said mikhail

Alex waited until they were gone. He kissed deeply, his tongue dueling with hers as she woke up again. When her mouth was healed, he placed his forehead against hers.

"You are amazing," he said. "You know that? Even when you couldn't see us, you protected everyone, even me. What did I do to be your lifemate?"

She stared at him for a moment, and suddenly she finally moved her arms and grabbed his neck and pulled him back down towards her, when his lips were inches away from hers she stopped him and held him in place. He heard her inhale his scent. Her eyes met his a he saw them flash her her glowing green. The next thing he knew she had him on his back with her on top, kissing him like she was starving for him

He kissed her just as hungrily. He had his mind just long enough to ward the cave, though he knew everyone would figure out was going on. She needed control back in her life, he knew Liliana needed that, but damn it, his brain short-circuited and all he wanted, all he needed, was to touch every part of her body and bury himself deep inside of her. Until he had found her, he didn't know he had a side that needed to dominate, and he loved that she gave that to him as he made her body sing. Lil...

She ripped open his shirt with a moan and sat him up until she was straddling him. Her nails cut the skin on his back as she pulled him closer. She was not gently yet she never hurt him to the point it was unenjoyable. She wasn't giving him time to have one thought in his head. With a quick hand his pants were undone and his member found itself inside her hot core. He caught her moan in his mouth as she began riding him.

He held her hips, but she didn't need any guiding. She was killing him, she was so tight and hot. He willed any clothes on them away, wanting to see all of her and for her to see all of him. When she moved back, me began kissing down her neck, followed by his tongue. He bathed each scar in his erotic temptation, making them less pronounced. He knew what they represented to her, and planned on having Gregori fade them and smooth them out for her. But God, she would kill him if she got any tighter.

She grew tighter the more he played with her skin. Her hands gripped his hair and followed his head as he travelled. Showing she was in control. Her free hand grabbed his wrist and guided his hand to her breast as she pulled back his head by his hair and claimed his mouth again

He growled, pressing her into him so that it He felt her taught nipples moving against his chest. He wanted her underneath him, saying his name, but held back. Sweat covered him, showing he had just that tiny bit of control, what was left was to give her what she needed, but damn, it didn't have to be so hard to fight that dominant nature of his!

She released his hair and he felt her relax again him slowly, like she was slowly giving him control, he could feel how sore her body was and it was still painful in some places since she had not had time to heal. This position was the most comfortable to her at the moment, but the moment he felt her give him completely control he began lifting her hips for her, his touch gentle but his grip firm. He lifted his hips to go deep. He knew he was showing he could take charge even when she was on top, but he didn't care. Suddenly, he found her on her back, a carpet of snapdragon petals acting as a bed as he moved in long, hard, fast stokes. He never stopped kissing her, telling her without words what she meant to him. He slowly felt her panic at this position, but the pleasure he was giving her was keeping it at bay but it was slowly building.

Cursing himself, he pulled her up so that she was bouncing on him as he knelt up. He didn't want her panicking. He wanted only for her to feel how right they were together and the love he had that continued to grow only for her.

He was suddenly embraced by her wings, wrapping around him and pulling them close together as he trusted roughly. He felt her relax, including him in her safe place she had created. They came hard together. Shock wave after shock wave scent them both falling over connected onto their side, her wings soft cushions. Alex felt a burst of magic fill the room and dissipate. Liliana's gasped out and through he felt the pain in her stomach she felt for a moment. She was covered in sweat. And her wings disappeared and her hand went to her stomach.

He felt his wards shatter and clothed her in a simple one piece suit and himself in nothing but jeans, worry on his face as Gregori entered.

"Is she alright?" Alex asked.

"We will have a talk about your self control later" he said going over to Liliana. She moved away from him when he approached

"Liliana,"Alex said softly, "let him look at you. I trust him with my life, but more importantly, I trust him with yours. Please, baby, we need to know what's going on."

She didn't removed her hands from her stomach and she growled at him whenever he would get close. It was clear she did not hear Alex words

"Liliana, I need to make sure the baby isn't hurt," said Gregori. "You want them safe, right?"

She frowned, she didn't remove her hands but she stopped growling at him and backing away

"You can follow me to ensure I don't hurt them," he said. "Would you like that?"

She didn't saw anything but he knew the look of a protective mother when he saw one. He knew she would be watching him closely

He entered her body and started at her womb. Normally, he'd have checked her first, but her hold was tentative at best. If he didn't start with her child, she wouldn't allow him to look her over. He approached carefully, looking out for the barrier she had placed as protection. The barrier was gone, what he found in her womb made him hesitant, he doubled checked and when he knew for certain it was exactly how it seemed he returned to his body. He looked at Mikhail and Mikhail nodes "everyone out" he said and all but him , Gregori and Alex were left in the room "I don't know how, and I'm not surprised often but it seemed she used a spelled well beyond someone her age. Unfortunately their is always a price for magic" he looked at them both "she created a mage splitter, I sure that's were her missing memories are but the cost was the child that was growing in her womb"

Alex went to her and hugged her. He was just starting to get used to the idea of being a dad. It hurt, but he knew they weren't ready. Mikhail was furious.

"She did a dangerous, dark spell using her unborn child," he growled

"We do not know the circumstances Mikhail, we cannot judge her yet, it's odd she even knew that spell, maybe the vampire made her do it, we do not know"

"No woman would do a thing like that!" Mikhail said.

"Shut up, dad!" Alex snapped. "If you can't think beyond what you feel is a crime to see there may have been no other way, leave. I won't ask nicely again."

"Put her to ground, Anya is waiting to sleep next to her again, Mikhail come with me, we should talk" Gregori said getting up

Alex tenderly carried Liliana to her bed of earth as Mikhail followed his second, his anger growing. Don't Tell me you, a healer, approve of this!

ask your lifemate what she might have done to come home to you and ask me that again, or is feeling your people's desperation to live and love not enough to convince you yet that she might have made the decision with well means

Mikhail grabbed Gregori, making him halt and said, "Don't ever try to use Raven against me like that again. This isn't about what her feelings may have been or the why. It's that she used an innocent life in her spell, that she killed her child. I thought you believe our children are treasures to protect and cherish. Am I wrong in that, old friend?"

"Enough, dad," said Alex from behind them. "You seem determined to hate my lifemate. Gregori understands that point, as do I but it doesn't change what happened. And the situation and the why of it are part of it. She would have died and I would have fallen. My child would have been lost either way. I'd rather have her here with me, knowing that we can always grow our family when we are older, wiser, and more prepared for the enormity of such a gift. But you aren't thinking about the other possibilities. At least this way, she and I are alive. Or do you want me dead too?"

That brought Mikhail up short.

Anya came in then, she instantly knew something was wrong "whatever it is, if it's not to do with the fight that will soon be on our doorstep, put it aside" she said in a stern tone, talking to them like they were children "Alex, one shame on you for laying with your lifemate in her condition, you didn't think of the consequences that could have happened, we already know he used your image while raping her, you could have hurt her worse and you" she said looking at her father "I know what it looks like when you two do not agree over something so I will give you something to agree on, at this very moment a army is coming our way, we have four injured lifemates and children on this property to protect and I know for a fact whatever it is you are arguing about is not helping so drop it because I did not survive that cave just so it ends here" she said crossing her arms "I shouldn't have to be telling you both this....I can not.......defend myself right now, please tell me you are able to do so" she said in a upset tone. It was clear admitting she was weak was hard on her

"I know," said Alex, kicking a rock. "It just kind of happened before we knew it. She had a moment of clarity and I was lost. It's no excuse but it's the truth. She was herself the whole time and it was like waking from a nightmare all over again."

Gregori then said, "I know, ma petite. You don't need to remind me. You will be safe."

Mikhail said, "We shelve it for now. Anya, you are turning more and more into your father. Now I have two of you bossing me around."

" safe" she said in a tired tone before leaving and going to sleep next to Liliana. Once again she wrapped herself protectively around her before closing the earth

"Let head out," said Alex. "We've delayed long enough."

The both nodded and they all got to work preparing for the battle to come.

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