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Summary: Dont touch me

kitty (subject A4567)

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Gender: femail

Age: 12

Group: Experiments




Exsperiment ; Has Snow leopard DNA

subject can hear and see better then humans, has increased strength and can withstand below freezing tempters.


Subject is classified as an A security risk do to multiple escape attempts and violent behaver.

Physical Appearance

Subject stands about 4 feet 5 inches tall. has cat like area and a fluffy long tail. eyes are ice blue she has white hair and pail skin

Personality and interests

enjoys puzzles, hates being confined. is valent towards laboratory staff but is ok around other subjects.


was born at the facility and has been raised in a cage her enterer life. she was originally a class beta experiment but that threat level was razed do to her valent behaver and multiple escape attempts.

Favourite Sayings

Go to hell

Favourite food

Ice cream

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Image of kitty (subject A4567)
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