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Image of William Owens/Yazul Rammsteiner

Summary: A man at war with himself

William Owens/Yazul Rammsteiner

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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Scientists





Eidetic memory
Good with reworking/mixing DNA


Genetics Expert

Physical Appearance

Brown hair fading to gold with amber eyes and a frown forever on his face. He always wears suits and has his lab coat on along an old watch that no longer works. Standing at six feet tall, he has a single scar running along his left arm.

Personality and interests

A cold man that often keeps to himself. He is seen as a cold and cruel individual by his colleagues, but he secretly attempts to help the experiments feel more comfortable.

His interests are unknown since he keeps to himself.


Hired due to his abilities in genetics and DNA, he has been with the company for over fifteen years. Realizing the cruelty of what the experimentation has done, he has begun doing all he can to help the experiments feel more comfortable, but has been too afraid to help them escape just yet.

During an escape he was severely injured and used as a host body for Orion's brother. He and Yazul are constantly at war in his mind for control...

Favourite Sayings

"I'm just doing my job." - Owens

"Pain means I'm alive..." - Yazul

Favourite food

French Toast

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Image of William Owens/Yazul Rammsteiner
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