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Summary: The Deformed Angel

Amber (Subject B3496)

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Experiments




Dove DNA

Heightened sight and hearing, but has weakened bone structure.


Classified as a Beta security risk due to her good behavior.

Physical Appearance

Snow white hair and gold eyes with tan skin. She has odd stitched gashes on her back where multiple wings are sprouting from, but never forming well enough for her to fly.

Personality and interests

An often quiet and obedient girl that tries to keep out of trouble. She fears most scientists, but seem to only trust William. She suffers extreme anxiety.

Her interests include art of any kind (drawing, painting, building, etc.), pacing, and meditating.


Amber was brought in at five years old and experimented on for years. Due to miscalculations and overdoses of medications, her wings grew in deformed patterns and she is unable to fly. She still has brilliant sight and hearing due to the bird DNA within her, but her body is very fragile.

When William was assigned to her, his patience and kindness got her to become far more well behaved and she slowly fell in love with him. They are deeply involved and she is very good at hiding it from others, including the guards.

Her hope is to someday escape.

Favourite Sayings

"I am no angel."

Favourite food


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Image of Amber (Subject B3496)
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