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Summary: A Cruel Security Guard

Ren Monroe

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Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Guards




Security Guard

Surprisingly smart for a guard.
Good at restraining, apprehending, and torturing others.

Heightened senses, strength, and speed.


High Security Guard

Known as "The Cruel One" to most Subjects.

Former voluntary "experiment".

Physical Appearance

A man with tan skin, pale blue eyes, and wild dark hair with a few white streaks through it. He is often in "civilian" clothes with armor hidden beneath and is physically fit. He's average height.

When his medicine wears off, he has dark wolf-like ears and a tail, black claws, and his teeth are sharp.

Personality and interests

He comes off friendly, but once he's angry he becomes cruel and is happy to make others suffer. This is to hide the person he really is, which is basically a wild wolf that craves acceptance.

His interests are to keep things in order and neat.


Brought in due to his skills, he gladly took the job when he was only sixteen years old and has been "happily" working and living in the facility ever since. He and Williams obviously hate each other and have never seen eye-to-eye, though that may change in due time.

He uses medication to hide what he really is: A voluntary subject for an the Extinct Animal Program that is infused with dire-wolf DNA.

His was known as Subject K13-A14 and considered one of the most dangerous of his time until all the scientists went "missing".

Favourite Sayings

"I'll get the job done."

Favourite food


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Image of Ren Monroe
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