Image of Drake (Subject K37-R95)

Summary: Difficult To Kill Lizard Man

Drake (Subject K37-R95)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Experiments




Experiment - Focus on Reptilian DNA, mainly crocodile and various reptiles with regenerative abilities.

Has enhanced strength. Patches of thick, scaly, skin like that of a crocodile that provides him with great durability. Has a strong healing factor allowing him to recover from numerous wounds including regrowing severed limbs.


Classified as a Keter-class security risk for his numerous escape attempts and tendency for violence.

"The Difficult To Kill Lizard"

Physical Appearance

A powerful and towering presence, muscular with patches of scaly skin and black claws at the end of his fingers. His eyes are a deep orange and reptilian. He even has sharp fangs rather than typical humanoid teeth. He also has a powerful crocodilian tail.

Personality and interests

While often considered relentlessly violent he does have a rather pensive side and those whom he's deemed worth speaking to have met a man in great pain and yearning for freedom.


One of the oldest experiments in the lab, how old he really is, is a mystery. What is known is that he is highly dangerous and difficult to kill. His durability and impressive healing factor meaning that the only way to properly hold him is to submerge him in an acid bath that effectively immobilizes him as he is forced to devote his focus to healing.

This, however, is used only as a measure after he has acted out violently. Though he is still found in this acid bath most nights due to his proclivity for violence.

Favourite Sayings

"They hurt me... I hurt them..."

Favourite food

Raw meat

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Image of Drake (Subject K37-R95)
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