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Summary: Violent Child

Splendid (Subject A4683)

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Experiments


Unknown - Very pale skinned


Experiment - Implanted with multiple animal DNA, but mostly focused on that of the wolverine.

Enhanced strength, smell, and hearing. She's fast on her feet and has a high pain tolerance. She's well known for using both claws and teeth to attack.


Classified as an Alpha class subject due to her violence toward both humans and other experiments.

"Angry Wolverine Girl"

Physical Appearance

Long brown curls that reach past her hips, blue eyes that often glow, sharp teeth and claws, pale skin, and she has cute wolverine ears. She looks adorable and is always in a simple gray top and pants. Her body is riddled with scars and she always has an angry expression on her face.

Personality and interests

Quiet and calm when left alone or if she trusts someone, but to most she is simply violent and harsh, barely even speaking human language.

Her interests mostly include solving puzzles. If left alone with them, she'll have them solved in no time.


Born in the lab and raised as a combative subject until she started trying to escape. In an experiment to see who was the strongest, she killed all the other experiments and was locked in solitary confinement. She is always chained down in her cell and is very difficult to move around due to her outbursts.

No one knows how to control her yet.

Favourite Sayings

"Fuck you!"

Favourite food

Anything that's edible

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Image of Splendid (Subject A4683)
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