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Summary: Head Of The KTF, general bastard

Tad Farrel

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Guards




Head of the Keter Task Force (KTF)
Decorated Soldier


Earned the title "Beastmaster" for his successful kills of over fifty Keter-class experiments

Physical Appearance

An imposing figure with short blonde hair and facial scars. Often wears military fatigues and body armor.

Personality and interests

Tad hates the experiments he's tasked with enforcing. Seeing so many of his men die to them has left him seeing them as nothing as monsters that are to be exterminated. All he cares about is keeping his men alive at all costs.

He also has a fondness for Dr. Barenbaum, one of the researchers.


Was a decorated soldier and military commander until some unknown incident occurred which resulted in a court martial and dishonorable discharge. He was quick to make a name for himself as a mercenary for hire until eventually getting hired by The Lab as a security member. From there he proved his ability to take down the most dangerous experiments and quickly became head of the KTF.

Favourite Sayings

A useful experiment is a dead one...

Favourite food

Liver and onions

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Image of Tad Farrel
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