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Summary: Head of Keter Research, stone cold bitch.

Hilary Barenbaum

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Group: Scientists




Head of Keter-Class Research And Containment



Physical Appearance

A tall, thin, woman with dark hair and green eyes. Always seen wearing her lab coat and dark clothing underneath.

Personality and interests

Barenbaum is a ruthless researcher who believes the experiments are the key to humanity's future. Determined to unlock the secrets of true genetic immortality, he closest success has been studying subject K37-R95 ("Drake").

She cares little for the well being of most around her, tolerating them to a point.

She does seem to be entertained by KTF Lead Col. Tad Farrel however as the two have been carrying on an affair behind her husband's back.


Born and raised in London, Barenbaum studied genetics in college and was quickly scooped up by a big Pharmaceutical company at an early age. She eventually married Gary Barenbaum, a fellow scientists however she mainly did this to curry favor with Gary's mother, who was a lead researcher at The Lab.

She soon became obsessed with the experiments, trying to unlock some fabled "key to genetic immortality" through the experiments. She's long been obsessed with Keter-class experiments such as Drake due to his regenerative ability.

She has been carrying on an affair with lead KTF member Tad Farrel. Though this is mainly to manipulate him for her own means.

Favourite Sayings

The answer is in the blood...

Favourite food


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Image of Hilary Barenbaum
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