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Summary: The Gentle Giant

Al (Subject K224)

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Experiments




Experiment - Alligator/Fish

Has enhanced strength and swimming skills. Can breathe underwater due to special gills he was given.


Keter-class security risk that escaped a long time ago.

"Gentle Giant"

Physical Appearance

A young looking man with scales all over him and even horns curving along his head. The little hair he has hangs to frame his face and is pitch black. His eyes are an aqua color that can be either green or blue depending on the light. His long tail, claws, and teeth are best for ripping and tearing, but he would never do it on purpose.

Personality and interests

A very sweet and kind man who just wants to help other subjects.


He escaped thanks to a guard that cared for him at a young age and has been hiding with a kind family in the world above since then.

Favourite Sayings

"Al make new friends?"

Favourite food


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Image of Al (Subject K224)
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