"I was dragged into this job fifteen years ago because of my skills in genetics," William explained as he prepared her arm, making sure to be gentle. He had already put on gloves and was getting a needle ready. "Just hold still."

With one stick he had the needle in and was already drawing a few small vials of blood. Making sure not to draw too much, he had her arm bandaged up quickly. "I only do what they order me to because I have no choice, Kitty. I made some bad mistakes in my youth and it attracted their attention."

Getting up, he put the blood samples where they needed to be and prepared a machine for them. Securing them, he pushed the metal cart aside and looked over Kitty's bruises. "I know you are well known for escape attempts and violent actions. Is that how you got your bruises?" He asked with concern in his voice. "I can give you a small salve to help with them if you'd like. It doesn't hurt and it helps the bruises and any cuts you may have heal faster."

It was obvious he just wanted to help her.

Glancing back at the door to make sure it was locked, he reached toward her restraints and started to undo them.

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