Her New Scientist

William Smith sighed as he followed the guards, frowning at the chart in his hands. The name of the experiment was Kitty and he recognized her subject number. There had been rumors fluttering around the laboratories about her. She was a combination of human and snow leopard DNA, a work from one of the older scientists he worked with.

As an A class security risk, the number of guards accompanying him to pick her up were doubled. She had a tendency to attempt escaping and was well known for her violent behavior. Multiple scientists had been sent to the medical center due to her rebellious behavior.

"Poor thing..." He whispered as he read over the file.

"I suggest you stay out here while we get her, sir." One of the guards stated as they began to open the door.

Frowning, William nodded and gazed into the doorway as the door opened. Within was a young girl that could be no older than twelve. Amber eyes going wide, he had to resist telling the guards to leave her be. He could not blow his cover, could not let anyone know he was why most experiments did not fight back.

"Hello, Kitty," William said as the guards began to surround her. "We have to take you to the lab so I can get some blood work done. Will that be okay?"

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