Meet Up And Waking

Drake kept Splendid close, noting how everything seemed to be overwhelming her. He then looked up and spotted the beast as it ripped out of the facility. He saw the look it gave them, felt a cold stone drop into his gut.

This wasn't over. Not by a long shot.

Barenbaum was able to drive the truck into a tunnel that led to the underground systems. She slid out of the cab, legs giving out from under her as she looked to Al and gestured to the back of the truck.

Drake regarded the stranger with a sniff and found it rather relieving to smell a fellow reptile. Looking down her stroked Splendid's back. "It's okay, we're safe for now. Come on, my love. We still need to move..." He looked to Al and regarded him with a nod. "Who are you?"


Tad woke up in the recovery room sometime later. His chest hurt, his brain was fuzzy with morphine, and he was pissed off. He remembered what happened, Barenbaum's hubby plugging him with a .38. Fucker was no doubt in the morgue.

He was just thankful he wasn't.

Then he felt a chill and eyes on him. Looking to the corner of the room he saw the last person he wanted to see.

"Rammsteiner..." He coughed and wearily reached for a cup of water that had been left for him on the tray in front of him. Sipping greedily but annoyed to find it was difficult to drink much he sputtered and grimaced down at his chest. "How long have I been in surgery? And better yet... Where's Hilary?"

He just had a feeling she had something to do with this...

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