Al looked over Barenbaum as he gladly welcomed the others. "Al is Al, sir." He answered Drake with a friendly, yet toothy, smile. "Al is alligator that escaped long time ago. Al take you to Momma Mary and get everyone settled into hiding place for now."

Ren noticed how Barenbaum seemed to collapse and finally went over to her. "You were hit," He stated, sniffing at her. "Blood..." A part of him simply wanted to bite into her, rip her flesh apart as the wolf inside howled with pleasure, but that would be very unbecoming.

So, instead, he slipped his arms beneath her and picked the woman up. "Is this Mamma Mary a doctor?" He asked with a frown.

"Yes," Al said stiffly as he offered his hands to Bird and Kitty, who he hoped would take them so he could easily lead everyone to the safest place in the city for their kind.

Splendid kept silent and close to Drake, a hand constantly pressing to her stomach. She could still hear all the strange new sounds, feel vibrations along the flooring and walls that made no sense to her, and felt very out of place.

She would endure, though. If it meant she could be with Drake and keep their unborn child safe, she would endure.


Orion let out a calm chuckle as he tapped his sword. "It matters little how long you've been in surgery." He answered and looked to the side where a few guards stood around a familiar face. "Hilary, on the other hand, has escaped with a few subjects and I am going to send you to the surface to retrieve them."

There was a long pause as he watched Tad attempt to drink water again. The man held between the guards let out a gruff sound, obviously irritated.

"Patience, brother," The Head Scientist said with an odd kindness in his tone, something very rare.

Despite having William Owens face, Yazul Rammsteiner was indeed in this body. His mind had been implanted and downloaded and now he stood before Tad and his brother with an angry look on his face.

Looking to Tad again, Orion continued. "You will be taking Yazul with you." He ordered.

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