Triage At Dawn

Drake was not blind to Splendid's discomfort, he just wasn't sure on how to help her at the present moment. All he could do was stroke her hair and whisper that everything would be okay.

Barenbaum was slipping into unconsciousness now. It was then that she felt the iron arms of Ren pick her up and suddenly she began to feel at ease. Then the world went dark.

Drake frowned as he looked to Barenbaum in Ren's arms. "We should move, quickly. Those drones and that thing may be not far behind..." He looked to Al and waited for him to lead the way.


Tad frowned and looked to the face of Owens. "Who the fuck is Yazul? And why is Owens being held? Did he have a hand in Hilary's breakout?" Then Tad froze as his gaze pierced Owen's eyes... they were different. He could see it, there was something different that he couldn't place. "Just what the hell is going on here Orion?"

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