Homey Home

Al merely smiled and began to lead them along the tunnels and toward a dark section where he pulled a flashlight from the bag he was carrying. Turning it on, he started up a ladder hidden behind old debris that, if one did not pay attention, made the area looked blocked off. "Al climbs ladder. Let Momma Mary know you here. Wolf man, I take injured lady and get her to Mary. She heal her." He explained.

Reluctantly, Ren let the giant of a man take Barenbaum. Holding her in one arm and using his tail to support her, he climbed the ladder and opened both a metal door and a wooden one. Leaving both open, he disappeared into a lit up room.

It was soon evident that the woman was frantic over Barenbaum's injury and soon shooed Al away. Returning to the doorway, Al peered down at them all with a big toothy grin. "Come! Food waits!" He chimed.

And then he was gone.

Splendid frowned and looked to Drake with worry, glancing to the other two girls. "Safe?" She asked before ushering Kitty and Bird up the ladder. Once they were up, she looked to her mate again and headed up the ladder as well. The noises and sights were still bothering her, stressing her out, but she kept on a brave face.

Once everyone was up the ladder, Al closed the doors and locked them before gesturing to the room. "Welcome," He said with a kind smile. The place was small, but simple and had a very homey appearance to it, despite being mostly metal and furniture put together with parts.

Ren kept silent, his nose and ears already letting him know how Barenbaum was.


Yazul's dark eyes gazed at Tad, a frown on the face he was using. Issuing out a low growl, he tried to step forward, but a warning look from Orion stopped him in his tracks before the guards could even notice. "Fine," He muttered.

Orion returned his attention to Tad. "A lot of things, Tad." He stated. "Get your things prepared...one of the subjects you'll be hunting is Ren Monroe."

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