Food and Hunting

Drake simply watched and waited until everyone was safe inside before climbing the ladder and joining them. He felt the need to have a hand on Splendid, to try and keep her in the moment and aware she was protected. It was all he could do to try and calm her but he wasn't certain if that would actually help. It was just the best he could do.

Then he smelled food... and not just any food. Not pre-processed and frozen prison lab food. This was proper food. And suddenly Drake's stomach was growling louder than he was as they entered the home. He looked down to Splendid and nodded. "Yes. Safe."

He wanted to tell her that she'd always be safe with him, but he also didn't want to lie. He didn't know what was around the next corner. All he knew is he'd die for Splendid.

Barenbaum remained unconscious after being helped by Mama Mary. In her slumber she dreamed of wolves.


Tad perked up at the mention of Ren and grinned. "I get to run that fucker down?" Suddenly his aches and pains didn't feel so bad. This was his chance to get back that that wolfy fucker. "I'm gonna make his pelt a rug in my office..." He looked to Yazul and shrugged. "If he's gonna help then that's fine by me."

It didn't take him long to gather is belongings and put on his armor. It was time to go hunting...

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