Dinner And A Monster

Al took them to the kitchen where food was already waiting on them. "Eat all you like. Al will get Mama Mary." He explained before leaving the room, unaware that Ren was following him.

Splendid sniffed at the food and allowed both Kitty and Bird to grab up meals first. This was an odd experience for the scarred girl. All her life she had lived in the lab, been forced to eat the crap they handed her. These were all new smells, confusing her as much as they excited the wolverine within. It could tell what was meat, what was real food...

She looked to Drake for help even as her mouth salivated with hunger.


Ren followed Al to where Mama Mary was and found her making sure Barenbaum was comfortable. He felt a strange sensation run through him at the sight of the woman lying in this bed. A part of him had secretly hoped she would die from the wound, memories of their encounter within his cell running through his mind, but the wolf gaze a horrible snarl in his mind. It would be damned if she died.

Instead, he found himself asking, "How is she?"

Mama Mary, a woman who appeared to be in her late forties with dark hair tied back in a bun, silver streaking through it, gazed to the wolf man. "She'll be fine. It was only a shallow wound and the bullet didn't puncture any organs." She explained in a think British accent. "Do you wish to watch after her? I can have Al bring a plate of food for you both. Can give her some when she wakes up."

"I'd...appreciate that." Ren said as he sat in the chair next to Barenbaum. A part of him was wondering what was wrong with him? This woman had basically raped him, but she had also helped him escape that shit hole, too. Everything was so confusing and he was fighting the conflicting thoughts of the wolf as well.

"Shit..." He muttered, staring at the slumbering woman.


Mama Mary stepped into the kitchen with a kind smile, noting Drake and Splendid staying so close together. "I know real food can be a surprise for you when you first try it." She said kindly. "Just don't eat too fast, young ones."

Al was already making plates for Ren and Barenbaum, his tail swaying happily as he chowed down on his own food. "Food is amazing. Al loves it!" He chimed before happily trotting off to give Ren the plates of food.

Watching the alligator of a man leave, Mama Mary turned her eyes to Drake. If he paid close attention, he would note that her green eyes were oddly mechanical. "It's been a long time since we last helped children of the lab escape." She said and grabbed up a cup of coffee. "Since Hilary is currently out of commission, how about you explain to me what's going on down there? Who's in charge now?"

The way she spoke it almost sounded as if she knew the place a little too well.


When Tad was ready, Yazul was standing at the lift, watching people repair it. Claw marks adorned the walls and floor, a reminder of the Beast his brother had let loose on those animals. "It's going to cause trouble above." He growled out, glancing to the ceiling.

"Don't worry about the Beast, brother." Orion stated with a smile. "You just focus on growing accustom to your new body and catching those animals."

"Can I rip them apart?" Yazul asked.

"Only a little. I need them alive, Yaz." The Head Scientist said with a sigh. His face and body language showed no sign of his concern over Yazul, but he was indeed worried. Locked within the confines of his own mind, unable to do anything until now, the man was anxious for action, especially bloodshed.

Yazul had always been the violent one of the pair. Over the years, Orion had gotten his brother out of trouble on multiple occasions up until the day a part of the lab blew up. It was an experiment gone wrong and he found his brother in pieces, on the verge of death.

He had promise to save Yazul, after all.

"You'll have special passes handed to you on your way out that will grant you access to anywhere up there." Orion continued when Tad arrived. "While you're up there, do enjoy some pleasantries. Though...the world is too loud for my taste."

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