Mama Mary and Tad's Not Happy To Be Cucked

Drake's eyes lit up at the sight of all the food. His stomach growling even louder. Looking to Splendid he saw her and her silent cry for help. Smiling, he stroked her cheek with one of his claws and nods. "Come on, let's eat." He went to the table, making a plate of food for Splendid before setting it at an empty spot on the table and sliding a chair out for her. Then he made one for himself and sat down next to her. "Thank you, Al. This is..."

Then he bit into a large hung of meat and was almost brought to tears.

"...It's the best food I've ever had." He looked to Splendid and gestured for her to eat. "It's yummy." He smiled. Hoping this would at least help his mate feel more at ease. Then he looked to Mama Mary and studied her, she smelled strange, and he did indeed take note of her eyes.

Drake shrugged. "I would say I am, however, I believe Ren is better to defer to... he knows the ways of monkeys... humans..." Then he sighed. "A man they call Orion is the leader of the lab. A cruel mystery of a man..." He snorted and resumed eating.

Tad regarded Yazul with suspicion, but tolerated him. If Orion was able to keep him on a leash and they worked to attain the same goal, he wouldn't make a stink about it. Going to the surface and getting his all-access card which Orion had set them both up with he went to the helicopter that awaited them at the helipad and waited for Yazul to join him.

Nodding to Orion and smirked. "Maybe I will."

He hadn't been to the surface for well over a year. He hadn't felt the need to go topside. He'd been getting all he needed in the facility. Decent food, comfortable digs, and a tight pussy in the form of Barenbaum. Though now he felt sick at the thought that he'd been fucking a woman who would lower herself to fucking that wolf fucker...

Yeah, he'd seen the security footage. Barenbaum had blocked the primary feeds but didn't know about the secret feeds Orion had on top of those. The scene, though not too bad if it were a freaky furry porno, just made Tad want to retch. It wasn't just the fact she was willing to touch, of all people, Ren.

He saw how much she loved it... hated to admit that he'd never seen her that way.

He was gonna hunt them down. He was going to hurt them.

Looking to Yazul he popped some pain pills into his mouth. "So... you're the boss's brother? Care to explain why you're in the skin of a wimpy scientist?"

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