City of Screams

Mama Mary nodded as she sipped her coffee, an uncomfortable look crossing her face at Orion's name. "I will speak with Ren and the doctor about it then," She stated. "And I don't mind you calling humans monkeys, Drake. Most of them are foolish monkeys. We are a judgmental and crude species. I am mostly machine now, but I still have a human brain and heart."

She shrugged and smiled. "I wish you all to eat and get some rest today. Al will wake you all tomorrow and we can talk plans. This city may be open to oddities and unnatural things, but if the police know about you...things could get tricky. I have some boys getting rid of that vehicle you arrived in so it'll lead whoever comes looking for you on a wild goose chase."

Splendid slowly ate, savoring the deliciousness of the food and practically purring in pleasure from it. She had never tasted real food before and was in tears at how wonderful the tastes were. Leaning into Drake, she smiled real big for the first time in her life.

Mama Mary simply smiled at the sight of Splendid and Drake, reminded of a time long ago. "Al, why don't you get some rest, hun?" She said, looking to the man.

The alligator man shook his head. "Al wants to clean up. Will clean since Mama cooked." He said with a big smile before ducking out of the room to grab a few things.

She only chuckled and shook her head. "I love that boy."


By the time Barenbaum would wake, she would find Ren asleep with his head on the bed, a hand resting gently on her stomach. His wolf ears twitched in his sleep, an almost distressed look on his face as he slept.


Orion smiled and simply watched them leave before returning to his work.

Yazul was silent as they traveled, his eyes constantly scanning everything and taking in tiny details. Even as he did this, there was a small war going on his head between himself and William Owens. He would keep that annoying scientist at bay, even if it meant destroying half his soul to do so.

He'd already lost part of himself to this world anyway.

Looking to Yazul he popped some pain pills into his mouth. "So... you're the boss's brother? Care to explain why you're in the skin of a wimpy scientist?"

Dark eyes turned on Tad and his hand was suddenly around the man's neck, skin growing stone cold and fingernails changing into sharp claws that began to dig into his skin. "Wimpy, you say?" He spoke in a deep voice that had a dangerous growl in it. "No, I think the wimpy one here is you. You let a woman manipulate your sorry ass until you got shot." His face grew close, lips pulling back to reveal sharp teeth. "And I had to die to become this...thing."

Releasing Tad, he went back to sitting calmly, all traces of the monstrous features gone. "Just be quiet, Ferrel." He snipped.


When the Beast met the surface, it was at first bombarded by sights and sounds that distressed and disturbed it. Claws dug at the ground, jaws opening to let out guttural growls. The sounds and people were all new to it, to a creature that had been locked in a cage all its life.

"Mommy, what's that?" A voice caught its attention. Turning its many eyes on the owner, a roar escaped it as it rushed foreword.

The city began to scream...

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