At Peace And Don't Underestimate Him

Drake nodded at Mary's words, agreeing with her as he could sense the wisdom and experience behind them. All the while he was just happy to see Splendid smile. That was by far the best gift this day had delivered to him. In time they finished and Al was kind enough to sequester them to various rooms for rest.

Though small, the beds were far more comfortable than the ones in the lab and Drake was more than happy to beckon his mate to the bed as his full belly tempted him to an early rest.

"Tell me you're feeling better." He said softly as he pulled Splendid to him and nuzzled her neck with a low purring growl.


Barenbaum stirred and opened her eyes, once they focused she found her gaze falling to the slumbering, wolf eared, man who was at her bedside.

And Hilary found herself feeling something she didn't expect. She felt a pang of guilt.

Here she was, having manipulated this man for her own ends. And yet he was at her side after she was wounded....

With a sigh her hand went to his hair and she ran her fingers through it.

"Good boy..." She said softly, though it wasn't a chide... there was a hint of warmth in her words... a sprinkling of compassion.

She didn't understand why she was feeling this way. But she was glad to see Ren there. Laying back she reached for some water and sipped eagerly before putting the cup away and closing her eyes. Ren's soft breaths lulling her back to sleep.


The moment Yazul's hand gripped his throat Tad was glaring into the man's eyes. Now he was getting lectures from a dead man? He merely kept glaring at Yazul as he kept the sidearm he'd pulled pressed against the man's abdomen. For whatever good it would do but Tad wasn't about to go out like a chump without fighting.

"You best remember what side you're on, Yazul..." Tad warned. "Or your brother may have words for you..."

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