Memory and Mind

Al made sure that both Kitty and Bird were comfortable before stepping into the hallway where he reached up and opened the door to the attic. Looking back to the room, he smiled. "Sleep well, young ones. Al watches over everyone." He said before climbing into the attic and pulling the door closed with his tail.


Splendid felt herself pressing into Drake as she let out an odd purr of her own. Her hands pressed to his chest as she tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck more to him. Despite all the noises still bombarding her from outside, she felt safe with this man. She felt comfortable with him, something she had never experience when alone in her cell underground.

Before Drake, she had just been afraid and aware that any day could be her last. Here, with her mate, though, she felt as if she could relax. "Yes," She finally whispered and pressed her lips to his, hoping her actions spoke louder than words.


When Ren woke next it was still dark out and he could hear sirens in the distance. Wolf ears twitching, he glanced toward the window before getting up and walking over to it. Staring out at the city, he recalled a time where there was not so much metal and rust. That was so long ago, a time he had still been human, but now he was anything but human.

Looking to his hands, gazing at the dark claws, he could remember the days when his body was torn apart and pieced back together. The scars that riddled him from neck to toe were always a horrifying reminder of what he had gone through to become the first true immortal in the facility.

Brushing his hair back with a heavy sigh, he looked back to Barenbaum and could feel the wolf growling within him. "No..." He muttered, realizing what it wanted him to do. "She rests and heals first."

Though those words left his mouth, he found himself looming over the woman with a hungry look in his blue eyes.


Yazul gazed down at the sidearm with a cold chuckle. "You think that you're important, don't you, human?" He asked as his hand grabbed onto the weapon and easily crushed it. "I may be in a dead man's body, but I am no weakling...and who says Orion has you here to watch over me?"

The temptation to slit Tad's throat was high in this man. He wore a kind scientist's face, but under Yazul's control, he made it cruel - he made Owens look cruel.

And deep within the confines of his mind, William silently prayed that Kitty would never see him like this.

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