Not Taking Anymore S**t

Drake let out another low growl when their lips met. Her taste sending dizzying sensations dancing across his brain like fireworks. He couldn't resist her the moment she offered her neck to him. Leaning in he kissed her neck before biting it just firmly enough to send a good jolt into her. His hands exploring her. His body showing her his need as he tugged at her clothing.

Whether it was the sense of finally being free after so long, or just the fact that their bodies seemed to demand one another so fiercely, but that night was better than any Drake had spent before with her.

It was perfect.


Hilary's eyes opened when she felt Ren looming over him. Those eyes staring at her made her jump with a start, sensing the possible danger, yet she also felt a rush at having him there.

Would he take her right there? Ravage her? The eyes of the wolf were full of hunger, but was it for blood or...?

"Did we make it?" Hilary said as she pulled the blanket over herself to try and hide herself, a slight worry that he'd sense the wash of confused feelings that came over her when she saw him. "We at Mary's?" She looked around. The woman's choice of decor was always the same. Yes, they were at the safe house.

They were now fugitives.

She grimaced as she felt a tightness in her side. The wound had not fully healed though the work of Mama Mary was impressive. "How long have I been out?"


Tad grimaced as he glared into Yazul's eyes. "F...fuck you!"

Once again, another goddamn freak that was going to give him grief. "If you're gonna kill me... just fucking kill me, otherwise let me go so we can get to work!"

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