Splendid's heart soared as she and Drake made love that night, feeling complete and safe in his arms. The world seemed to disappear around them, seemed to be lost in time. All that mattered to her at this moment was Drake and the baby growing within her.

When they were finally relaxing, she brought one of his hands to her stomach and smiled up at him. "Ours..." She whispered and curled up against him.


"We made it," Ren said calmly, watching Hilary's every move with those blue eyes of his. They seemed to grow darker as he let them follow her body, taking in every detail about her body, her skin. Every part of him j looust wanted to reach out and touch her, grope her...breed her.

That's when he noted the discomfort from the wound and instinctively reached out toward her. "Don't move too much." He warned. "You're still healing and all..."

She grimaced as she felt a tightness in her side. The wound had not fully healed though the work of Mama Mary was impressive. "How long have I been out?"

"A few hours...everyone else has gone to bed." He answered as his hand fellt to her leg.


"I already did let go of you, fool." Yazul snorted, crossing his arms as they grew close to their destination. "Orion sent me along to keep you in line, human...so do yourself a favor and stay in line."

It was not a threat, but a promise.

And Yazul always kept his promises.

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